Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


13. Thirteen


Silence and a sharp coolness surrounded me in the empty bedroom. The music had gradually died down since the fiery haired girl had made a scene. I dropped my head, staring blankly at my lap as I remembered Zayn’s distraught expression. The bodies around him believing what their ears were hearing, seeming not shocked by the sudden news. “Thorne.” I snapped my head up upon hearing the rugged rasp sound from the door. Without hesitation I maneuvered my way to where he was standing. Lacing my fingers quickly between his wanting to close the empty feeling between my fingers. “Take me home?” “Where did you think we were going?!” He chuckled. My head quickly turned to the side in embarrassment, cheeks tinging red realizing how stupid my question was. I latched my bottom lip between my teeth in an attempt to stop a smile forming on my lips. Slowly, I looked up through my fringe at Harry. His gleaming emerald orbs found mine almost immediately, want clear in them. In that moment I gulped as the thought flashed through my mind, nervous knots formed in the pit of my stomach burning in a way it never had before. I tore my eyes away from his staring blankly at the front door of Jasper’s house. Breath puffed out in front of my face as we exited the warmth of the house. The cold pebble street was bare of bodies, silence surrounded us and it caused my entirety to feel more distanced from Harry. I huddled into his side as the wind circled me roughly, freezing my bare skin. “Here, baby.” He whispered against the wind placing his blazer over my shoulders. “But…” Before I was able to finished even half of my sentence harry had cut me off, emerald orbs beaming bright into mine. I couldn’t resist the pure innocents surrounded them but as he leaned forwards dipping his head to the side I could see all but darkness. His soft lips grazed my jaw heating it with his touch, pecking light kisses to my cheek. I wasn’t new to his touch, my body reacted to it naturally but the sensation seemed to deepen the more our skin made contact. My breath caught in my throat when his plump lips pressed themselves to mine, Harry chuckled deeply, the vibrations felt upon my lips. A finger nudged my chin upwards a notch, lips making contact once again but in a more desperate touch. Instinct told me to kiss him back as did my body, and truthfully my rapid beating heart. I pressed harder against his lips, my hands fisting the material of his black button up pulling him closer to my body. Harry’s hands wandered down my sides, tickling with his fingers against my thinly covered skin. I could feel that same burning filling up in the pit of my stomach as he lifted me, the material of our clothes rubbing furiously against each other. In the moments our lips were connected I forgot we were in a cold street in the roughest part of London, but as Harry’s want mixed with mine I couldn’t have cared any less. My shell was breaking and if I was being honest with myself, Harry could take me. Now. I tugged the curls at the back of his neck, slightly wet with sweat, allowing his head to tilt back giving me access to his tanned neck. My lips attacked his skin, the veins in his neck protruding up as my assault grew more intense. “Thorne, wai- god baby.” He growled pulling me closer to his chest. I hummed against his hot skin, sucking it between my lips making sure I left my mark. “Haz.” I breathlessly moaned. A hand was quickly laced in mine while the other pulled my face up so I could see him. The grin covering Harry’s face was nothing but dark, smirking cheekily as his eyes wandered down the lines leading to the collar of my top. A familiar tone blasting from my back pocket tore both our attention away. Harry, smirking as usual, peered over my shoulder his hand slipping dangerously slow down my hip to where the phone was. He squeezed my bum earning a playful squeak. Grinning, he pulled it up to view. An extremely short moment passed, Harry’s reaction quickly changing. “Haz?” I whispered picking the blazer off the tarmac as he stepped into the road. “Fuck!” profanities poured from his mouth getting louder by the second. He ran his free hand through his brown curls aggressively. “Harry, talk to me.” I said a little firmer than before. Seeing the stress consume him as it did worried me, it reminded me of myself and how I used to let the darkness take over. Flashes of red and silver crossed through my mind, a sudden metallic smell entering my nostrils as I watched him. “Harry, you’re scaring me.” The words caught in my throat as I held back the water in my eyes. He handed me back my phone before ripping out his own from his trouser pocket. I hugged the blazer around my shoulders as I shivered desperately needing him to calm down. A quick run of his long fingers through his hair again caused me to look down at my phone screen. I slid the unlock screen, it was open on my iMessage. A particular message that had just been received from Zayn. I carefully read the text, running over the words multiple times in my mind. I was blank, mind drained as it registered what the text meant. What the letter at the end meant. I shoved the phone in my pocket, forgetting the world around me. I knew where it was I had to run and I did, as quickly as possible. “Thorne!” Harry screamed from behind me. I could feel him getting closer but I continued running, dialing Selena’s phone. Please, pick up. Please. I whispered in my brain as I rang the number again, and again. I could feel my feet giving in, slowing down. I couldn’t understand it, why were they? A moment passed before a worn out face appeared in my clouded vision. We both panted trying to regain our breath. “She isn’t picking up.” I spoke weakly. Harry pulled my body into his chest, our heartbeats thumping against each other’s. “Zayn’s on the way to them now. If we cut through the alley’s we should get there in time.” He panted. “What if we don’t?” I removed my head from Harry’s chest, breath staggering, eyes holding back their tears. I gazed up into Harry’s tired eyes. He swallowed, slow and hard before attempting to speak. The tears that I had been fighting to hold back against the wind rolled down the lengths of my cheeks. His grip tightened as I cried, both of us knew whatever the red headed girl had planned was going to be successful. Whether we arrived just before or just a little too late didn’t seem to matter anymore. Either way, pain and trauma were going to be executed in their best of forms and we couldn’t do anything about it. Harry lifted my body up still holding it extremely close to his. I hoped he would swallow me into his side, take me away, and let me go. The healing wounds throbbed under my jacket, and the desire to let go consumed me once again. Both Harry and I walked through London at a slow pace to where we knew Selena and Liam would be. The thought of what was coming terrified me to the bone, chills tingled along them under my flesh. But still I pushed forward as the growing desire to hide lingered right in front of my mind.


