Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


2. Two


“Louis…” My mother’s voice sung in the distance.

I shook my head, letting myself fall back into reality. She was standing in front of me holding a few shopping bags. Smiling. It was unusual seeing her smile, it was so lovely. I stood quickly to take the bags out of her hands. I popped them up on the counter before turning back to her. Jessica had joined my mum at the table. After the past few weeks I never thought I would see them smiling again. I wrapped my arms around my mum’s shoulders joining in with the laughter.

I raised my head at the sound of the door bell ringing. Jingle Bells sounded in the hall. I shook my head sniggering to myself; mum always changed the tune nearer to Christmas. I placed my hand over the brass door knob turning it. Brisk cool air blew in allowing a little snow to tumble onto the wooden flooring, slowly melting away. I lifted my head to be greeted by a hard fist crashing into my cheek. The force from the punch knocked me to the ground, giving me little time to protect myself. Hand grabbed against the material of my hoody as they pulled me up shoving me down the front steps of my house. “Michael!” I heard Jessica call before another fist collided with my face and a knee crushing my stomach upwards…

My thoughts spun around in my head as I rose. Sweat beaded across my forehead, trailing down my cheeks as I sat upright. Short heavy breaths filled the area around me. Little puffs of clouded air visible. I took a swig of water from the bottle beside my bed before climbing to my feet.
Thick white steam flowed above the shower, fogging up the mirror. I tore my gaze from the clouded mirror and jumped in. The temperature of the water somewhat soothed my racing mind. I could think a little clearer but her voice still rung as loud as it did that day, in my ears. I wrapped my lower half in one of the white towels Sandy had left on the counter. Images from that particular day, my mums face, Jessica’s face and of the events that followed my stubborn actions. I lifted up a glass from the cabinet shelf, immediately tossing it at the mirror. It cracked, my face shooting off in different directions on the glass. Broken. My body tumbled to the ground; it was shaking as I placed the tiny shards in my palm. I released a long withering sigh before wandering down into the kitchen. I threw the shards I had collected into the dustbin. “Owe you a new mirror mate.” I darted a glance up at Sandy before dabbing against the tiny cuts scattered across my palm with a dish towel.
“No worries lad.” He nodded.
Sandy took hold of my hand. I watched at he cleaned up the spots of blood intensely. The moment reminded me of moments I had shared with my sister, being able to look after her when she needed it. being able to fix things. I shifted my thoughts to happier ones noticing the time. In my haze I hadn’t noticed Sandy and Liam had already cleared out the large living area and kitchen. I scanned my eyes around Sandy’s large apartment, it was perfect for the type of party he was holding, I thought. a smile itched itself onto my lips as I looked around imaging all the heavily drunken bodies that would be loosely dancing around to the loud beat.
“Looking forward to it, aint ya?” Sandy waggled his eyebrows at me noticing my growing smile.
He released my hand, nodding before wandering into the back part of the apartment. I flicked on the kettle just as Liam strolled through the front door. He was holding what looked like a box of fairy lights. “Alright Lou, looking a bit on the pale side?”
I lifted my head towards him as I heard his soft murmuring voice. “Sorry?” I smiled.
“Never mind, help us hang these up would you.” Liam handed me an end of the little twinkling lights as he placed the plug into the socket across the room. He pushed the button on the transformer box multiple times before finally getting the setting he wanted. His face lit up like a child’s as he watched the little lights sparkle. Liam waved his arm calling me over. “I think if we hang it over there it would look alright?” He shot me a questioning gaze as I did what he said, nodding in approval. I attached my end to the chandelier hanging in the center of the empty room. We hung a few more boxes until the whole room was dimly lit with twinkling sparkles.
“I’m off to get sorted.” I nodded at Liam before strolling back through the passage to my room. I turned back as I heard the front door opening. A familiar figure stood with his back slouched against the door frame. Even with the distance I could see he was taller than me, taller than most of us. He shook out his hair, brown chocolate coloured curls cascaded to one side before he swiftly flicked them to the right side of his face. A ringing filled in my ears as I drifted back from my imagination. Thorne. I answered the phone, she was panicked. Callum’s face flashed in front of my eyelids as I listened, fury slashing through my veins.
“Lou?” I heard her whisper.
I shook off the anger building up inside me. “Yes love.”
“How long will it take for me to get to Sandy’s?” she hummed.
“10-15 minutes. I’ll fetch you, if you like?” I offered, secretly hoping she would say yes. I didn’t want her walking across London with Callum dossing around on the streets.
I put the phone down on her acceptance. My clothes we folded at the foot of the bed. T-shirt and jeans. I dried my hair, simply combing it to the side before ruffling it up a little with the towel trying to remove as much wetness as possible. I shoved my phone into my jacket pocket and picked up the keys to my mini before shutting the door. As I wandered further down the hall I noticed the room was slowly filling up with people. Most didn’t look familiar, but the ones who did looked strangely out of place. I shook Sandy’s hand informing him of where I was off to before heading down the road to Thorne’s house.
Loud music could be heard from numerous clubs across town as I drove through the empty streets. Thorne’s house was a few houses down the street I was driving along, a few houses passed then I noticed mine. I stopped in front of it. The curtains were still open in the front room, a family of four sitting together watching the television. The couple looked like recently new parents. My assumptions were proven correct as the young lad lifted up a beautiful little brown hair girl. She grinned as he threw her up in the air, looking a little scared at the height before grinning as she landed back in his hands. My memories of living in this house flooded back, all the smiles and laughs along with all the fights and blood. I motioned my head upwards, noticing the roof tiles were still two different shades of grey just like they had been after the incident. I closed my eyes trying to remove the pain the memory brought me.
“Louis!” Thorne’s excited voice tore me from my thoughts again.
I leaned over unlocking the door. “Alright babe.” I smiled.
Selena crawled into the backseat her face turning a lighter shade of white as she gazed at me. Her dark brown curls rested on either side of her face making her look paler. I nodded with a smile, her face relaxed a little at my actions before she returned to buckling herself up. I focused upon Thorne; she seemed ready for the night ahead although she still look frightened. I smiled at her as her eyes met mine before turning on the engine. I glanced back at the house, blue door surrounded by the plastered white walls. My mums hanging plant was still hanging on the left side of the door above the doorbell full of life.
I released a soft breath as I silently said goodbye to my memories. Finally able to.

