My Best friend (Harry Styles fanfic)

My name is Maria Mela, and my best friend is Harry Styles. We look out for each other, and he always protects me from the bullies. There is just one problem, I love him. He is sweet, funny and caring, but he doesn't feel the same way. What happens when he starts dating the new girl, who doesn't care about his feelings, and he starts to push me away. How will I cope without my Hazza?


11. I'm sorry (My POV) (Harry's POV)

I don't know what got over me. I was so happy when Harry showed up, ready to protect me from Dan. But I knew I had to keep up my plan when Harry showed up by telling Dan I loved him. After I said those words everything got so messed up. Everything Harry said just made me more angry. I had played out so many different scenarios, but none of them ended like the one that I had just faced. The worst part was I was the one that had said all the hurtful comments and Harry had took them all. He was a man. He wasn't the chicken or coward that I had made him out to be.

I felt like crying as I watched him walk away. He was upset with me, I knew he was sensitive about his life, and his actions. So why did I just make him feel like the worst person in the world? I knew I would have to try and speak to him. And soon, before it was too late. And I knew that I would have a difficult time in letting Harry know how I truly felt.


Harry's POV

I couldn't bring myself to hate her, but I couldn't bring myself to forgive her either.

I knew I couldn't stay I had to leave.

"So what are you going to do?" Louis asked as we sat around the table. I barely heard him, I was a little preoccupied watching Marry sitting at our usual table. Looking around her for someone, and every time she couldn't see them. She would bury her head in her hands.

"I don't know Lou. I have been thinking about trying out for the X-FACTOR, but the auditions are tomorrow. I think I have left it a little too late."

"No you haven't. Just go and give it your heart. You'll do fine. You're a brilliant singer." Niall encouraged.

"Yeah. We are behind you 100%." Liam added, smiling.

"What about her?" Zayn motioned his head towards Marry, and I noticed her shoulders were shaking uncontrollably.

"She doesn't care Zayn. She would be better off without me."

"Maybe she disagrees with that." Zayn said thoughtfully as he looked towards her again.

I shrugged. "I can't stay around here Zayn. I think we both need a break. I'm going to phone my mum, get her to pack my stuff." I got up out of my chair and walked away from the table to make the phone call that could change my life.



I saw Harry walk out of the cafeteria, and immediately got up to follow him. I needed desperately to speak to him.

I walked out of the doors and ran down the corridor in search of him, when I finally located him. I found him on his phone by his locker.

"...So mum will you please pack all of my stuff?....Of course I will....Oh mum don't cry, this is something I have always dreamed of doing....I know...OK thanks, bye....Love you too, bye."

I slowly approached him as he shut his phone off and spun over. Freezing when he saw me.

"Where are you going?"

"You heard all of that?" He asked pointing to his locker, where his phone was.

I nodded.

He sighed. "I'm going to audition for the X-FACTOR tomorrow." He looked at me a little unsure.

"Oh. Good luck. When will you be coming back?"

He started at me, and I wrapped my arms around my chest, as I remembered I was still wearing a reveling top.

"I don't know Marry. I was thinking about staying with some relatives for a while if I didn't get through. I think we need some time apart to be honest."

I felt my heart rip from my chest. "If this is about what I said I'm sorry. I don't know why I said. Please don't leave." I tried to get him to understand.

"Marry. I don't want to hurt you anymore. I don't blame you for what you said. I was a coward for not admitting the truth. I will see you again. Don't worry. I don't think my mum, or the guys will let me stay long anyway. They've said they are 100% behind what I do, but they have tried to convince me to stay."

He made his way towards me and kissed my head. 'Goodbye Maria, I'm sorry for everything.' He mumbled into my hair.

I watched as he left. "Goodbye Harry, I'm sorry for everything." I whispered.


Harry's POV

When I got home, I got a big surprise. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn were all standing with my mum with their bags.

"What's going on guys?"

"We're coming with you." Louis answered.

"What?" I asked, slightly disbelievingly, but at the same time really happy.

"Yeah, we thought that we could have a bit of a lads holiday, and your mum likes the idea, since we are all older and can look after you." Zayn smiled.

I smiled at Zayn but glared at my mum.

"I have a better idea. I've heard you all sing, and you can sing so don't deny it Niall. So why don't we audition together."

All the lads looked at each other and then at me. "Are you sure Harry?" Liam asked.

"Positive. It will be fun. Let's do it together."

"OK." They all cheered.

We piled into Louis' car and began our journey, and I couldn't wait.

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