Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


1. love at first sight ? well that could be said.

Harry's P.O.V:

U.S.A was a horrible place to get lost! especially New York, coincidentally that's exactly where I was! The streets were wet but the lights of time square shined brighter than ever! Suddenly I felt might phone vibrating snapping me out of my day dream!

It was zayn: -hey, hey just wanted to let you know where we're staying! (he had also texted me a map) Right when I was about to reply, I saw something... Someone. she was beautiful, her brown flowy long hair and electric blue eyes made my heart stop beating. she was standing a few meters in front of me... People were walking by and staring at me as if i was some complete weirdo! But honestly I didn't care.

I couldn't stop my self from staring. Eventually she caught me admiring her she gave me the cutest smile, I smirked back. But all of a sudden this car that was driving way to quickly swept right past the girl and splashed her and her dress.

I ran over "Are you okay?" I asked... She gave me the beautiful smile she had given me just moments ago, "Yeah... I'm fine! It's just water...!" she said in this beautiful, beautiful voice it made my heart flutter... "You must be freezing!" I said putting my jacket over her bare shoulders. "Thank you so much that's extremely sweet of you!" The girl said making my heart flutter again! "So.. um where do you live?" I asked trying to get my mind of how much I liked this girl... "Well I don't really live in New York... I live in L.A!" she said with a smile on her face! "If I may ask what are you doing here then?"I said trying way too hard to sound charming! she giggled I loved it when she did that! "Funny you ask, I don't know in fact I just come here to look at the lights in times square! every now and then I find myself here when life is hard..." I looked at her, I couldn't help but notice that everything about her was perfect! "This might be a bit weird but you could come over to my place for some hot coco and to get dried off!" I suggested, feeling like an idiot right afterwards! "You would really invite a stranger to your house?" the girl asked. "Not any stranger, just you!" I said feeling like an idiot right afterwards... She gave me the cute smile again and giggled! "Well... I'd LOVE to come!" She said smiling! My heart skipped a beat. "But maybe I should introduce myself first! Hi I'm Susanna, but everyone calls me Susan!" She stretched out a hand... I laughed Wow even her name was amazing! "Hi Susanna.. I mean Susan! I'm Harold but everyone calls me Harry!" I grabbed her hand and shook it... She looked deep into my eyes! "One direction, right?" she asked! I smiled "Yeah" most of the girls that I'd been into had just liked me because... I was Harry Styles and their "ticket to fame"! It really did hurt my feelings. But when I looked into Susans electric blue eyes I thought that maybe just maybe she actually liked me for me! It felt so natural being around her... Like I could tell her anything! I smiled "Oh and by the way I... Um think we should get going... you must be freezing to death out here!" she smiled and called for a taxi, I told the awfully grumpy taxi driver the adress!

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