Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


4. Getting ready

Susan's P.O.V. :

"Oh no! No, no, no!" I screamed looking at the stained dress I was going to wear tonight. I sobbed... I had really, really wanted my day with Harry to go perfect! And now that was all wrecked! I grabbed my purse and decided that I had to find the perfect dress! I left my penthouse hotel room and stormed down to the elevator. I tapped my foot restlessly waiting  for it to come and when it did, i didn't hesitate a bit get in and press the lobby button a billion times! When the elevator finally opened at the lobby I fast walked to the door... "Hello Ms. Keys!" the receptionist screamed after me! I smiled "Hi, Gary!" I yelled after him! I loved staying at the continental it was my favorite place to stay at when I was in NYC.

I ran down the street until I got to Barney's which was my favorite place to shop, I ALWAYS find whatever I need there and that was exactly what I did this time! I picked out a turquoise flowy looking train dress, It was gorgeous. 

 Harry had called me at exactly 10 this morning (waking me up) "Ugh, I love sleep!" I had grunted not knowing who was on the other line. "Hello to you too, beautiful" he had said laughing. I froze. Yesterday had seemed so surreal... I had met my dream guy! "Shit!" i swore  "sorry, um... Harry what time is it?"I had heard him laughing on the other line... "Just 10... sorry for calling you this early I just couldn't wait to hear your voice!" I giggled "Naww, Harry that is so sweet!" My heart pounded out of my chest! "So, Um... Are you busy today because I'd love to take you out on that date?" He asked. I smiled "No plans here!" I said chuckling a bit. He laughed "Can I pick you up at 4? Oh and where are you staying?" "Five is great! And I'm staying at the continental... Um this might sound a bit weird but if you go to the reception ask for Gary and tell him that you're looking for a turkey who lives in turkey... He'll lead you to me!" I said nervously. He laughed loudly... It was adorable! "And I thought you couldn't surprise me anymore!" He said laughing. I giggled "You better get used to it" I let him know... "So I'll see you at 5?" I asked. "4!" he corrected me! "Oh sorry, I have a bed brain!" I said, i knew it was a horrible joke but he laughed anyway, I liked that. "Well I'll see you then?" He said. "I'll try to get it right!" I said smiling to myself. "Bye my little turkey!" he replied so sweetly I thought I was about to faint! "Bye!" I replied and waited for him to hang up... After about a minute I whispered "Harry?" he replied whispering as well "Hang up, Sweetie!" I asked him feeling so stupid afterward. "No you hang up!" I heard him say. "No!..." I waited. "Too bad love since that means we'll be talking for hours!" He said it made me smile.
A warning came up on my phone saying I had Low battery. "Shit!" I whispered "what is it?" I heard him say on the other line. "I'm running really low on battery! So sorry I would've talk to you for hours!" I Yelped. "Thats alright my love I'll see you at 4 then? Byee!" he said in his very, very hot british accent! "Bye Sweetie" I managed before my phone had died.

I suddenly realized that i had been standing in the middle of the road looking like a total Idiot!

I looked at the time: "Oh god, Oh god!" I muttered to myself. I had 30 minutes to get ready! I ran so fast to the hotel. When I got there I found Gary and told him the plan,I also told him he needed to stall Harry! I ran up to my hotel room and did my best to try to get ready in time.

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