Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


7. Mornings can be good, after all.

Harrys P.O.V.:

I woke up by someone laughing, I looked up and saw Niall and Liam taking a picture of me. At first I was a bit confused to why, but then I noticed Susans head resting on my chest and how her bare leg was wrapped around mine. I smiled a bit to myself, when I remembered why she was here in the first place. "are you okay" I mouthed to Liam. He smiled at me and nodded. I slowly grabbed Susans soft tan leg and placed it carefully back on the sofa. I froze when I suddenly heard her giggle, She must have been laughing in her sleep. I looked over to see Niall and Liam smiling their faces off. I slowly put her head down on the couch and slid off it. I looked at her beautiful face once more before I went into the kitchen with the others.

I hugged Liam assuring him that everything was going to be okay. "How are you?" I asked him sympathetically, "Good, I don't really think Danielle was the one for me anyways. Susan really helped me get through it though, She's a keeper!" Liam said smiling looking happier than before. 
I nodded smiling. Zayn and Louis came into the kitchen looking behind them back at Susan as they were coming in. "Shit, dude she slept over on your first date?" Zayn asked smirking at me. I laughed. I suddenly heard foot steps as Susan walked into the kitchen scratching her head, my shirt looked great on her it was unbuttoned a bit in the front revealing her amazingly flat stomach. She looked a bit embarrassed as she saw EVERYONE! staring at her. "Good morning!" She said sweetly smiling at Liam. "Good morning!" I said smiling at her. "Morning!" Louis said followed by everyone else. "I'll be right back I'm just going to go change." She said fiddling with the collar of the shirt. She smiled at me before she left to change. "You guys are way too awkward!" I said starring at my friends. "OH.. BUT YOU LOOOVVEE US!" Niall teased. 

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