Double Star Crossed Lovers (A One Direction Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Meet Bryn. 15 year old ordinary girl directioner whose parents won't let her go to a One Direction concert. Her only chance to meet them? In-N-Out. 9:30 PM. Things are going well with Harry, but who knew somebody else in the band would fall for her too?

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6. A Battle of Feelings


The Boys’ Flat- Liam’s P.O.V.


Pacing back and forth, I concocted a hopeful plan. There were many possibilities it could go wrong, but it’s all I could come up with.

I jumped a little when Harry swung open the door for Bryn and Morgan. It jolted me from my thoughts. However, I soon was thinking again, enacting Plan A of plan Win Over Bryn. I ran over to Bryn, enveloped her in a big bear hug and swung her around. So, it may have been a little too obvious of my feelings but holding her just felt so right. My limbs tingled with every touch and I set her down too soon for my liking. I could feel Harry’s eyes burn into the back of my head. If his stare had heat power, my head might as well just be a burnt potato chip. I wonder if he had pieced two and two together. “Hey, Bryn!” I exclaimed. “How you been darling?” I played it cool and walked back to the place I had been standing when they entered.

“Silly, Liam. It’s only been a day since I’ve seen you guys.” Bryn laughed, causing her curls to bounce up and down. “Still good, now that you ask. Thank you, Daddy.” She winked at me and chuckled turning to the other boys. So what’s planned for tonight, boys?”

Louis replied first. Pizza during a movie!!” He started towards the movie set.

“And I thought maybe we could play Truth or Dare after too…” I suggested. Part B of Plan A: check.

“I’m game.” Morgan and Bryn responded simultaneously then cracked up, their bodies shaking up and down while they laughed so hard.

After ordering 4 large pizzas to be delivered, we all sat down to watch Titanic: girls pick, love story of course, not that I minded. I quickly made sure to slide in next to Bryn on the couch, while Harry slid in on her other side. Harry leaned back against the couch, caught my eyes, and gave me an evil look. Besides liking Bryn for her personality and looks, I was afraid Harry would hurt her, as he had so many other girls. Zayn chilled with Louis (a little Zouis action there for you guys ;) ) while Morgan sat (rather closely if I might add) next to Niall on the carpet. The movie started.


Bryn’s P.O.V.


I am sure of it. Absolutely. Liam’s into me. And so is Harry. How am I supposed to deal with two boys from the same band, not to mention such a popular band, falling for me?! Liam slid in next to me on my right and Harry the same on my left. I began to relax and watch the movie.


Harry’s P.O.V.


This was my chance. Liam had gotten up for water so I silently followed him out of the room. I closed the door to the kitchen, swiveling around to look at him. I stared straight into his deep brown eyes. “You like Bryn, I know you do. How come you didn’t tell me? I talked about her all last night and all today and you didn’t say a word. Nothing. There was no indication you had feelings for her until you picked her up and swung her around when I brought her here.” Heat surged through my body. I was angry. I had real feelings for this girl. She lit up my world like nobody else had, (see what I did there? J) and I couldn’t explain it.
Liam’s face had a struggling look to it, almost as if it was hard to find the words he needed. “Harry, I don’t want you to hurt her. I like her. And I mean I really like her. I haven’t felt this way for anybody since Danielle. All you do is hurt girls, one after another and Bryn is not a toy.” His voice was raising but he quickly quieted it again, as we were only a room over from the movie room.
 “I know, Liam. I don’t want to hurt Bryn. She is… Different.” It’s true, that’s how I felt about Bryn.

“Harry, I’m not giving up on Bryn for you. You get all the girls, maybe its my chance this time.” And with that, he exited the kitchen in a huff.

Well, I wasn’t about to give up either.


Bryn’s P.O.V.


The movie was almost over, we had reached the part in which Jack was in the water holding on to Rose’s hand. Harry had placed his hand next to mine on the couch about halfway through the movie. Liam scooted closer to me, his hand moving up past his head with a big yawn. His arm slightly rested on the back of the couch right behind my head. I longed to hold someone’s hand, but as to whether it would be Harry’s hand or Liam’s, I didn’t know. My feelings conflicted causing a major traffic jam in my head.
The movie was over and I quickly jumped up before one of the boys could make another move. “Ok, TRUTH OR DARE!!! Ready, guys?” I was very energized, having eaten handfuls of sour patch after pizza during the movie. Probably should have thought that one over before I ate them… Oh well.
Louis jumped up behind me and clapped his hands. Ok, everybody get down here on the carpet. I turned my head to look and Morgan and Niall. Her head rested on Niall’s shoulder. I don’t think she wanted to move. ;) I jumped down and laid down next to her, supporting myself with my elbows.

The game proceeded starting with Louis making Niall do a dare of running up the street yelling “I’m a leprechaun!” We cracked up, peering through the dark windows. It was Liam’s turn.

“Leeeeeyum,” Louis inquired, “your turn. Truth or dare?” After Liam quickly replied truth, typical, Louis readied his question. “Do you or do you not, have feelings for Miss Bryn.” My stomach hit rock bottom. This wouldn’t be good. Liam turned to face me.

“I do.” 


I am soooo sorry I havent update in forever. I have been really busy. Hope you guys like this. Please comment. like tell your friends! LOVE YA!

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