Best Friends Brother (16+)

Stacey is a star athlete. She sprints, does discuss, high jump, long jump and
cross-country. But there is another side of her that gets revealed when she falls in love with her best friend Felicite's brother, Louis Tomlinson.


9. Chapter 9


My shirt got pulled off again and he just slowly kissed my stomach, until I moaned to my hearts content. He pulled down my pants, still kissing my lower stomach. At the same time, he pulled down my underwear and stuck his tongue, deep into my pussy. I arched my back and moaned loudly. He then pulled out his tongue and got 2 of his fingers and planted them into me, while I was deeply moaning his name. 'Louis, Louis... Please! Keep going!!" I moaned loudly. He pulled out his fingers.
  "Why'd you stop?" I asked sadly. Louis the kneeled up with his finger on my chin, guiding me up.
  "Go for it." He said. I looked down then fell to my knees and began to pull down his boxer shorts. His erection shot up. I looked back up into his eyes.
  "Go, hun." He nodded to me. So, I went for it. I licked around the tip of his dick, as Louis moan quietly, then i stuck my whole mouth around his dick and started sucking on him as he just kept moaning my name louder and louder. 
  'Stacey... STACEY! Oh, Stacca! OOHH!!" He then pushed me down and slammed himself into me. 
  "Louis!!! Oh LOUIS!!! OOHHH!!!!" I couldn't help myself. I couldn't keep my moans in. 
  'Stacey! You're so god damn tight!" He said as I just kept on moaning. 

Oh...... Louis!

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