Dancing with Love

Jordan Perri is a total blast in a glass, she enjoys having fun and not that wild teenage fun like drinking until your liver hates you and hooking up with randoms at a party. She enjoys letting loose being her self singing out loud, she may sound immature but she always has that role model that keeps her out a jail and that girl is Danielle Peazer her BFFFL. Danielle and Jordan met in dance class and were attached to the hip. What happens when Liam surprises Danielle at practice? Is there romance? Perhaps, read to find out. (if you want to see any of her outfits go to polyvore got to Sadiyah-carter and look up the names i put)


1. Intro.

Hello Sexuals, (Jenna Marbles there lawl) I'm Jordan I dance and sing and do gymnastics, I'm the best role-model for kids... lol nope but I love kids. My best friend is Danielle Peazer you guys may know her as Liam Paynes girlfriend but nope to me shes my bffl ILY. Shit gotta go late for dance dueces.

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