Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


8. Screams. and. screams.

Susans P.O.V:  I slowly unbuttoned Harrys shirt and put on the dress I wore yesterday. As I zipped it up I heard my phone buzzing like a crazy maniac. I ran over to grab it, It was twitter. Pictures of me and Harry had leaked out yesterday. Great I thought to myself as I scrolled through the pictures of me and Harry kissing. When suddenly Harry walked in, "Hey, love!" He said as he sat down on the bed. "Hey, Cupcake" I said sitting down and putting my head on his shoulder. "You've seen the newspapers haven't you..." He said looking into my eyes. I nodded. "I'm sorry... I should've known that would have happened." I looked up at him "Harry, our date was perfect. I don't care about stupid paparazzis. And I have no problem what so ever letting people see how i feel about you!" I said giving him a little kiss right under his ear. He smiled "you're right!" He said putting the hair that had been covering my eyes behind my ear. I stared deep into his green eyes. "You're beautiful!" he said. I looked away and got up. "Why don't you think you are?" He asked me getting up as well and lifting my chin up with his index finger. "What makes you think that?" I asked him stroking his cheek. "The way you just got up.." he said. I found my way to his curly hair and begun stroking it. "I just don't think so." I said looking down. "well you are he. You might just be the most stunning girl ever!" he smiled. "really?" I asked him looking up. "Yes! And if you'll have me I'll remind you everyday of just how beautiful you are!" I smiled and nodded rapidly. he planted a kiss on my cheek and grabbed my hand! "we should go to the others!" He said I smiled and nodded. When we got back into the living room, I immediately looked at Liam. It was weird he was smiling, laughing, having fun. When I was cheated on it took me ages to get back to my normal lifestyle. he came over to me and smiled. "I just really wanted to say thank you!" He said smiling, i nodded at him as he gave me a hug. That's when my phone rang, It was Garry, "Excuse me a second!" I told the boys as I left the room. "Hi, Gary!" I said enthusiastically. "SUSANNA ALEXIA?!?!" he said sounding quite angry. "Are you stupid! Why would you put yourself in the public eye!?! You have a murderer after you!" My heart dropped. "Oh god..." I whispered. "you should come over to the hotel immediately! I'll send a limousin to pick you bulletproof one!" He said sounding so disappointed in me. "Thank you Gary!" I said sobbing. he hung up on me. I threw my back, back and sobbed. A tear slowly escaped my eye. "Susan?" I heard someone say in the door way. It was Zayn, Louis standing right behind him. I quickly wiped my tears and got myself together. Louis sat down to my right rubbing my back as Zayn grabbed a chair and sat down infront of me. "What's wrong?" Louis asked sounding worried. "I'm such an idiot!" I said. "Why? Zayn asked. I looked at him, and had a moment of hesitation. "The person who killed both my parents, never got caught. And now he's out to get me and my brother. And since my face is on the stupid newspapers he has a much better chance of finding me." I said letting out a sigh. Louis put my head on his shoulder. "We won't let that happen!" He said. I nodded. "I've got to go! Um.. tell Harry why, and the whole story. I don't know If i'll ever see him again!" I said giving them both hugs. I grabbed my purse and walked into the living room. "Um.. Harry I've got to go!" I said before giving him a really long kiss! "Okay turkey I'll see you soon!" He smiled I nodded looking down, that might not happen. "I'll walk you down to the door!" He offered I smiled "that would be great" I said smiling at him. I wrapped my hand around his cherishing all the time I had with him! when we got to the door I gave him the most passionate kiss ever. He smiled, my eyes teared up. He looked confused! "Why are you crying?" he asked looking at me. "Goodbye Harold I want you to know that the last few days I've spent with you have been absolutely amazing!" I gave him a soft kiss below his ear and whispered "Don't you ever foret that!" Before I grabbed my stuff and walked to the car that was waiting for me!

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