Double Star Crossed Lovers (A One Direction Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Meet Bryn. 15 year old ordinary girl directioner whose parents won't let her go to a One Direction concert. Her only chance to meet them? In-N-Out. 9:30 PM. Things are going well with Harry, but who knew somebody else in the band would fall for her too?

This is my first fan fic guys so please vote and comment and make sure to tell me how the story is. You are welcome to comment on ways for me to expand the story!: plot twists, new loves, etc. Thanks guys!


2. Operation Meet One Direction Discreetly And Make Then Fall In Love With Us

My eyes flicked to Morgan, her jaw was down to her feet, her eyes widened in shock, her face displaying shock, panic, hope, and a crazy glint. I called out her name. “Morgan, could you help me clean this up?” I tried to keep my voice steady but all I was thinking about was One Direction. They were here. They really were. In-N-Out. July 30, 2013. 9:40 PM. This was NO dream. Morgan was too late, for a hand was held out in front of me by Harry, offering a help up. I gladly accepted it, but receiving a zap as if I had been electrocuted. I gasped.


“You alright, love?” Harry asked. His face showed no sign of being electrocuted so I carefully formed my face again, wiping away my puzzled look.


“Ya, just thought I was going to slip again.” Next thing I knew Morgan was at my side. My mind was spazzing out, my heart beating a thousand miles a minute, and I was certain there were drums in my stomach. That’s right. DRUMS. Not butterflies.


“My name is Bryn and this is my best friend, Morgan.” I stuttered, forcing the words out of my mouth.


“Hi!” Morgan said ecstatically with a glint in her eye. “We are huge fans of your music, lads.” Morgan couldn’t keep the excitement out of her voice. I myself was about to lose it.


Harry spoke up. “So I am guessing you know I am Harry, this is Niall,” pointing to the cute blonde standing next to Harry. “This is Liam,” he stated, gesturing to the lad wearing a plaid shirt. “Zayn,” he pointed to the bad boy with black hair in a quiff and several noticeable tattoos. “And last but not least, L…”


“I'M LOUIS!!!” Louis bounced in his red skinny jeans, Toms and striped shirt. I couldn’t help but notice Niall’s eyes trained on Morgan, who was eagerly watching all the boys’ faces. They all said hello simultaneously, smiling at Morgan and I with dazzling teeth that left me stunned. I realized I was staring and had to think of something to say. “What if it comes out stupid? I don’t want to sound like another crazed stalker-fan!” I silently yelled at myself.


Harry beat me to it. His bright green eyes twinkled. His curls were a messy mop on his head. I felt warmth spread my body thinking about him. “May we join you?” He asked cheekily, smiling. His dimples appeared and I almost lost it.


“This is your chance, Bryn. You’ve got to get him interested,” I told myself. “Sure! I would love that!” I agreed a little too quickly. “What about you, Morgan?” I turned to her. I could tell she was trying not to stare at Niall. He was her first and had always been her favorite member of One D.


“Ya! That would be amazing!” she agreed with a wide smile.


I looked around the room. Thank God nobody else was at In-N-Out this late, or we would have had to share the boys. I could tell the cashier boy wasn’t interested so I relaxed as Morgan and I led them to our table, but not after they had ordered some food.


Morgan slid into the large booth first, with me following. There obviously wouldn’t be enough room for FIVE boys on one booth so Liam quickly slid in next to me. “How sweet,” I thought. “I guess he knows where he wants to sit…”

Niall slid in first across from Morgan with Harry, Louis, then Zayn following. “Yay, I get to sit next to my Hazza,” Louis playfully joked, causing Harry to chuckle.


Larry Stylinson in action.


“So, what are you two loves doing out so late?” Liam asked politely with his dazzling smile. I replied cautiously not wanting to reveal too much of our secret plan: OMODDAMTFILWS (Operation Meet One Direction Discreetly And Make Them Fall In Love With Us).


“Well, our parents wouldn’t let us go to your concert tonight without an adult so we came here to chill and get something to eat. Lucky thing we did or else we wouldn’t have met you guys.” I finished with a wide grin. I prayed to myself I didn’t look like an idiot. I let my grim roam over to Harry as I looked into eyes. Oh, how they twinkled. He caught me looking at him and I felt my cheeks blush.


“Yes, love, lucky,” Harry cheekily replied with a wink. Now for sure I was blushing. Morgan spoke up.


“How was your concert, lads?” she asked, finishing her question with a smile at Niall.


“Incredible,” Zayn spoke up.


“Terrific!” Louis added.


“Order up!” The cashier called. Niall licked his lips.


“I’ll get it guys!” Niall eagerly got up after practically shoving Zayn, Harry and Louis out of the booth.


“I’ll give you a hand, Niall,” Morgan volunteered. “You can’t possible carry all the food back especially since half of it is yours!” Morgan giggled.


“Haha, true. Fine. I give in.” Niall laughingly chuckled in response as he and Morgan walked off.


I watched her say something, causing Niall to start cracking up as her cheeks blushed.


“Would you like to tell us more about yourself and Morgan?” Liam asked with a wink. “He is awfully cute,” I thought to myself. “But I have always fancied Harry the most…”


“Ya, maybe age, school, hobbies, favorite singers…” Zayn added at the end.


“And CARROTS!!! If you like carrots!” Louis blurted. I burst out laughing, the others joining in. Morgan and Niall came back with the food and slid into the booth.


“Sure,” I agreed. So. I am 15 years old. I’m into photography, swimming, and volleyball, and if you must know, my favorite band is One Direction.”


“So we have some fans here! Good to know, we like fans.” Zayn commented.


“And you?” Niall looked at Morgan with sparkling eyes, asking his question with an adorable Irish accent.


“I’m Morgan. I am 15 years old. I have a hearty appetite, I love to swim too which is why we are both currently on the high school swim team, and my favorite group is One Direction.




Niall’s P.O.V.


My heart thumped as I listened to Morgan tell us about herself. “I have a hearty appetite, I love to swim, too, which is why we are both currently on the high school team, and my favorite group is One Direction.”


My insides got giddy. An American girl with a hearty appetite. And pretty. What should I say?

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