Girl Direction *Completed*

In a parallel universe there is a different kind of One Direction. They all still have the same last name. The only thing that is different is, they are girls. But what happens when the universes merge?


14. We're coming...

Lilly's P.O.V

   "Liam!! Hurry upppppp!" I screamed up the stairs. We have to move fast if we are going to find Harry and Harper. I heard heavy footsteps come down the stairs and Liam was soon at my side. We were almost out the door when I heard Nikki's voice yell from behind us. "Wait for me!!!!!" "Nikki what are you doing?" I asked seeing her fall down trying to get her shoe on her foot. "What else do you think I'm doing? I'm coming with you two." She answered hopping to catch up. "WAITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Another Irish voice filled the silent  corridor. "Niall? You coming too?" Liam asked seeing his friend trip over his own feet. "Well yeah and so is Lou and Lucy." He replied and within seconds of him saying that Louis and Lucy were at his side. "Fine then... I'll get the van.." Liam said searching for his keys.

~In the car~

   "Louis! Lucy! Stop that!" I screamed as a M&M hit my face."Calm your tits Lil, we're just having some fun.." Lucy said throwing a M&M and catching it in her mouth. I simply rolled my eyes at them and continued watching the road.

   "There it is!" I said while pointing towards a old log cabin. Liam pulled into the driveway and we all hopped out. 

   "Now what?" Niall asked kicking a rock at his feet. 

   "We go inside.." I replied taking a step forward but I felt someone grip my wrist.  I looked back and saw Liam with a scared look on his face.

   "Are you sure?" Lucy nervously questioned looking at the cabin.

    "Our friends are in there Lucy! Would you want us to go in there if it was you instead of Harper? HUH? Exactly! You would so we have to, we have to get them back before the get seriously hurt." I yelled releasing my wrist from Liam's grasp. I took a deep breath and slowly stepped towards the cabin.... 


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't updated in like forever, but I have been busy with HEAPS of tests in the past 2 weeks so yeah. Hope you guys like it and you know what to do :)


~Emily :D


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