We arrived back at Sandy’s place a few moments later. The front lawn was scattered with people chatting. The groups were visible, geeky types separated from the more outgoing popular types. It all seemed too much like my school years. Thorne unbuckled before climbing out. She held a hand out for Selena before shutting the door. Thorne peered through the window, “We’ll get you inside, popping to see Sandy.”
I nodded watching as she wandered through the crowds leading up to the house. I noticed everyone turn their heads as she and Selena wandered past. I knew neither of them thought much of themselves but they were both something. A very big something. My eyes lost contact with the two girls as the disappeared into the party. I took the car to the back of the house locking it inside the garage.
I unlatched the back door, hanging my keys up on the rack in the pantry. I pushed against the pantry door leading myself into the very loud and hot kitchen. My eyes wandered once again through the separated groups of people. I spotted Niall gulping down on a bottle of white wine as people encouraged him on. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand as he placed the bottle upon the counter top. He threw both his hands up, thumbs pointing out with a large cheeky grin spread across his lips.
“Nialler!” I shouted above the music.
He nodded trying to keep himself standing upright. I let go of a laugh as I help him steady himself. A few girls wandered over to the two of us each holding different colour cocktails. Niall’s eyes sprung to life as the stopped next to him. A busty blonde linked her arm around his, whispering into his ear. I watched with the biggest grin on my face as he swallowed hard and slow at her words. I turned, shaking my head to face two other girls. “I’m Megan.” She blurted into my ear.
“Lou.” I replied, looking over her shoulder for a little blonde girl I knew was lost somewhere in the crowd.

As the night crept into morning, Megan still hung off of my arm. She was becoming heavy on her own feet using my arm to keep herself upright.
She lifted another glass from the tray a waiter held as he wandered past. Sandy had hired a few to wander around the more private parts of his home handing out drinks. I placed Megan down on an empty sofa, leaving her in the serenity of the private room.
I wandered down the stairs back into the openness of downstairs. The music was deafening, sweaty drunk bodies swayed against one another as the beat pounded on. I could see Liam and Selena below talking to Niall and his mystery girl from before. As she spotted me she immediately asked about Megan. I pointed back up the stairs to where I had left the fiery haired girl asleep on the sofa in an undisturbed room. Her worried expression softened at my words.
Niall sloshed around with his mystery brunette leaving myself with Liam and Selena.



