Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


6. Liam.

Susan P.O.V: 

My date with Harry had been perfect. But unfortunately Danielle had cheated on Liam, which broke my heart. I was holding Harrys hand tightly when we got to the car, he opened the door for me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I sat down in the seat and grabbed his hand. He turned on the car and started driving. I caught him looking at me a few times and I leaned my head on his shoulder and sighed. When we got to the house he opened the car door for me and grabbed my hand leading me to the door. Before he opened it he stopped and looked at me. "Thank you so much Susan for coming here. I'm really sorry!" He said kissing my forehead. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Harry don't worry Liam just really needs you right now and I understand that!" I said kissing him softly on his lips. He smiled, he was gorgeous. He took a deep breath in and opened the door. 

Louis and Niall ran down the stairs. "Hi!" They both said hugging me. Harry hugged them as well, grabbing my hand. "Where's Liam?" He asked gulping. "Upstairs..." They said leading the way. Harry squeezed my hand tightly. When we got up I saw Liam laying on the ground staring at the roof. My heart sank, I had been through the exact same thing he was going through. Eleanor came over and hugged me I hugged her back before I leaned down to talk to Liam. I grabbed his hand looking at him sympathetically. "Liam, I know it really, really hurts right now." I told him turning his face so he was staring at me. Harry knelt down as well, grabbing is other hand. "How would you know? No one would ever cheat on you!" He said looking at me. "Oh they have, I walked in on it once." I replied looking int his eyes. He seemed more interested now, "What happened?" He asked. "I walked in on him and my best-friend on my bed." I said it made me sick just thinking about it. "What did you do?" He asked. I smiled "I went over to them and grabbed my sheets, which made them roll of the bed!" I said smiling he laughed. I stroked his face when I realized what had helped me when it had happened. "Harry?" I asked. "Yes, love." He replied smiling. "I know what will help!" Everyone looked at me. I grabbed my purse. He smiled and got up as well. "where are you going?" He asked. "To get it!" I replied. "do you need a lift?" He asked. Sweetie stay here with Liam he really needs you right now." I replied smiling. Louis got up "I'll take you!" He offered. "Yeah Louis please take her." Harry said nodding at Louis. I smiled at Harry, I followed Louis down the stairs.

"So, Susan where am I taking you?" he asked when we were out the door. I smiled at him "we are going to track down most of the grocery shops in New York!" I said giggling a bit. "why?" HE asked smiling back at me. "We're going to buy around 50 Onions!" I said. He laughed, He knew exactly why we needed them."You're a genius! Harry's lucky to have you" He said smiling as we went into the car. I laughed. "Thank you Louis, Eleanor is very lucky to have you!" He smiled back at me. "Where's the first stop?" he asked. "Wait a second... Just let me make one phone call." I said smiling. He nodded. I dialed Garys number, and waited for him to pick up. "Hello!" I heard a deep voice say on the other line. "Hi Gary!" I said. "Susan where are you? are you okay?" he asked sounding pretty worried. "Yes, I'm fine! I was just wondering if you could do me a favor?"I asked into the phone sure he replied enthusiastically. "Can you send me a message of all the grocery stores open on the upper east side?" I asked him crossing my fingers. Louis smiled. "Sure, Susan!" Garret said on the other line. "Thank you SO much Gary! You're a life saver!" I quickly replied "Byee!" About 30 seconds later my phone vibrated. I opened the text and Louis burt out laughing there was over a 100 places we could go! "this will be a long night!" I muttered, Louis laughed again. And so we drove from, Shop to shop, carrying heavy, heavy bags. It was fun though. I liked Louis he was like the perfect brother! We also messed around a bit as well. After being to about 1 places we decided we had enough onions and headed home. "Susan? how come you've been through so much in your life and you're still here standing tall?" Louis asked me smiling as we were in the car. "That's really sweet of you to say, but I haven't always been like this. Going through high school I used to cut myself, because I just felt so alone. Both my parents were dead and it just scared me so much." I said looking down Louis looked at me. "Why were you scared?" He asked. "My parents murderer was never found after they were killed. He's still out there planning my death." Louis stopped the car and leaned over to give me a hug. I smiled, "Just please don't tell Harry?" I asked him. he smiled "I wont I promise." He said.

As we reached the house. We both got out and attempted to carry the bags inside. Louis tried to pretend he wasn't struggling while he carried in the bags. when we carried the bags up the stairs Harry ran over to help us a bit. Giving me a soft kiss on the mouth. "Hi guys!" We shouted as we walked into the room. Liam had finally gotten up and was sitting on the couch. Eleanor had gone home so it was just me and all the boys. I grabbed six large bowls for everyone from the kitchen, I told them what we were going to do with the onions and Harry smiled at me. Everyone grabbed an Onion and started peeling it. Soon we were all crying. "How did you find out?" I asked Liam. "I saw her kissing him." He said focusing on the onions they helped with the feelings. "Who was she kissing?" Harry asked curiously. "Some guy who must've been able to give her more than I could." He said miserably.
"Liam. Listen. you were not the one who didn't deserve her. She was the one who didn't deserve you!" He looked at me. "Really?" I nodded. He put his head on my shoulder and burst out crying even more than the onions could have ever caused. I wiped the tears running down my cheeks when I saw Zayn nodding at me respectfully. I smiled. "would you like to spend the night?" Harry asked me Liam had looked up and nodded at me. "That would be great!" I said smiling up at Harry. "Unfortunately we dont really have any girl clothes so you'll have to borrow one of my things!" he said smiling, when he reached for my hand. Liam smiled at me giving me the facial expression telling me it was okay to go. I got up and grabbed Harrys hand as he followed me to his room. Harrys room was really nice and clean with a very brown tone to everything it was gorgeous. He pulled me close to him and leaned in to kiss me. I smiled. "God I love doing that!" He muttered. I Smiled at him when he eventually let go of me and went searching in his closet for something I could wear. "Here Turkey, wear this. He said giving me one of his very own Jack wills shirts that I knew he loved very much. I smiled at him kissing him right under his ear. I struggled trying to get my dress off, when Harry came over and leaned his head on my shoulder zipping it down. As the dress fell to the ground revealing my underwear Harry turned, like the gentleman he was. But I was 100% sure he had looked at me in the lacy underwear while I was letting my hair down running my fingers through it. I grabbed the shirt he had gotten me buttoning it. I wasn't wearing any pants just my underwear and the shirt. When I was dressed harry grabbed some clothes for him. And took his shirt off infront of me.  My heart stopped, and I'm pretty sure he caught me staring. When he was dressed we walked back into the living room where the boys had changed. Everyone was asleep even Liam. I smiled at the sight. Harry sat me down on the extra couch they had, "would you like something before we fall asleep?" he asked. I smiled. "It's funny you ask, actually I have this thin where I need to have tea every night before I go to bed." He laughed. "Let's go make it beautiful!" He said grabbing my hand. I followed him into the kitchen where he lifted me up and put me on the counter. I laughed as boiled water. When he had finished making it he helped me down and handed me the tea "Thank you, Cupcake!" I laughed. I sat up on the couch finishing the tea. I looked behind me seeing har sleeping like the cutest little Baby. I put my cup down and fell asleep with my arms wrapped around his chest.

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