My Best friend (Harry Styles fanfic)

My name is Maria Mela, and my best friend is Harry Styles. We look out for each other, and he always protects me from the bullies. There is just one problem, I love him. He is sweet, funny and caring, but he doesn't feel the same way. What happens when he starts dating the new girl, who doesn't care about his feelings, and he starts to push me away. How will I cope without my Hazza?


17. My Heart 4 (Harry's POV) (Restoration)

Harry's POV

It was 8:05, where was Zayn, and the lads? He had said 8:00. Even though they mucked about, we always made sure to arrive on time.

As the minutes ticked by, I slumped down on the platform. My brain running into overdrive about what I could possible say or do to make Maria see how I really felt. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings, so when I felt a tap on my shoulder I was more than surprised. I turned around expecting to see some eager fan, so I put on a fake smile, and just hoped that whoever it was would believe the lie. I turned around, but when I saw the eyes staring back at me I was shocked, my mouth fell open as I gazed back.

"Hi Harry." She smiled back shyly.

Her smile was so cute, and her voice sounded fragile, but at the same time it made my blood boil, hadn't she hurt me enough? Did she feel the need to come and find me just to brake my heart more?

"What do you want?" I asked in the best cold voice I could manage, I hoped that she didn't hear the crack at the end.

By the look on her face, look must have been on my side for once. She cast her eyes down and I could have sworn I saw a tear escape her eye.

It took her a while, but finally she looked up and spoke. "Z...Zayn said that he and the lads had arranged to met you, was a lie, Zayn was trying to get you and me to talk to one another, and, well he explains everything in this."

She handed me a tightly folded piece of paper, I took, gazing at her shaking form, before adjusting my eyes to read the note.

Hi Harry

Don't be mad at Maria, it isn't her fault. She came to me yesterday upset over her actions, and begged me to find a way to tell you she was sorry without you running in the opposite direction. I know you have both done wrong to each other. Don't lie, Harry, You started it be pretending to date that skank. You need to talk to one another, even if the results are bad.

All the boys are routing for you.

Good Luck!

I sighed, everything he said was true. But I don't know if my heart could withstand the pain.

I looked up at her, as she avoided eye contact.

"Look I know talking to me, is the very last thing you want. We could just go home and tell the boys that there was no possible way back for us. It's up to you."

As much as I wanted to run back home and curl up in the covers, I wasn't going to runaway from my problems.

"Is that what you want?"

She shrugged.

"C'mon it's cold out here, let's go somewhere more private and talk." I lead her to my car, and open the door for her. We sat there in silence until she spoke up.

"I'm sorry"

I looked at her.

"I'm sorry for everything. I should have just told you how I felt, instead I acted like the jealous best friend, ruined your happiness and lost my best friend." She looked down as tears brimmed her eyes.

"You didn't ruin my relationship with April." I smiled slightly, "But I guess I succeeded in making you jealous, I just expected it to end better. I had this picture that you'd tell me she wasn't good enough, and ask how I was so blind to not see what was in front of me. Can you tell me something? If you were jealous, why did you push me a way? You cancelled our sit in front of the telly with more junk food than ever. My heart wasn't broken until that point. I felt like I was losing you.

She sighed, "That day, when you introduced her to me, she excused herself for the bathroom. I went in there and she said that you wouldn't like me because I wasn't like her. I saw you walk away with her and I knew I had to change to impress you."

My heart broken even more. "Why would you believe her? Maria you were m world I was just to chicken to admit it. I loved you, I still do. You tore me apart when you hung around Dan, why did you, let him bully you."

"Because it was better than the pain you were putting me through. I truly believed you didn't like me the way I did with you. And when I found out you were trying to make me jealous. I tried to use Dan to get you back. Knowing that even if you didn't love me, dating Dan, would have killed you."

I looked down, "Guess we both got what we wanted."

Maria nodded. "Did we both want broken hearts?"

I laughed, "Well maybe not in that way. Do you think we can find our way back to being friends?"

"Is that what you want?"

I shrugged, copying her moves from earlier. "I want to be more than friends, but right now I'd settle for just being a part of your life."

"I want to be more than friends as well, but what about your fans?"

"They'll except you" I leaned in to her. "They already know you"

She looked at me quizzically.

"I always spoke of how I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my best friend, who I loved more than that. But she didn't know my true feelings. I didn't go into detail in case they found you, and the press terrorized you."

she smiled at me, and I did the same. As we moved in towards one another. When our lips touched I felt sparks fly up in to my stomach. It was amazing.

When we pulled away, I looked into her eyes. "So can we give us a try." She bite her lip and smiled, before leaning into kiss me again, this time more passionately, when she pulled away I was left breathless.

"Does that answer your question?" She whispered in my ear.

I smirked, "Yes." Before pulling her back into me.

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