Inevitably and incredibly.

When harry and Susan meet both their lives change, forever. They fall inevitably, incredibly and unconditionally in love!


9. Devastation is the word.

Harry's P.O.V:

I stood in the room. Just starring at Louis and Zayn, Niall put is hand on mine reassuring me it would all be okay. I couldn't believe it. "Is she okay?" I asked, my voice cracking a bit. "Yes, I think so." Zayn said rubbing my back. I nodded and got up, I just laid down on the bathroom floor. What if she got hurt? I kept asking myself. I wanted to be there to protect her but I knew that would make it easier for him to find her. I had been so stupid. What was the point of living? Like seriously? 

About 1 month later:

We (Eleanor, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall & Harry) were in the car when it happened. My phone rang, it was Susan. "Stop the car!" I said abruptly. our driver did as told and I put the phone on speaker. "Hello? Susan? Are you Okay?" I asked restlessly. "GET OFF ME!" I heard her scream, I froze. Eleanor cupped her mouth with her hands.  "Susan Where are you?" Niall asked talking into the Phone. "PLEASE, DON'T I'M IN LOVE! WHY DO YOU WANT ME DEAD! PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME AND NATHAN ALONE!" she screamed crying. I could hear the fear in her voice. "Susan WHERE are you?" I said into the phone going through the places she could be in my head. "Why did you take me here, why the broadway stage?" She asked, she was a genius. I nodded at the driver. He drove as fast as he could. "Well Because, I know how much you love musicals. Remember when your dad took you to see wicked? I was there and you were so beautiful I couldn't keep my eyes off you. So I thought it would be a great place for you to die!" A man's voice said. A tear slowly escaped my eye. I looked around, Eleanor had sunk her face deep into Louis chest. "Ah!" I heard susan yelp in pain. "HANG ON SUSAN, WE'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" I said cringing in pain as well. Susan let out another cry. All the boys had teers running down their cheeks. What if we didn't make it in time! "SUSAN. HANG ON!" Zayn said drying his tears. Louis took up his phone and called the cops. I heard Susan scream again. It hurt me so much there are just no words ever that could ever be used to describe it. "If you wanted to hurt me so bad why did you have to kill my parents!" I heard her say before se screamed again.  "Because sweetheart, I wanted to make you scared!" She let out a cry. I heard a 'thump' and she screamed even louder. I Couldn't breathe. I was so SCARED, for her life. when I heard her whisper "HARRY? I WAANT YOU TO KNOW I REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU! DON'T YOU EVER FORGET THAT." That's all I heard before the phone went silent. "SUSAN!" I yelled into the phone but there was absolutely no reply. The next minutes had felt like hours. when we finally got to 'Broadway' I ran inside as fast as I could. We took the back entrance onto the stage. Followed by a group of cops. I saw him lying on top of her. She was just in her underwear, and he was touching her in some really awful places. He grabbed her head and hit it against the floor she cried out. her hands were tied. I wanted to go out and yell for him to get off. But we were told we had to wait a bit, for all the cops to arrive. He slapped her so extremely hard that she screamed out even louder. She hit him back, which made him even more mad he pushed her upwards so she was standing and strangled her against the wall Until the point where she wasn't touching the ground. she manages to kick him in the crotch and tried to run away. He quickly got up dragged her arm and stomped on it so hard I swear I could've heard the bone crack she screamed out even louder than before. I looked at the boys and nodded at them, we couldn't just stand here watching her get hurt. They nodded back and we ran onto the stage. I ran over to the man and punched him. "GET OFF HER!" I yelled Zayn and Liam both pushed him against the wall. "YOU MUST BE THE BOYS FROM ONE DIRECTION." He said laughing. "Harry check on Susan. We've got this Asshole!" Niall said punching the man in the face again. I ran over to Susan, Eleanor was already with her trying to talk to her. But she was laying on the ground and didn't seem to have been moving. I ran over there to sit right next to Susan. "Susan, Please, answer. PLEASE!" She just laid on the ground, breathless. A lump builded up inside my throat. I Slowly put her head into my lap. The cops came rushing in to arrest the man. "Susan, Please!" I said crying. I stroked her cheek with my one hand. She had said she loved me. I didn't get to say it back! I cried into her chest. Eleanor rubbed my back. Her eyes red from crying as well.

As the paramedics came to take Susan to the hospital, I was empty. Honestly. The boys drove me to the hospital and I ran to see her. One of the nurses told me she was still unconscious but that it was okay for me to see her. I ran Into the room and when I saw her my hear stopped beating. Her arm was covered in a big cast and the rest of her skin that was visible was covered in cuts and bruises. I let out a sigh as I sat down next to her gripping her okay arm. It hurt me so bad to see her like this. I slowly put my head on he stomach (She was wearing a hospital robe.) and cried myself to sleep.

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