My Best friend (Harry Styles fanfic)

My name is Maria Mela, and my best friend is Harry Styles. We look out for each other, and he always protects me from the bullies. There is just one problem, I love him. He is sweet, funny and caring, but he doesn't feel the same way. What happens when he starts dating the new girl, who doesn't care about his feelings, and he starts to push me away. How will I cope without my Hazza?


7. Hating him (my POV)

I was angry at Harry, I loved him, and he betrayed my feelings. I know he didn't know the truth, but I still couldn't bear to be his friend anymore. I regretted shouting at him, especially when  I saw his face, but my emotions had lead me to being heartbroken. and I couldn't allow them to hurt me again.

I walked home as quick as I could, hoping that Harry wouldn't follow me, but thankfully he didn't. I got on with my homework, and watched the television. Wondering if he would text or call, I secretly hoped he would, but another part of me told me I was foolish to answer him again. But he never did call, and in a way that made me more angry. Was that what he hoped for? That I wouldn't want to be his friend anymore? Because if that was the case he could of just told me.

I went to bed angry, and crying. I knew that I had lost the only person who would have stuck up for me, and that made me scared to face school again.


The next day, I decided not to go school, I managed to convince mum to not let me go school, and I prepared to speed the day in bed. A little while later I heard a knock at the door. I heard my mum open it, but the name she said, stopped my heart. 'Harry, what was he doing here?' I silently crept to the door and listened to what was going on.

"Harry, so good to see you. How can I help?"

"I'm here to pick up Maria." His voice sounded wrong, it sounded broken and raspy. It sounded like he was tired as well. I won't lie, him calling me Maria hurt, but at the moment it sounded like he was hurting more. No what was I thinking he bought this on himself, he deserves to suffer.

"I'm sorry Harry, but she's not well, she won't be coming to school today."

"Oh. Did she say anything about me?"

"No, why?" My mother sounded confused.

"Oh, it's just we had this fight, and I wondered if she mentioned it."

"No. She didn't say anything. What was the fight about?"

"It doesn't matter. Can you just tell her I'm deeply sorry, and that if I could time back time I would and could you ask her to text or call me, I just want to know that she's OK. And that she doesn't hate me." He whispered the last part.

"Of course, Harry."

"I'll bring her homework over for her."

"But Harry, you don't have any classes together."

"I'll go around her classes and get the work for her, Mrs Mela. She's my best friend, I'll do anything for her."

"OK Harry, You're a good boy."

There was a few minutes of silence before I heard the door shut. I quietly went back to bed, and went to sleep. A little while later my mum came in, with a bowl of soup, she wanted to talk about my fight with Harry, but I gave her the same reply he did, that it was nothing. Harry lived up to his promise of bringing my homework over, but I never called him.

More days followed, and I decided that I didn't want to be going to school at all. Harry kept coming over to check with my mum how I was doing, and then brought my homework over every afternoon. All in all I spent a week off and in that week. I had changed a lot, I had lost a lot of weight and during my monthly trip to the hairdressers, (which I begged my mum to allow me to attend), I had dyed my hair blonde and had extensions put in. I admit that it made me look trashy and fake, but that's how Alice looked and was clearly the sort of thing Harry liked. I also learned a lot about what Harry's intentions were, courteous of one of Harry's football friends, Zayn Malik. In that instance I made a decision to make Harry pay for my heartache. To make him more miserable. A plan that would involve getting closer to Dan. Zayn reluctantly agreed to help with the plan, but he was very wary of the idea.

When I finally went back to school, I had attention, (in a good way), from everybody, even Dan, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry standing in the corner, he looked alone, despite being with Liam and Niall, looking more miserable than ever, but I couldn't be bothered to feel sorry for him. He was going to feel what I felt, I was going to make him feel regret for hurting me, but I was also going to make him want me even more.

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