Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


10. You're my Hero.

Susan's P.O.V:

I woke up by a phone ringing. Harry was sleeping on my stomach I smiled at him as I tried to search through his trouser pockets for his phone. It was Niall. "Hi, Niall!" I said in my weak, trembling voice. "Susan? How are you girl?!?!" Niall said on the other line in his very fancy irish accent. "Naaw, Niall I'm fine! Are you guys all okay? I've missed you all so much!" I said still very weakly. "We've missed you to! We're actually just about to leave for the hospital! Where's Harry?" Niall said. "Oh, he's just asleep on my lap!" I said smiling at the cutest guy ever. "Oh okay! We'll see you soon then! BYE!!!" "Bye Niall!" After I put Harrys phone back into his pocket I started stroking his hair. I fell asleep again for a bit. "Susan?"Harry said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I opened my eyes wide to see him sitting next to me stroking my cheek. "Harry!" I said pressing my lips against his I pulled back to see a tear run down his cheek. "Cupcake don't cry!" I said wiping it away. "Seeing that man doing those things to you broke my heart!" I gazed into his eyes. "Harry It's okay, I'm okay now!" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled. "The things you said on the phone..." I looked away. Harry wrapped his hands around my face. "I want you to know, I love you too. A lot!" I looked at him and leaned in for a long kiss. After I had pulled away I got him to climb onto the bed with me..."OH! and harry by the way Niall called, they're on their way!" He smiled and gave me small kisses on my cheeks. The doctor walked in smiling. "Good News Susanna, I think that if your boyfriend here takes good care of you and makes sure you don't do anything stupid you're free to go home!" I laughed "Really?!?!" The doctor nodded. I looked at Harry, he smiled "Thank you, Doctor!" He said. the doctor left and Harry smiled. "So.. I know this is weird  but since you live in a hotel and I need to take care of you... How would you feel about moving in?" He asked chuckling a bit at the end. "Harold Edward Styles, That does not qualify as a question! Of course" I said in my most british sounding accent. He laughed "How did you know my middle name was Edward?" I laughed "I read it in an interview on the 12th of september 2009 6:05 pm" He smirked at me… I covered my mouth "Now you think I'm a creeper? Sorry.. photographic memory I can't help it." He gave me a long kiss. After we pulled away we just sat talking for a bit longer until we were interrupted by all the boys and Eleanor rushing into the room. They were all carrying flowers and Niall a gigantic teddy bear... "Hey Susan, How are you feeling?" I smiled. "I could be a bit better!" they all laughed a bit. We explained to them that I could go home! they all shrieked in happiness. When they signed me out we all left the hospital. I was holding Harrys hand. As we came out there were paparazzis everywhere! I squeezed Harry's hand and he tightened his gripped on it. I tried to look down, it was all a very weird experience. People kept asking me questions. Harry kissed me on the forehead assuring me it would be fine. As we got to the limo I could finally breathe. "Do you want us to go get any of your stuff?" Zayn suggested. I smiled at him "No, no don't worry about it, I can just get the hotel to send it over!" I said. "OH, that's cool what hotel are you staying at?" He asked. "the continental"I said, I loved how he tried small talking it was quite funny. "Oh but that's a really... really expensive hotel... and harry said you were staying in the penthouse!" Liam said seeming a bit hesitant at the end.. Eleanor gave him a look. I smiled. "Do you come from a very rich family?" Niall asked. I hesitated a bit, I wasn't one for bragging. I hated doing it. I nodded "WAIT! Your last name is Keys, right? Was your dad Dan Keys?" Louis said shifting a bit. I nodded. "Oh my god!" he said leaning backwards. "Your dad cured most cancers." he said looking straight into my eyes. I nodded at him smiling. "wow Susan that's amazing!" Eleanor said smiling at me. I felt Harrys grip around me tightening. "Um.. Thanks! So how are your schedules, I don't want to keep you guys from your plans!" I said trying to change the subject. Harry smiled at me "you won't! we have a few interviews, and a couple of shows... But you could come to them if you want to and if not we'll figure it out!" He said smiling at me. "I have a few photo shoots and a couple of fashion shows but other than that i am completely free so we could find something fun to do!" Eleanor said smiling. "Thank you!" I said looking at her. "Thank all of you!" I said smiling at them!

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