Girl Direction *Completed*

In a parallel universe there is a different kind of One Direction. They all still have the same last name. The only thing that is different is, they are girls. But what happens when the universes merge?


2. Hello?

   When we arrived at our hotel I was exhausted  I was just about asleep when my phone started ringing. I sleepily looked at the caller I.D: Trent </3. God what does he want?

   "Hello?" I whispered into the receiver.

   "Hey Harper! I hope I didn't wake you?" He said a little to excitedly for 11:30 at night.

   "Um, who is this?" I said, playing dumb even though I really wanted to yell at him. There was a loud sigh.

   "You deleted my number?" He asked in a sad voice.

   "Look, Trent you were the one who dumped me, not the other way round." I reminded him as a tear rolled down my cheek.

   "Harper, I-I-I'm sorry I shouldn't have let you go like that and I understan-"

   "No you don't understand Trent! You will never know how much you hurt me and how you just can't play with people's hearts like that!" I yelled into the phone hanging up before he could come up with some lame excuse.

   Tears were streaming down my face as I deleated everything that reminded me of him. Photos? DELEATE! His albums? DELEATE!... I finally mustered up the courage to deleate his number. With shaky hands I pressed the 'erase contact' button. My eyes were blured as I buried myself deeper into my covers...


   I awoke to light streaming in through the open window. I slowly get out of bed and memories from last night come crashing back into my mind. Why did he have to do that? I was getting along so well then he had to come and ruin it! I walked into the bathroom and inspected myself. God I look terriable! I pulled my long curly hair into a ponytail and applied a light layer of make-up. As for my bloodshot eyes, there was nothing I could do.

   I made my way down stairs to be greeted by the girls. "Morning Harp!" Nikki beamed towards me as she ate her breakfast. The others greeted me and continued what they were doing. Everyone except Lucy.

   "Harp are you alright?" She asked even though she knew the answer. I shook my head knowing that if I lied she would see through me. We walked out of the room and I told her everything that happened last night.

   "As if he could have the nerve to do that!" Tears started forming in my eyes.

   "Harp, I'm sorry.." Lucy said hugging me.

   "I need some air.." I said to her as I walked to the door.

A/N: Hey guys!  I'm going to update depending on what you guys think. So if you want me to update tell me and I will!


~Emily :D

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