Double Star Crossed Lovers (A One Direction Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Meet Bryn. 15 year old ordinary girl directioner whose parents won't let her go to a One Direction concert. Her only chance to meet them? In-N-Out. 9:30 PM. Things are going well with Harry, but who knew somebody else in the band would fall for her too?

This is my first fan fic guys so please vote and comment and make sure to tell me how the story is. You are welcome to comment on ways for me to expand the story!: plot twists, new loves, etc. Thanks guys!


4. A Plan...

Bryn’s P.O.V.


The night was over much too soon. It neared 11 o’clock, and my parents would soon start to get worried. I didn’t want it to end, knowing all too well we wouldn’t see the loveable lads again. I couldn’t tell whether Harry was flirting with me or being his usual cheeky, flirty self as he was with all the fans, or so I had heard. Why would I be different? I’m just one fan in a million… My pocket buzzed. “BUTT BUZZ!” Louis called out. I started to giggle uncontrollably as I checked my text messages. “It’s 11 o’clock. You need to come home!” It was a text from my mom. I was too close to trouble for my liking. I sighed.

            “Morgan, we have to go. My mom is getting angry and wants us back at my place.”

            “So soon? We just started getting to know you lovely ladies.” Harry questioned with a sad look on his face.

            “Ya, so soon.” I said mournfully. “It was nice meeting you lads, an honor in fact. We really are proud of how far you guys have come,” I stated, in a departing tone. The boys all stood up, getting out of the booth seats at the table. Liam got up and turned around, holding a hand out to help me up. Wow, how sweet that was. Liam is awfully considerate… Each one of them hugged us goodbye, a pleasant surprise to me. When Harry enclosed me in his arms, I felt his biceps squeezing me tight. I discreetly inhaled. Oh my gosh, he smells like Heaven. I didn’t want him to let me go, but he did, all too soon for my liking. As the others hugged Morgan and said goodbye, there was a whisper in my ear, sending shivers up my neck.

            “Hey, love. Would you like my number? Text me and we can talk.” The hairs on my back stood up. Did he seriously just give me his number? HARRY STYLES? My face showed nothing but a smile.

            “Of course! That would be great, Harry!” I somehow managed to get out.

“It’s 830-3458,” Harry told me as I entered it in my phone and he took a profile pic. I tried to catch Morgan’s attention but it was captured by a certain blonde Irishman as she finished reading out the last four digits of her phone # to Niall. My heart soared for her.

“Text me, love.” Harry interrupted my thoughts of Morgan and Niall.

“Ok, nice to meet you again guys!” I said a final time as Morgan and I exited In-N-Out. We casually started walking towards our car. Once we both knew we were out of sight from the door, Morgan and I simultaneously whipped face each other and blurted out, “YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT!” We both started cracking up.

“You first,” I said. “I saw Niall talking to you, ooo la la.” I playfully joked winking at her with a smirk on my face.

“Well, he asked for my #!!!!!!!!” she shot out of her mouth with a huge grin plastered on her face. “What is your news??!!”

“Harry gave me his number and told me to text him!!” I practically yelled. There was this feeling in my body, nerves, but happy nerves. “When should I text him? What do I say? What will he think? Will he judge me? I don’t want to sound too desperate…” Tons of questions flew out of my mouth and I couldn’t stop them.

“I would wait a day or so and maybe text him at like 3 o’clock tomorrow, because then you will have waited a while. When do you think Niall will text me?” Anxiety creeped up her voice.

“Hmm, I don’t know. What did he say when he asked for your number?”


Morgan’s P.O.V. –Flashback


“Could I have your number? Maybe we can become friends,” a familiar voice asked from behind me. My heart melted at that Irish accent. It made every part of me tingle. He sounded so confident. Ok, Morgan, now don’t sound desperate when you reply.

            “Sure. It is 345-2958.” I finished with a smile. He asked for my number!!! But he said just so we could become friends. Well, who is to say I can’t win him over?

*End of Flashback*

“Well he asked for my number, and then said maybe we could become friends,” I added in a disheartened tone.

            “Ya! But he asked for it in the first place so that means he’s at least a little interested in you. I guarantee they don’t ask every fan they meet for their numbers, especially Niall,” Bryn reassured me.

            “Ya, I guess you are right. I can’t wait for that text tomorrow,” I said with an uneasy smile.


Niall’s P.O.V. – Back Inside In-N-Out


The five of us watched as Bryn and Morgan walked out the door of In-N-Out. “Wow, isn’t she something?” Harry said, his eyes gazing out the door they had just exited. He wouldn’t have fallen for Morgan, I saw the way he looked at Bryn. But I tensed up anyway. I wasn’t trying to fall for Morgan, I was content being single. I just couldn’t take heartbreak. But American girl accents? And her laugh and appetite? Her carefree attitude? Those are all the things I have always searched for in a girl. How could I NOT fall for her? I had asked for her number but I wanted to play it cool, suggesting maybe we could be friends. Maybe she didn’t like me the way I liked her. What if she fell for someone else in the band… Louis? He is always cracking jokes making her laugh… Liam? He is sweet and sensible. Zayn? He is the suave charming one. And Harry. His magnetism lured all the girls in. His cheeky, flirty attitude ensure 40% of the fans we met in person to fall for him. That brought me back to my question. Harry was talking about Bryn, right? I hoped so. I could actually see them together.

            “Bryn.” Harry replied with a certain lust in his voice.

            I relaxed. Phew, I am out of the clearing. “Does someone have a crush? I saw worry on your face…” Louis nudged me chuckling.

            “But Nialler never falls for the girls. Is this true?” Liam scrutinized me. Uh oh. I was caught.


Harry’s P.O.V.- Back At the Lads’ Flat


“Do you think Bryn will actually text me? I like her but maybe she isn’t interested…” I trailed off. My insides squirmed. When would she text me?  I hope she texted me before tomorrow night because I wanted to take her out. But the question is, would she use my phone number at all?


Liam’s P.O.V.


I looked at Harry’s face. He was love smitten. “Do you think Bryn will actually text me? I like her but maybe she isn’t interested…” Harry had been frantically worrying about Bryn all night. What chance do I have with Bryn when Harry is in his I’m gonna get this girl mode? But the way her face lights up when she smiles… I go weak at the knees. This is something I have never experienced before. An idea came to me. I have a plan.

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