Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


3. That girl.

Harrys P.O.V:

I watched Susan walk away with Eleanor and Danielle, just watching her wet curly brown hair made me flinch... When the boys were certain the girls couldn't hear them they all gave me hugs one after the other... I felt quite proud standing there and feeling the love! "Dude she's stunning" Zayn said patting my back, "I know, but I don't really think i have a shot here..." I said miserably. "Dude you're Harry Styles! Everyone digs you!" Liam said punching my shoulder. "I don't know liam, she's just so different from all the other girls I've met and dated, she's so special, lovely, sweet and not to say extremely beautiful! But I don't think that the fact that I'm in one direction changes anything for her!" I said fiddling with my shirt... "I think she's into you!" Zayn said way too enthusiastically! "Yeah me too! the smile she gave you before you left is not a smile a lot of people get!" Niall said hysterically I laughed! I loved my boys they could always make me laugh when I felt extremely utterly down! Suddenly we heard footsteps running down the stairs it was Susan her hair was blow dried and curly, she was wearing a oversized t-shirt, and short studded shorts! She looked amazing "Oh sorry did I interrupt you guys?" The guys were just staring at her like complete utter idiots! I rolled my eyes making sure they all saw it! "No, no of course not!" I said giving her my best smile she smiled back and said "well in that case you owe me hot chocolate!" I laughed, and so did the rest of the guys! she looked at me and smiled, I couldn't possibly think there was a possibility she liked me I mean... HONESTLY... 

Zayn looked at me and rolled his eyes "How about we go make some hot coco!" he said laughing, "I'd love that" I said finally getting something out from my stupid mouth. We started walking up the stairs, Louis started talking to Susan, she had made him laugh. GOOD! They approve I told myself smiling. when we got up Eleanor and Danielle had decided to eavesdrop on us and had started making hot coco already. So incredibly typical!

We all sat down at the table and dran our coco just talking, I looked at Susan for a second seeing her smile filled my heart with joy! We were all laughing about this hilarious story Danielle was telling about Liam, when she decided to ask a question about Susan "So enough about us," she said smiling "Tell us about yourself, Susan. What was your childhood like?" Susans smile slowly fainted, she looked at me and then back into her cup. "Well...  I have an older brother, we were born in L.A and lived there until I was three and then we moved to Florida... When I was about seven my Dad was murdered..." I looked at her sympathetically, she smiled at me and continued with her story. "My mom never became the same person she was before my dad died. Our family never really moved on. A year ago right after my 17th birthday my mom was murdered" she looked up her eyes were blank and clear as if she was about to cry... "By the same people who killed my dad... My brother, Nathan took care of me. Until about half a year ago when I moved back to L.A. to figure out what I want to do with myself..." Both Eleanor and Danielle were crying, their boyfriends trying to comfort them "I am so sorry Susan, I didn't know." Danielle whispered loudly.

Susan grabbed Danielles hand comforting her "It's okay, how could you've known?" She said giving her a genuine smile! "Are you okay?" I asked looking deep into her eyes she smiled "I am okay, or at least I'll be okay." She smiled...

"On happier notes what brings you guys to the states?" She asked shaking off the devastating conversation we all just had... "Well, we're promoting our new album here." I said smirking. "oh and Harry really needs a girlfriend... And he likes American girls! So here we are!" Niall said stroking my hair I stomped on his foot. Susan laughed "In that case Harry look for 'California girls' we're way more laid back than the 'Upper east side girls'" She said smiling. I laughed, "I'll remember that" I said smirking at her... "Oh gosh, I totally forgot... What time is it" Susan asked nervously, Louis looked at his watch "5.30" He said smiling. "Oh okay" Susan said getting up "I'm so sorry but I need to go run an errand! Thank you So much for having me I had an amazing time! Oh and thank you for the clothes, is there anyway I can return them?" she asked politely... "Don't worry about it!" Eleanor said hugging her, Susan gave everyone a hug and when she came to me She smiled "Umm... actually do you think it would be okay if I walked you to the door?" I asked nervously, she smiled §I would love that!" She said smiling, she waved one last time and followed me down the stairs. When we got to the door I had to ask her: "Uhm, Susan would you consider going out with me like on a date?" I asked my heart missing beats after beats... She smiled "I'd love to!" She said laughing "Great I'll pick you up then! oh and here's my phone number!" I said smiling my face off. She laughed "Goodbye Harold!" she said kissing me softly on my cheek! Before I could say anything else she was out the door!

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