Girl Direction *Completed*

In a parallel universe there is a different kind of One Direction. They all still have the same last name. The only thing that is different is, they are girls. But what happens when the universes merge?


12. Plans

Harry's P.O.V

   Tears are now streaming down my cheeks as I try to get the image out of my head. Why would they do that to her? A though popped into my head, if Harper is dead doesn't that mean I'm next? I mean I'm stuck here for I don't know how long with two crazy and delusional things. (They have lost the right to be call people)

   I start to break out into a nervous sweat. I feel my heart leap out of my chest as the door swing open. "Harry?" I hear Taylor say in her 'innocent' voice. "What do you want?" I say through gritted teeth. "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for what we have done to you..." She says rubbing my shoulder. "No you're not!" I yell trying to get my arm out of her grip. She sends me a offended look but I just shrug it off. I look at the floor and try to see if I can move my feet. My head shoots up when I hear the door slam. Thank God! I didn't think I could take another second with her hand on my shoulder. 


Taylor's P.O.V

   I can't believe that our plans working! With Harper out of the way I can have Harry all to myself! I just need to persuade him that he will benefit from this as well... I can worry about that later, I need to find Trent and tell him that faze 4 can go into motion... 

    My phone beeped in my pocket. I unlocked the screen to see I got a text from a unknown number.

From: Unknown


To: Taylor

    I felt the warmth drain from my face. Who would know that Trent and I did this? "TRENT!!!" I scream as I run towards the lounge. "What's up?" He asks still looking at the T.V. "Look!!" I said shoving my phone into his chest. Horror spread across his face. "Who?! What?! How?!" He yelled pacing around the room. He took out his phone and the same message lit up his screen. "What do we do!?"I said with panic clear in my voice. "It's time for stage 4....."


Harry's P.O.V

   I looked around the room trying to pass the time when the door flung open. Trent and Taylor both had a evil smirk on their faces as  they approached me. "Grab him!" Trent instructed. Taylor came closer to me and geabbed my mouth opening it wide. "Are you sure?" Taylor asked Trent as he place a white pill in my mouth. "Positive.."


A/N: HELLLLOOOOOO!!!!! So what do you guys think??? Anyways you know what to do!!!


~Emily :D

P.S. If you can't tell I am in a really happy/energetic/weird mood!

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