Girl Direction *Completed*

In a parallel universe there is a different kind of One Direction. They all still have the same last name. The only thing that is different is, they are girls. But what happens when the universes merge?


13. Please Come Back...

Lucy's P.O.V

   It has been a week since Harper and Harry went missing. I miss Harper, I want my best friend back! I can see that Louis is feeling the same way, but what can we do? I mean we don't even know where they took them! I just hope they are alright....

   "LUCYYYYY!" I hear Zara yell from her bedroom. "WHATTTTT???" I yell back feeling too lazy to get up. She didn't respond so I yelled out again. No response. I decide to get off my ass and see what she wants . As I walk into  her bedroom a strong berry smell fills my nose. "Zara? What are you doing?" I ask seeing her dancing like an idiot. "Ummm... Nothing?" She replied blushing and sounding a bit unsure about herself. "You called?" I asked blocking my nose a bit to cover the smell. "What should I wear to the movies?" She asked, gesturing towards the pile of dresses on the bed. "What?" I asked, giving her a confused look. "The one we have to go to in two days! Jezz Luc we got the invite like a month ago for the premiere!" Crap! I forgot all about that, but what about Harper? It just wouldn't be the same... "I don't think I'm going to go.." I said walking out the door. "But you have to!" She said dragging me back into the room. "Now. First you are going to help me pick out something. Then we'll find something for you.." She replied in a stern tone. I guess I'm going to the movies...


Liam's P.O.V

   It just doesn't make any sense! Where could Taylor and Trent have taken them? Lilly an I have looked in all the most likely places but no luck! I pray that  they are alright, because Trent sounds like one creepy dude! "Liam! I think I found something!" Lilly squealed with delight. "What is it?" I asked with equal enthusiasm. "Look at these records for the past two weeks..." She said, pointing to the screen. "What do they have to do with anything?" I asked trying to see the link. "They are all in either Trent or Taylor's accounts and in the same town, just 5 miles west from us!" She said making everything clear in my mind."You're right" I feel like we are on to something! I just hope that nothing has happened to them....   


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Sorry for the short chapter :/ Anyways you know what to do!


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