i would

"jenika change your little brother"my dad said."coming"i said.when jenika and her little brother chris are staying wth there drunk-abuvise dad they runaway and this car drove up.read it if you want to find out.


1. the abuise!

jenikas pov
im jenika i live with my drunk abuise dad and my little brother chris.i have long straight golden brown hair,blue eyes,im 17 years old,and im a directioner.
"jenika change your brother and bring me a beer!"my dad said
"okay"i said while coming down the stairs,"ow"my little brother yelled almost crying
"he hurt me" he said crying on my chest,"its going to be okay chris"i said hugging him tight.
i was changing his diaper he was a 3 year old,
"jenika hurry up"dad said,"wait a minute"i said coming with 2 bottles of beer
"what did do say?"dad said almost un buckle his belt,"wait a minute"i said almost getting scared to death."dont talk to me like that hoe!"he said hitting hitting me in the back with his belt.

hi!remeber to like,comment,or heart plus this is what me and my cousin where reading for more bad words pictures and we saw this pic and it said hippo bitch and we were laughing for 10 minutes then i said it in a funny way.
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