Girl Direction *Completed*

In a parallel universe there is a different kind of One Direction. They all still have the same last name. The only thing that is different is, they are girls. But what happens when the universes merge?


10. Oh no...

Nikki's P.O.V

   ARGH! Why is there so much drama going on?! Can't we just have one day where nothing weird or creepy happens? GOD! 

   I walk into the kitchen and find shopping bags on the bench, score! As I am trying to find something to eat I hear feet shuffling behind me then a door close. I quickly spin my head around and see a male figure heading upstairs. I don't even question who it is, expecting it was one of the boys.

   Once I found some chips I flopped on the couch and flicked the T.V on. While skimming through the channels Lilly sits next to me. "I feel so bad.." She says reaching for one of my chips. I wrap my arms around the packet so she can't get any "Right, sorry.." She said remembering who she is dealing with here. I mean we don't want a repeat of last time. "What's up?" I ask, getting back onto topic. "It's Zara.. Percy cheated..." Lilly said as her phone beeped. She instantly shot up "OH GOD! This is bad, REALLY bad!"   "Lil CALM DOWN! What happened?" I said snapping her out of her panic. "Liam just text me saying that Percy got Perrie PREGNANT!!!!" "WHAT!?!?" Is all that I could manage to say.

   There was a loud thud from upstairs then Lucy's unmistakable laugh. "I'M GONNA GET YOU TOMLINSON!!!" A male voice echoed downstairs, while Lucy appeared at the foot of the couch. "Can you guys pretend you didn't see me?" She whispered as she ducked under the couch. "I guess" I mutter to no one particular. "Hey guys! You haven't seen Lucy have you?" Louis asked, catching his breath. "Nope" I replied focusing on the T.V. He was about to reply when we heard a high pitched scream. Our heads shot up and Lucy climbed out from under the couch. We all looked at each other and bolted upstairs.

   We figured out that the scream came from Harper's room. "Open the door Louis!" Lucy screamed, panic clear in her voice."I'm trying!" He yelled back, frantically turning the doorknob. "It's locked!" Louis said spinning around to face us. "Everyone step back!" Lucy instructed. She leaped towards the door, knocking it clear off the hinges. We rush into the room to find it empty.

   "Harper!" We all screamed in unison. No response. "What's this?" I asked picking up a hand written note laying on her bed. "Give it here" Lilly demanded. "It's a note from Trent. It says that he wants her back, he can't function properly without her..." "Got that right, he's mental!" Lucy added. "He says that he won'y stop until she's his again.." Lilly said as horror filled her face. I think we all knew where this was heading or where it has gone.

   He took Harper...


A/N: Hey! So what do you guys think? You like it? Anyway you know what to do! :) 


~Emily :D

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