Girl Direction *Completed*

In a parallel universe there is a different kind of One Direction. They all still have the same last name. The only thing that is different is, they are girls. But what happens when the universes merge?


9. Why?

Zayn's P.O.V

   I am standing here facing Perrie as the words cheated and pregnant circle in my mind. "Zayn... Please..." Perrie's weak voice said, pulling me out of my thoughts. I managed to glance at her face, I sighed as the thought of how beautiful she looked, even with mascara staining her cheeks. "Perrie... Don't..." I said trying to hide the tears that were threatening to make an appearance. "It was a mistake I swe-" "Why?" I asked cutting her off. "I-I-I don't know.." She replied lowering her head.

   "Well.. If this is it, then I best be going.." I said, sliding out of the booth and walking back to my car. On the way to I saw Zara's car close to mine, on any other day I would have walked over and said 'Hi', but today I just didn't feel like it. The only thing I wanted to do is go home and crawl under my duvet and never come out...


Zara' P.O.V

   I sat there in my car not caring to notice the world go past. After I snap out of my little world I started the ignition and drove home...

   I burst open the door, not caring about the noise and ran upstairs to my room. As tears streamed down my eyes I found a pair of scissors. I grabbed the ends of my hair, as I looked at the blonde ends memories flooded my mind. Before I was too overcome with emotion I place the scissors where the black stopped and the blonde started. I did something that I would never have done. I cut my hair. The newly detached blonde hairs settled on the floor. Once all the remains of blonde were on the floor a loud knock echoed through my room. I slowly walked to the door, when I turned the handle Lilly's head appeared. "Hey, are you ok?" She asked, stepping into my room. I answered by shaking my head. "I'm sorry Zara.." She whispered placing her hand around my shoulder. 

   I just can't believe he got her pregnant.....


A/N: Hey guys!!! Thank you for all the likes and favorites you guys are the best! Sooooo what do you think?? Anyways you know what to do :)


~Emily :D 

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