In your shadow

Sequel to change of heart

Still struggling with the death of her sister, Amber enters her school year with only one thing on her mind. Who murderer Sabrina?


1. Remembering her

I sat in a large ivory chair in front of our bright tv. " The investigation of Sabrina Marke's murder has had no further leads in to who took the life of this sweet girl. It has been eight weeks since her tragic death, but there has still been no conclusions in the case. Also in this weeks news a farmer in has been charged wi.." I turned the tv off and slumped my head onto the soft side of the chair. I breathed in deeply, Sabrina's pale face flashing in and out of my mind. My Christmas holidays had been filled with cold silences at the dinner table, long teary nights, bad dreams and a heavy feeling of guilt clawing on my heart.

The only person I had to bring a small smile to my face was Nathan. He came to my house every day and just sat with me holding my hand and telling me that it would all be ok. Each day I believed him a little more, but every second I spent with him felt like I was betraying my dead sister that much more.

One night a few weeks ago, I lay in my bed thinking about the last time I saw Sabrina alive. I was walking out of the house to go to school, happy that she and Nathan had broken up. I had glanced at her as I passed through our mahogany front doors. The emotions showing on her face where strong and where plastered into my mind as though someone had superglued an image of her face, at that split second, to my brain. I could remember her tear stained eyes and clenched jaw. She was so angry, yet obviously dying inside. I also sensed a tiny bit of fear. Did she know what was going to happen to her or was she just afraid to show her heartbroken face to anyone outside our house.

The rumor of her death had spread around the school at the speed of light. I had been given sad "I feel sorry for you" looks, angry "I blame you" looks and eyebrow raising "shouldn't you be at home mourning" looks. My last two weeks at school had been hell, and now that the holidays where over I had to go back to that dreadful place for my final year of school.

I imagined walking out the doors with Sabrina. It would have been her second last year. All I wish for is that I had gotten to know her better. She had always been just my sister, never my friend.

I stretched up out of the chair trying to shake these horrible thoughts out of my head. My legs where num, so I slowly walked out of the living room and in to the brightly illuminated bathroom. The tiles felt cold and hard on my soft feet as I walked over to the shower. Tomorrow school started and I wasn't looking forward to it at all.
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