Double Star Crossed Lovers (A One Direction Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Meet Bryn. 15 year old ordinary girl directioner whose parents won't let her go to a One Direction concert. Her only chance to meet them? In-N-Out. 9:30 PM. Things are going well with Harry, but who knew somebody else in the band would fall for her too?

This is my first fan fic guys so please vote and comment and make sure to tell me how the story is. You are welcome to comment on ways for me to expand the story!: plot twists, new loves, etc. Thanks guys!


7. Confessions


Bryn’s P.O.V.


“I do.” Those two simple words that came out of his mouth paralyzed me. My hands turned clammy, heat rose to my cheeks, and thoughts flew threw my head.  I needed water. I excused myself from the room to the kitchen, and as I filled up my cup, the wood floor creaked signaling someone behind me. I slowly turned. 
”Liam,” I started, only to be cut off.

“It’s okay if you don’t like me back. I – I understand.” He slightly turned his head as if in embarrassment.

“But Liam, I- I do like you…” His face whipped back to mine and his eyes studied me. He stepped closer and placed his warm finger under my chin, gently lifting it up. I inhaled his scent: incredible. Looking deep into my eyes, he leaned forward as I did. Our lips contacted. After a while, I pulled back. “We better get back to the game, Daddy.” I winked while using my favorite nickname for him.

My hand found his and our fingers intertwined as I led him back to the game room. Everyone’s eyes fell on us, only to swiftly move down to our intertwined fingers. But soon enough Louis resumed the game, daring Zayn to put whip cream in his hair. The only pair of eyes not to leave Liam and I were Harry’s, but it wasn’t a pleasant gaze, it was a glare.


Harry’s P.O.V.


Liam and Bryn reappeared into the game room, fingers intertwined and all. All the muscles in my body clenched simultaneously. He got the girl. I’ll admit I was surprised, but it’s only because I hadn’t told Bryn how I felt yet. My eyes narrowed once again and I didn’t tear my eyes away from the two of them until after they had sat down and the game started again. 

Bryn’s P.O.V.


At some point I drifted off to sleep, only to wake up at 3:36 in the morning, or so my phone told me. Careful as not to disturb Liam and the rest of the boys and girls, I tiptoed into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I spied pizza and helped myself. Twenty minutes of scrolling through Instagram pictures passed, and I heard the door to the kitchen open and close softly. “I’m sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean to wake you.” I smirked and turned my chair only to see Harry, shirtless. His tan body stood under the kitchen bulb and I couldn’t help but notice his perfect 8 pack and the sweats hanging off his waist exposing his V lines. I fidgeted and apologized. “Sorry Harry, I thought you were Liam. I hope I didn’t wake you.” 
Warm breath tickled my shoulder as Harry knelt next to me in my chair. “S’alright, babe. It wasn’t you. I was restless. I couldn’t sleep.” Before I had time to ask, he was already going on. “I was thinking about you. You and Liam that is. Are you sure he is right for you?” 
Hesitation played through my face. I turned to face him only to find his smooth face inches from mine. 
”I like Liam, Harry. I think he is right for me.” I unsuccessfully tried to pull a steady voice, but even I could hear my words waver. I liked Harry, too. And his saying this… must mean he liked me back?

“I could be better.” It was almost as if he spoke to my lips because that’s the only thing he was looking at. I bit my lip. He leaned in, his nose now touching mine, and tilted his head. His eyes again focused on mine and mumbled, “I like you too.” Mumbling didn’t work, because I clearly heard those words and leaned in also.



K guys so I know this chapter basically sucked but I am at a total standstill. Writer’s block. I need to know what you guys think. Like serious feedback. Barry versus Briam and so on. I don’t even know if I should continue this fan fic so I need your help. Thanks my peeps!!!!!

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