Dark waves of hair draped over my shoulders as I shook my head. The air was growing cooler as the night progressed. I wasn’t too worried about getting home quickly, dad was away on another trial and Freddie was way too busy thinking about his wedding. Liam was walking beside me, humming along to an unfamiliar tune with his head down. I took in the sight of him, one I’d seen many times as he worked out. He was at peace in his little world of music and exercise. Completely content with life. “Always will be my summer love.” He sung gently under his breath, almost in a muffled whispered. “Another one of your songs?” I quickly said without thinking, interrupting his peace. His head snapped up, chocolate brown eyes connecting to mine. His straight Justin Bieber hairstyle cascaded over his one eye before he quickly shook it back. “What?” “That song, did you write it?” I giggled looking at his bewildered expression. “Oh, no…Niall did.” He muttered dropping his head again. “It sounds like a hit.” I joked. His head snapped back up again, expression confused slightly. “Don’t joke.” His abrupt words took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure what to say, or what he wanted to say. “I’m sorry.” I stuttered. “I wasn’t aware singing meant that much to you.” An awkward silence followed after my words. Our hands remained intwinned as we walked up the street with the occasional smile. “Why do you think Jessica said what she did?” I strong, aggressive huff of breath emitted from Liam’s mouth as the thought of Jessica’s assumptions scattered through his mind. “Because she isn’t getting her way.” He abruptly stated once again. Happy, cheerful Liam had disappeared the moment the feisty red head entered the room, screaming her assumptions towards Zayn like it was known business. When it came to Liam’s personal life, I never asked. Thorne, although she was the curious one out of the two of us, seemed hesitant to ask Harry, or even Louis what had gone on in the past. I swallowed, shying away from the subject for a moment. I argued with myself, the wanting to know and the reason I didn’t battling against one another. “And what exactly is her way?” I quickly spoke, a slight slyness to my tone. Our eyes connected again, staring into one anothers souls trying to figure out the unthinkable. I wasn’t sure what Liam was trying to fathom, I wasn’t all that and I didn’t have such an interesting past. Mine was simple; grew up in the States, moved to the UK when my mum had had enough of me. Simple. But Liam, Liam’s was a dark twisted map of hatred and brotherhood. Something I knew I would never understand but craved on the thrill, the excitement of knowing the boy’s mysterious pasts. I wanted more than anything to know why they were like they were, Harry mostly. The most protective, most furious. Most dangerous. “A few years back we dated. School romance kind of thing just not in school. I loved her, before you ask, but not anymore. Its impossible to love something so dark…” “Thorne loves Harry. He’s as dangerous as there is.” Again, my mouth spoke before my brain. My eyes widened as I looked up at Liam not sure what I was expecting from him as his expression was still completely blank. A short moment passed before he laughed, my assumption seeming somewhat a joke to him. “Harry is like he is for reasons of his own. But I can assure you, Thorne is in great hands. We all are, as long as we’re together.” His kind words soothed my thoughts, after what Harry had done I’d never really trusted him like I had the first time I met him. I trust to easily and I wouldn’t let myself again, but here I was falling for Liam and letting myself trust him completely.


