My Best friend (Harry Styles fanfic)

My name is Maria Mela, and my best friend is Harry Styles. We look out for each other, and he always protects me from the bullies. There is just one problem, I love him. He is sweet, funny and caring, but he doesn't feel the same way. What happens when he starts dating the new girl, who doesn't care about his feelings, and he starts to push me away. How will I cope without my Hazza?


8. My heart (Harry's POV)

I walked to school everyday the following week alone, my heart was breaking everyday, and I couldn't do anything to mend it. Alice was angry at me, I had cancelled the date with her, and I didn't make a new date with her. I couldn't. Marry didn't know the truth, so it meant that she was still hating me. The following Monday, I walked to her house like usual, hoping that she would have realized that us not talking was stupid, and that we need our friendship to carry on living, carry on being who we really were. I spent the last week off with flu, but in that time I found out that Maria had made a return to school, and I was keen to get better quickly in order to see her. I walked to her house the following Monday, but when I got there I found I was too late, she had already gone to school. I wondered why she had gone so early, but I didn't have time to dwell on it. I was seeing my friend again, and that was all that mattered.

I walked to school, slightly quicker than usual, I was excited and determined about seeing Marry again, I was prepared to do anything to regain her trust and friendship again. When I got there, I immediately saw Liam and Niall, they were looking in the direction of a gaggle of people. I walked up to them and smiled.

"Hey guys." They turned their heads to me, looking a little surprised.

"Hey Harry, have you seen Maria today?" Niall asked, looking slightly nervous.

"No. Why?"

Liam took my arm, and walked me towards a gap in the crowd of people. "Prepare yourself." He whispered, as he turned me, and I saw Marry, but it wasn't Marry, it was an imposter. The sight made my heart crumple even more. She had longer hair, but it was straighter, her lovely brown curls that bounced up and down when she was happy were gone, and had dyed her hair blonde. Her clothes were tight and fitting. She looked good, but she didn't look as good as the girl who I fell in love with, the girl who didn't care about what and how she looked like. What made the sight worse, was she was clinging to the arm of Dan. The guy who bullied her and made her cry. I watched as she laughed, before looking at him, and kissing his cheek. He smiled back at her and kissed her check, I was beyond glad that they didn't kiss each other properly, but in a weird way, through their check kisses I could see so much love, and that sickened me. I turned away unable to stand the view much longer.

Why? Why was she causing me this pain? my heart asked as, Liam and Niall came rushing up to me. Of course my Brain and Heart were always at war. So my mind answered the question easily. She doesn't know how you feel, she doesn't know that you never went on the date with Alice. If she knew all of this, then she wouldn't be over there. She would be by your side.

"What are you going to do?" Niall asked me as we walked towards my locker.

"I don't know. This is my fault, if only I had be strong enough to tell her the truth from the beginning then we would never be where we are. So on that argument I should leave her be. I can't bring myself to ruin her anymore than I already have, just for my own selfish purposes."

"What if being with Dan ruins her, are you really prepared to stand back and watch her being hurt by him, and his friends?" Liam asked.

I looked down, I knew deep down that I couldn't do that, but I also couldn't hurt her either, and that meant not interfering with her affairs.

"I honestly don't know Liam, I don't know what to do. I just know that whatever I do can't hurt her. So if that means standing back, then yeah I won't do anything."

The guys looked at me sadly and patted my back reassuringly, before the bell rang, and they ran off to their classes. I took a deep breath, before muttering to myself that it was time to face the day.

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