My Best friend (Harry Styles fanfic)

My name is Maria Mela, and my best friend is Harry Styles. We look out for each other, and he always protects me from the bullies. There is just one problem, I love him. He is sweet, funny and caring, but he doesn't feel the same way. What happens when he starts dating the new girl, who doesn't care about his feelings, and he starts to push me away. How will I cope without my Hazza?


3. Finding out (My POV)

It had been a really rubbish morning. First I get bullied before school even starts, then someone switched my chemicals and I ended up causing a mini explosion. The finally straw came when I was asked to go to the front to solve an equation, and some one tripped me over, I feel in front of the whole class, and they saw my pants. The only thing that had kept me going was the thought of seeing Harry at lunch.

However, as I walked into the lunch hall, and made my way to mine and Harry's normal table, the sight in front of me stopped my heart. Harry was sitting and our table, talking and laughing with another girl. He was touching her arm affectionately, and she was copy his movements. I instantly felt tears come to my eyes, and thought about turning around and walking away. But just as I was about to walk, when Harry spotted me, waving and calling me back, towards him. I glupped back the tears before walking over to him.

"Hey Maria, you alright?"

He sounded concerned, but the fact he'd used my name instead of my nickname, hurt more than anything else, so I decided to not make eye contact as I spoke. Instead concentrating on unpack my sandwiches when I answered, with a shrug. "Just normal day to day life."

"Oh, OK." He sounded hurt, but I couldn't be bothered to check if I was right. He soon continued, sounding a little more cheerful. "Anyone, this is April Masters, April, my best-friend, Maria Mela."

"Please to meet you. Harry, here has been telling me all about you."

I glared at her, as she extended her perfectly manicured hand at me. I immediately took a dislike to this April, her Barbie doll looking face covered in make-up, framed with shimmering blond locks of hair, that would make actress, green with envy.

"Nice to meet you too." I said using my politest tone, and shaking her hand. "You new here."

"Yeah, the headteacher asked if anyone would escort my around, and Harry was the only one to volunteer.

I nodded, before looking down at my food glumly. I heard Harry clear his throat, before speaking up.

"Maria, um...April and I have every class together, except for P.E. Would you look after her during that time?"

I turned to look at him for the first time, I was angry at him, and he must of seen it, because he looked at me with such sadness.

"Sure." I replied before going back to eating. I could feel his eyes watching me, as he mumbled out a quiet "Thank you."

"Well if you excuse me, I need to go to the toilets. Back in mo." April's high pitched voice echoed.

I carried on eating, but after a while I felt Harry tap me shoulder. I sighed and turned to look at him, but the sight the was in front of me, stopped me in my tracks of yelling at him. The sadness that was there before had tripled, and his eyes were glazing over. If I didn't know him better I would of said that any moment he was going to burst into tears. But I did know him, and I know he never cried.

"Marry? Are...are you sure your OK? He asked trying to hold back the tears from falling.

My nickname made me angrier than before, he was alright to use it as long as no one else heard, tears where starting to form in my own eyes, and I couldn't let him see the hurt he'd caused.

"Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't I be."

"You seem different, has something happened your not telling me?"

"No." I said trying not to meet him in the eyes.

"Then why won't you look at me?"

"I...I just don't feel well. I'm going to go to the toilet."

I saw him nodded, and look down at his plate. Even with his head down I could see his pain, it seeped off him in waves.

I made my way to the girl's bathroom. When I walked in I saw April, applying make-up to her face. I set my bag down, and looked at my reflection.

"You know he'll never like you don't you?" I spun around to see April smirking at me.

"What do you mean?"

"I see how you acted earlier, you have a crush on Harry. But he won't love you, not like that anyway." She picked up her bag and walked out. But not before whispering in my ear. "Your not his type."

I watched as she walked away, before looking in the mirror. She was right, Harry cleanly liked April. She was pretty, thin and blond. This was Harry's preferences, and I didn't fit any of these categories.

I walked out of the toilet to see April and Harry walking off, hand in hand.

I carried on through the day, that passed painfully slow. When P.E arrived I did as Harry asked and looked after April, but she didn't need me, she was too busy flirting with all the guys on the basketball team. Eventually the day ended, and I walked to my locker. I saw Harry slumped against my locker waiting for me.

He looked up and smiled at me. "Hey, I was just thinking about sending a search party for you."

I smiled weakly. "Thought you would be walking April home." He moved out of the way, as I grabbed everything out of my locker.

"She got a lift from her brother. And I couldn't let my best friend walk home alone. I promised I'd never leave you, didn't I?"

I nodded, and followed him out of school, I'd been thinking about what April said all afternoon, and I knew what needed to be done. I knew what to do to make Harry notice me.


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