He vigorously tossed his tired body to the side, white sheets knotting further around his elongated legs. Images from the previous night invaded his mind again shifting him from his peaceful slumber. Liam quickly rose, almost forgetting where he was until the morning sun provided him with his answer. Madrid, Spain. “Jess?” he called stretching out his limbs. “Nah mate, little Jess went out with Marco earlier. Just us boys and your naked self.” Zayn joked taking another bite of his toast before feeling the cotton pillow hitting his head. He laughed it off as he usually did knowing Liam was shy to such intimate subjects. His current body language not showing it much though. Liam hurried into some clothes before joining the others on the veranda. It was a beautiful day, warm sun tanning their English skin. They looked out onto the tropical pool; kids giggling and splashing along with the odd couple lazily soaking up the sun like the five of them were. “What do you lot think we’ll be doing tonight then?” Louis casually asked sipping on the beer he held in his hand. “Usual.” Harry commented. “We’ll never be normal again will we?” Niall’s prominent Irish voice caused all the boys to focus their attention on him. Their somewhat happy expressions faded with the realization of Niall’s words. They wouldn’t be normal, not again. Couldn’t be normal kids doing normal things at school. Barely passing, but attending just enough not to involve their parents. Jessica’s father seemed to take care of all their paperwork, getting what needed to be done with a different approach to that of the boys parents. Although their living standards were amazing for 16-18 year olds, they all missed the little things life as a teenager in secondary school provided. “We’re as normal as this life lets us be, Niall.” Louis reassured him. “I know, but what I mean is…we’ll never be rid of it. Even if we leave, which I doubt we’ll be allowed, it will never be gone. They will always have something to rope us back in.” “Nialler, it’s alright. I promise.” Louis looked down at the teary eyed 16 year old boy who was way out of his depths being involved in this type of life. As he glanced at each of the faces around him he realized they all were out of their depths and were all stuck in too deep. “Liam, babe?” His head rose at the sound of his girls voice, her fiery hair was the next thing he saw as she entered the veranda. She placed her skinny frame upon one of the wooden deck chairs, springing up quickly to peck Liam’s cheek. She smirked, white envelope in her boney hand which could only mean one thing. Another job. Before she could even begin informing him of what was contained inside she was greeted by four other boys, holding their luggage packed and ready to leave. “Jess, we can’t do this anymore.” He began. “I can’t, that I know for sure and by the looks of the turnout neither can they. So much stuff was promised, but nothing was received. What we’re doing isn’t a job for kids, Jess. That’s all we are, that’s all you are. A kid. I won’t put them or myself through it any longer. We want out. We want to go home. We want our normal lives back.” Jessica rose from her chair angrily, tossing the envelop onto the wooden table. The boys could see her fury raising on her pale skin. “No! No you’re not fucking going. You hear me?! You signed a contract and you will abide by that fucking contract or he will have your heads! Do you understand me, Liam?!” He shook his head in disbelief, nothing Jessica was saying mattered. All Liam wanted was out and if he wasn’t allowed, he was going to fight. “We’re leaving Jessica. Apologies to Marco for us, we are sorry but I cant tolerate this any longer. We signed that contract because your father promised us our dream and yet, we’re still standing in the same stop waiting for it. It’s over. We’re over. We’re done, Jess.” With that said, Liam lifted his suitcase from beside his feet and wandered off down the steps walking back into his life, with his friends hoping it could finally be normal…


“Wow…” I sighed, taking in all the information. “Yeah, there’s a whole lot more to it Sel. I can’t expose you to it. Maybe one day.” Liam weakly smiled down at me, taking my hand once again. He cuddled me close to his chest, swallowing me almost, placing a gentle kiss to the top of my head. The streets were eary, screeching tires coming from the next street. I felt comfort in Liam’s embrace, knowing a little of his story reassured me a little. I knew everything would be alright and I understood why such things happened like they did, events from the past few days seeming more understandable and logical. “We have to cross.” I giggled, tugging Liam’s hand. “Car, love.” “We’ll make it. It’s miles away.” I winked, knowing if I challenged him he’d react and jump. Liam’s lip quickly found mine as our feet stepped into the tar road. His arms linked around my waist pulling me close to his chest. Our warmth flowed into each other as the kiss deepened, the world around us seeming to flutter away into a blank whiteness. I could hear the car screeching across the tar, miles away like it was before. Liam smiled as he pulled away, the mixed yellowish street light cascading down behind him, illuminating his figure. My angel I mouthed pressing a small peck to his slightly parted lips. A brief moment passed, Liam’s eyes widened as the car that seemed so far away moments ago was just a few metres before out intwinned bodies. Liam shoved against my chest, full hands beating the wind from my lungs. My body was flung into the air slightly from the force of his shove, my name sounding from his lips, loudly screaming. I couldn’t see Liam clearly, his body was mixed with the light from the headlights of the moving vehicle. “Liam!” I cried, wanting him near. Wanting his arms securing me safely to his chest. My shoulder hit the other side of the road just as the car I assumed to be so far away collided with a parked one, head hitting the gravel knocking me into a whiteness without Liam.

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