Double Star Crossed Lovers (A One Direction Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Meet Bryn. 15 year old ordinary girl directioner whose parents won't let her go to a One Direction concert. Her only chance to meet them? In-N-Out. 9:30 PM. Things are going well with Harry, but who knew somebody else in the band would fall for her too?

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8. Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

His succulent lips found mine and ours moved in sync together. It was wow, incredible, amazing, juicy. It had about the same spark as Liam and I had while kissing.

"Harry," I stuttered pulling away. "I-I'm so confused. I like you AND I like Liam, I just don't know what to do. I need time to think." I finished, backing away.

Harry's face was mixed full of emotions, happy, sad, disappointed. I cant help but feel completely responsible. But I needed time to think, to separate my feelings for Liam and Harry.

I backed away and walked back to my room, a thoughtful look etched on my face. I laid down in my bed and covered up myself in blankets.

I laid there. And laid there. And laid there. And thought. My eyes once again found the clock. Holy crap! It's fricken 8 o'clock already?! I've been sitting in my bed way to long. I couldn't distinguish if I'd fallen asleep but betting on the bags under my eyes I'm gonna go with not.

All that loss of sleep counted for one thing though. I made a decision and the boys needed to hear it, together.

I got dressed in tight black skinny jeans and a colored crop top. I put some comfy socks on and slowly walked to the boys doors. I knocked on Harry's first and told him to come downstairs so I could talk to him. After doing the same to Liam's door, I tried to make myself comfortable on the couch, but that wasn't possible.

My hands were clammy and I continuously wiped them on my pants, back and forth, thoughts running through and past my mind.
How would they take the news? Well? Most certainly not. I don't think so at least.

I felt so ridiculous. I mean hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of girls would kill to be kissed by Liam OR Harry, especially both. And here I am putting them down, I mean kinda. We will see.

Two sets of feet padded down the stairs. Their faces appeared once they were far enough down and they had very different looks. Liam's face was anxious and Harry's was more pleased. Maybe he thought I had picked him.

They followed each and sat down on different couches.

"Okay guys, so I thought about some things. Liam, I want to be open with you. Harry kissed me last night and it felt nice. Equal to your kiss. I won't say anything else. I made a decision that I would like to think is fair for both of you. I haven't known you lads for long so I decided I need to get to know both you better. So I will go out on dates and spend time with both of you and we will see who wins over my heart. Okay?" I nervously finished, twiddling my fingers and looked up.

Both their faces were disappointed but they weren't mad which relieved me so much.

"Okay, I think that's fair, Bryn." Liam finally talked up. "I can't wait for the chance to win your heart." He stood up and kissed my hand makin my heart flutter.

Harry stood up as well and walked over. He placed his mouth next to my ear. "I second that, love." He ended with a wink.

And with that, they trudged back to their rooms.

Authors Note

Heyyy guys so I'm trying this story again. I came up with the idea for winning her heart based off a really incredibly good story called "who will win my heart" so you guys should check it out.

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