A Night To Remember----One Direction Fan Faction

Two best friends had entered a contest to meet and go on a date with One Direction.They gotten to pick their favorite 1D member to go onto the date with.Time will tell when they went onto the date


1. Double Date

It was the night of Valentines day.Madison and her best friend,Ashley was going on a double date with Louis and Niall. They went to the movies and had pizza.

Madison looked at Louis and Niall."Thank you guys for letting us win."She said smiling.

Louis smiled."No problem,Love."He said and kissed her cheek.

Niall smiled.He was falling in love with Ashley as Louis was falling in love with Madison.

After their date was done,Madison and Louis and Niall and Ashley went shopping to pick their date a gift.


The night was amazing and they started dating and gotten married and have kids.:)


((This is for the One Direction VALENTINES DAY contest so I hope you guys like this short story:)..))

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