Best Friends Brother (16+)

Stacey is a star athlete. She sprints, does discuss, high jump, long jump and
cross-country. But there is another side of her that gets revealed when she falls in love with her best friend Felicite's brother, Louis Tomlinson.


4. Chapter 4

After school, Louis drove the three of us, Fizzy me and himself, back to my place so I could grab all my stuff, then we sped back to their house. I set up all my stuff in the guest bedroom and went straight to bed because I had 1200m sprint in the morning at almost 6! Lucky Fizzy, she only runs up to 1k sprint. She gets to come at 8. 

I heard footsteps as I woke up. I checked my phone to see the time. It was 1:00am. Who's up? I saw a figure walk into my room, The figure came close to my bed, and then flicked the lamp on. It was Louis. What did he want?!

"Sorry to bother you Stacey, but I can't sleep and I know that if I went to Fizzy's room, she would totally thump me!" Louis whispered

"No problem. Do you wanna lie down here?" I asked. OMG! What's wrong with me? Why did I ask that? Oh I hope he says no, or this will be totally awkward!

"Uh... Yeah sure" Louis replied. Dammit! He was just standing there in his boxers, I knew he was gonna say yes. Drat!

Louis came and lay next to me as I switched off the lamp in the guest bedroom. I felt Louis arm wrap around me, and I didn't shove him away. He wriggled closer to me, I turned my head around, we stared at each other for a while and then, he kissed me. I'm crazy! I didn't back away! Why didn't I back away?!!

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