Dancing with Love

Jordan Perri is a total blast in a glass, she enjoys having fun and not that wild teenage fun like drinking until your liver hates you and hooking up with randoms at a party. She enjoys letting loose being her self singing out loud, she may sound immature but she always has that role model that keeps her out a jail and that girl is Danielle Peazer her BFFFL. Danielle and Jordan met in dance class and were attached to the hip. What happens when Liam surprises Danielle at practice? Is there romance? Perhaps, read to find out. (if you want to see any of her outfits go to polyvore got to Sadiyah-carter and look up the names i put)


2. Meeting the boys <3

"3:15" I whispered glancing at my watch 15 minutes late not my worst, as I ran to class I swore I heard someone call my name and all I can see was this black van I looked at it like.what da fuq  Pedo.I thougth to myself as I sped up to class not wanting to be kidnapped that day , when I got into class Ms.J wasn't there. I put my pack down and rushed over to Danielle and asked her where Ms. J was "Shes running a few minutes late now go stretch before she comes back" she said shooing me towards Ben Tickle my equally immature buddy I've known him as long as Iv'e known Dani I don't have any serious feelings for him he's like a brother. "Hey Benny Buddy" "Hey Jordanator" Ben and I had weird little nicknames for each other everyone though we were weird but we think it's pretty damn cool (see what I did there ;D). This week we were learning the coreography to Jar of Hearts which is a really touchy song,So of course we were making the weirdest faces of all time and of course he dropped me on my bum like 80 billion times so in result in that I kicked him very close to... and Ms.J sent me out to do conditioning which is SO painful. I never do conditioning I just go t the vending machine on my way there I see a group of boys I spotted a really cute one with an amazing smile  I stopped dead in my tracks and OH MY NANDOS that boy was *angels singing*. Then I heard a familiar laugh. "Liam!!" I shouted and jumped on his back in excitement


Today we got back from tour and I wanted to surprise Danielle at her dance studio and the boys decided to tag along to see the girls dancing when we pulled up I saw a familiar purpleish-red hair run by "Jordan!" I shouted than crouched down realizing I was here by surprise she looked at the van like PEDO'S and then quickly sped off I chuckled to my self and Harry gasped "who is that?!?!" "Jordan,, Dani's best friends" "Cool she's fit" he said in reply I just gave him one of those you-would looks and hopped out of the van all spy like. When we got to the balcony to watch the dancers we let out ocasional  "Ooo's" and "Aww's" we had to duck when ever the dancers were hoisted up. At one point I saw Harry and Niall tense up when some random kept picking up and dropping Jordan we all howled with laughter when she kicked him in his batteries and got kicked out, Niall got bored and hungry and we went in search for a vending machine. Niall got potato chips and shouted out "POTATO" we burst out laughing until we were interrupted when I heard a high pitched girly scream, my name, and them a person on my back. I thought it was a random fan that wondered out until I heard Jordans voice and a peck on top of my head. "JORDAN!" I shouted out mocking her voice, I introduced her to the boys and there was a bit of an awkward silence until Niall spoke up " You were really good out there until that guy kept dropping you" I looked at Jordan and saw anger in her eyes I stepped back and so did all of the boys except Niall "That guy happens t be my friend Ben and he didn't just drop me we were goofing off" she spat back " I wish he would hurry up to get me" she muttered under her breath and almost on cue "Ben" came tip toeing towards us putting a finger up to his mouth signaling us to be quiet. He goes up behind Jordan and throws her over his shoulder they both scream her saying put me down and him repeating "Lets go off to never land Wendy" after a while he puts her down and pecks her on the cheek which she wipes off like a 2 year old. She introduces all of us to each other to him and introduces him as "Love of his life" and leans in right before they kiss they both crack-up. You could practically taste the awkward in the air until Ben mutters something "what was that" Jordan ask but I knew she heard him "Nothing" "Benster Tickle tell me before you will never be able to reproduced" she says raising her foot. "We are late for hip-hop" she hops on his back in a dancer way and shrieks "Off Peter to Neverland" in a pretty good brittish accent. When they left Niall opened his mouth and said...

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