“Not used to this are ya?” Kate shouted into my ear softly pressing her mouth to my jaw.
“Kate!” I felt a little uncomfortable with Kate’s constant attempts to kiss me even though her boyfriend was standing right next to her. Sandy sniggered as he watched his tipsy girl wobbling over me. I swallowed another gulp of my vodka mix turning away from the girl. I sprung up on my tiptoes in hopes of locating Louis in the crowd.
A shiver shot through my body when I felt a hand brush down my lower arm. I looked up into the blackened atmosphere spotting a tall young figure that appeared to be male. He turned slightly as a drunken teenager stumbled into him. His glare upon the young chap was captivating. He held onto him with his eyes for a short moment before the lad darted away, fear washing over his expression. I turned my attention back on the fellow before me; soft curls fell as he tilted his head to the side before sweeping them away.
Breathe Thorne! My subconscious shouted.
I listened taking in a large gasp of smoky air. I coughed a little before focusing back on the boy in front of me.
There were a few girls’ circles around him, one showing to be more the leader of the pack as she fiddled with his chain leaning into him every now and then. My mind slowly started to forget the rest of the room, the music begun to fade and my eyes were only placed upon him.
The dimly lit room provided me with enough light to pick out more of his features; strong jaw, large powerful arms allowing his full slender hands to be shown off. I carried on breathing softly, in and out, before I noticed his eyes were slightly on me. I bit down on my bottom lip spinning around on my heels. “Sorry Thorne.” Selena spoke steadying my shaky body.
I nodded before looking to the side of her and smiling at the sight in front of me. I recognized the boy from the gym; he always seemed to be in the fitness rooms with numerous amounts of people. Through his shyness I noticed a hidden darkness glinting in his eyes. I flashed quick glances between Selena and him. He tilted his head, almost looking totally innocent. His actions appeared as if he was able to read my mind, read my worry. Instead of saying something he just grinned.
“Dance with me?” His sweet accent spoke beaming down at Selena holding out his hand.
She agreed motioning her head up slightly to look at me. I planted a small kiss on her cheek before she was swiftly lifted in front of the young man. I heard her giggle through the crowd before they finally settled upon the dance floor. The boy had a certain grace about him while he moved. I could tell he wanted to be dark and seductive but he remained sweet and sensitive.
I shook my head, focusing back on what I was initially doing. Finding Louis.

My feet throbbed in my heels. I pushed my way through the tightly packed dance floor again hoping to see a probably very drunk boy wearing none other than blue stripes. But I had no luck. No matter where I turned, what corner I looked around, I couldn’t find him.
I froze as hands slid down my side resting on my hips. My breath became sketchy, all the hairs on my body stood on end. The hands gripping me yanked my hips into his crotch. He slowly circled his hips grinding up into me. I winced in pain as his fingers dug deeper with each new circling motion. I could feel he didn’t have much height over me but made it almost impossible to move away. I attempted to get a glimpse of his face but as I began twisting my head towards my shoulder he pressed his lips into my neck leaving sloppy drunken kissed across my collar bone. A sickening feeling erupted inside my stomach as his lips moved around on my skin marking it with his vicious sucking motions. My stomach clenched tightly bucking my hips backwards into his. From his reaction he seemed to enjoy my movements. His sucking became rougher and his hand lowered towards my thighs. The males spikey hair grazed against my cheeks making the assault inferior to the ones from previous moments.
I closed my eyes in hopes it would remove some of the helpless feeling I felt.
My breathing slowed as his sucking motions grew to a close. His hands were still firmly gripping my hips, fingers breaking the skin.
“Off!” a deep rasp echoed in my ears as the voice spoke.
I yelped as I felt my body being shoved to the ground. Feet from numerous people dug into the back of my hands but the most pain came from that upon my hips. Two huge hands hooked themselves on my upper arms removing me from my thoughts. My breathing stuttered in my throat as I couldn’t see the person who had lifted me. I was spun around, the sound of a deep husky chuckle flowing into my ears. I snapped my palms up to steady myself against my helper’s chest. It was toned; I could tell that even threw the cotton material of his shirt. I bravely lifted my gaze taking in every detail I could pick out until I saw his tight jaw. As I rested my gaze on his full lips I ripped my hands from his chest. He chuckled again.
He lowered himself to my ear. “Did he hurt you?”
I shook my head quickly, fearing his blackened gaze as our eyes met again.
“Yoh Haz.” As he turned I tilted my head around his shoulder. Another young looking lad approached holding out his hand. The curly haired boy shook his hand. I watched as a smile crept upon his plump mouth, dimpled indenting themselves causing a deep valley to form on his cheek. I bit down on my under lip as I watched him, in the same awe as I had previously. He swept his finger through his curls brushing them over to the right before pulling at his bottom lip with his forefinger and thumb.
“No Zayn I don’t think so.” His voice snapped me from my mind once again.
“Ello pretty lady.” Zayn spoke looking past the arm in front of my face.
“Hi.” Was all I managed.
“Got yourself a pretty one there, Haz.”
I looked up through my lashed at Harry, now confirming his name by Zayn’s constant need to shorten it. Harry returned his eyes too mine. A simple smile playing on his lips as he processed Zayn’s words. I stepped away from behind Harry placing myself so I could see Zayn fully. He was dressed in a simple t-shirt, jeans and combat boots, his varsity jacket slung over his shoulder. His hair was something else; it was precise in its placement, not a stand out of place. I could pick out a single blonde section running from the front going back into the quiff. He had dark eyes, a slight shade of brown visible as the light crossed over them. Everything about him was precise and straight forward. Simple but accurate.
“So what’s your name little lady?” I could see Harry’s irritation when Zayn spoke to me directly.
“Thorne.” I smiled as politely as I could, trying not to exasperate Harry’s visible anger further.

