Best Friends Brother (16+)

Stacey is a star athlete. She sprints, does discuss, high jump, long jump and
cross-country. But there is another side of her that gets revealed when she falls in love with her best friend Felicite's brother, Louis Tomlinson.


5. Chapter 5

I didn't back away! Why didn't I?!? This is wrong. I cant be in love with my best friends brother. Its just not right. When Louis finally pulled out of the kiss. He just look at me with an "OMG!" face and I had the same reaction. We then both said goodnight in a rush and turned over and just went straight to sleep. 
     In the morning, I woke up with Louis still lying next to me. I snuck out of bed, got into my trackies and ASICS and ran down to the race track. I started doing a few laps, when I saw Louis' car drive by. I stopped dead center of the track, and let my eyes follow the car. His car stopped and I ran off the track over to his car. The window began to lower and I saw Louis' face.
    "Hey Gorgeous! No bye-bye kiss?" Louis said with a giggle. But I wasn't in a joking mood. 
    "Louis, we both know that this sin't right. Fizzy is my best friend and you're sister. We cant do this to her! If we start dating and she finds out, she'll be sliding down a wall saying LE DEAD! She'll never aprove."
      But then, the back window lowered and I saw Fizzy sitting there. She was pretty pissed. I knew she was gonna yell at me. I feel so ashamed!
     "You.. like... my... older BROTHER!?" 
I knew it. That was the end of little Stacey. Fizzy's never gonna talk to me again... Well, at least I think she wont...
     "Listen, Stacey. I know you, very well. And if you like a guy, you LIKE a guy. But please stay away from Lou. And Louis, YOU STAY AWAY FROM STACE!"
      And thats when I knew, I was in love with Louis Tomlinson.

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