Best Friends Brother (16+)

Stacey is a star athlete. She sprints, does discuss, high jump, long jump and
cross-country. But there is another side of her that gets revealed when she falls in love with her best friend Felicite's brother, Louis Tomlinson.


7. Chapter 7


We all took our seats and ate. Louis and I sat across from each other while Fizzy was at the head of the table. For a while, we just talked and talked and talked. We just laughed about funny things that had happened at school and spoke about what we'de been planning to do over the summer holidays, which were coming up in a couple of weeks
   "Guys, my mum is going away to Norway for the summer holidays, so I'll be home alone. Do you guys think I'd be able to stay with you 2? 
    'Please, Please, please, please, please Fizzy! I really don't wanna stay home alone for 3 months!" I begged to Fizzy
    'Fine! I'll talk to my mum and dad about you sleeping in the guest room again. And, Lou, leave her alone!" Fizzy spoke loudly.
    'Me?!?!" Louis exclaimed. "What am I gonna do?!?!"
We walked in the house, Fizzy hopped into the shower, then me, then Louis. Soon enough, it was time for us to have our lovely dinner that Lou's and Fizzy's mum had prepared for us. We ate roast beef and scollop potatoes. And for dessert, we had a magnificent piece of rich chocolate mud cake.
   We washed up then all jumped into our beds to have a goodnight's sleep. But i didn't think Louis and I would get enough sleep tonight, or, any night in this case...

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