Harry abruptly left myself and Zayn alone, storming off into the crowd. “Don’t worry about him. He's a tough one to read.” He winked.
While focusing all of my attention on Zayn, I hadn’t noticed the sudden movement of people. Zayn lifted his head looking over my shoulder. His eyes narrowed as he seemed to have figured out what was happening.
“Zayn?” I shouted. “Zayn?”
He wandered straight past me, almost as if I were invisible. I huffed folding my arms over my chest before following him outside. Zayn disappeared forwards pushing his way through the huddled doorway. I slowly plodded along behind the mass of people.
Cool air soon hit my ankles, the crowd from inside surrounded at the bottom of the grass. I wandered around the bodies tightly packed looking as if to protect the thing they were huddled around. I reached the street hearing the shouting coming from two separate groups of teens. The group with their back to the crowd consisted of two boys. They looked rather young compared to the others standing facing them. I recognized one of the older boys; he always made his presences know in Callum’s fathers club. He was the popular boy in school, the boy all the girls swoon over. Albie moved forwards intimidating the younger lads, testing their fear.  
I quickly looked behind Albie, a girl was lying flat on the tarmac.
“Did you do this?” Albie shouted tears automatically filling in his eyes as he spoke.
One of the boys shook their head holding up his hands. “Did you kill her?”
“Kill”, I whispered looking back at the girl.
I noticed her chest wasn’t moving at all, her arm was roughly swung over her chest and her legs folded into one another.
“Albie c’mon dude, these kids were here all the time.” Sandy’s voice snapped my head in his direction.
I spotted Harry standing by Kate and Zayn while Liam, Niall and Louis were scattered around. Selena sticking like glue to Liam. A panic came over me as Albie punched against Sandy’s chest. Albie’s strength was clear as he pounded against his chest, tears now falling from his cheeks. I studied the body, she was familiar. Straight light brown hair surround her head in a messy collision, he lips were a deeper shade of purple than what I usually remembered. As I stared I knew who she was. Scarlet.
I imagined Albie had stopped at Sandy’s house first, as they had fort numerous times over her. She was the dream girl so they said. Sandy never spoke of her much, but Albie always made an effort in comparing the two of us when he was around Callum.
My eyes locked with Harry’s. I could now see all I was missing in the dim light; he was much taller than I had seen in the darkness, his skin a lot more tanned and his eyes a whole lot greener. He held onto my gaze, gesturing at the dead girl before us. I nodded answering his unspoken question. Yes, I knew her. I mouthed.

The night carried on, police arrived at Sandy’s house. Albie making sure they questioned him as closely as possible. He was standing alone in the spot he had placed her body before picking a fight with Sandy. I wandered over warily. “Al…” I mumbled.
Albie raised his head a little as he looked at me through his lashed. “What?” he snapped.
From previous encounters I knew he disliked me, I was never sure why when I wasn’t the one doing the wrong. Callum had his ways with me more than once, something Albie knew about. Something they joked constantly about.
“I just wanted to see if you were okay. Sorry for the bother.”
I nodded softly and headed back into the house. It looked different in the light, bigger. The floor was covered in alcohol, plastic cups scattering across the distance of the open space.
“Thorne…” Selena softly spoke from behind me.
“Sel.” I whispered taking hold of her in my arms.
I could feel her trembling underneath me and her breathing was sketchy. I saw Liam picking up cups by the kitchen, we both wandered over sitting up on the stools by the breakfast bar.
“Bit of a different spin to a good night wasn’t it.” He tried his hardest to smile.
All my past assumptions of Liam disappeared; he had no darkness inside his body. No desire to trick or play mind games. He was falling apart from an incident he had nothing to do with.
“It’ll be alright Liam.” I assured him, giving off the bravest smile I was capable of.



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