Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!



Susans P.O.V:

Sitting in the taxi with Harry was so amazing... He was the cutest, sweetest guy; I knew a guy like him would never in a million years go for a girl like me! When we were sitting in the taxi the driver refused to turn the heat up, therefore i just sat there shivering like a homeless dog. Harry must've picked up on it because he slowly dragged me close to him and held me in his muscular arms to heat me up! I smiled no guy had ever treated me like Harry had! I rested my head on his chest, where I could hear his heart beat! he wrapped his hands around me tighter and my heart started beating even faster! I smiled! I was pretty sure I really, really liked this guy! Suddenly the taxi stopped with a thump! "That'll be 30 dollars" the taxi drivers said quite loudly making sure we could hear him! Harry refused to let me pay, but I was quite stubborn when I wanted to be! And refused to be refused to pay! So eventually we decided to split it! Harry opened the door for me helping me get out! I grabbed his hand and he held on to it, we walked around to the house or should I say mansion Harry lived in! "You're house is so nice!" I shrieked sounding like an excited 5 year old! He laughed, well Louis has a great taste in about... everything!" I Laughed! He looked at me and smirked... Then he grabbed my hand again and my heart started racing he led me to the front door of the ginormous house with beautiful, beautiful Isles, swimming pools and columns it was like some really, really beautiful greek temple! Harry lead me to the front door... Put his arm around me and opened the door! "Hi Guys" he yelled looking strait into my eyes! 5 people came into the hallway screaming and messing about! they all stopped when they saw me and just froze... I felt quite uncomfortable... "Um.. Hi I'm Susan, nice to meet you all!" I said in the sweetest voice I could squeeze out of my mouth! Harry gave them all a death stare! "Hi" they all said after each other! Suddenly I heard two more voices coming down the stairs and into the hallway two girls came in and froze as well!  This time Harry introduced me "Hi Danielle and Eleanor this is Susan" the both gave me the cutest smile! "Oh hi, love!" they both said! "Aren't you freezing? you're soaked, would you like to come up and let us lend you a dry pair of clothes?"Eleanor said sweetly, Danielle nodding simultaneously ! I smiled "That would be great" I replied. Danielle and Eleanor grabbed my hands and let me through to their rooms! Before leaving I smiled at Harry he winked back! Once again Harry Styles had made my heart stop!

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