Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


10. Ten


Electronic waves pounded through my body as I danced to the house beat. I felt like I was the only one in the stuffy room. A cheeky smile played on my lips as I felt his firm hands gripping my waist beginning to circle his hips into mine. A hand flew back gripping on the male’s neck pulling his face down to where I could see his face.
The olive skinned male I had seen watching me all night had finally made his move. His name fell from my lips as he placed a soft kiss just under my earlobe. I grinded my hips further into his earning a throaty moan before I turned my body in his hands. I smiled again, suddenly feeling shy under Zayn’s gaze. He was a little drunk, a strong smell of tequila mixed with cigarette smoke emitting from his mouth.
“Let’s get out of here, sweetheart.”
He snatched my hand from the side of my body yanking me towards the yellow lit passage. I turned my head as I was being guided out of the building to see my friends glaring disapprovingly at me. I smirked at the girls, knowing it was me who had led them here and it was me who wouldn’t be leaving alone. I tightened my grip around Zayn’s hand tugging it a little. I wanted them to see him kiss me.
“Please?” I said almost out of breath.
I swallowed pouting my lips as the dark haired boy moved himself dangerously close to me, his mouth lowering by the second. Each movement felt slowed, and better than the first. I shut my eyes lightly waiting for our mouths to connect. A short moment passed and I felt them. Soft lips pressing onto mine, the taste of cigarettes and alcohol flowing between our mouths. I swung my arms over his shoulders, fingers finding his hair. I tangled them between the silky smoothness of his short hair, tugging it. He grunted as I pulled on the hair at the back of his head, before earning a moan from my mouth as Zayn nibbled on the sensitive skin of my bottom lip. I brought one of my hands to his cheek, rubbing my thumb lightly over his cheek bone. Zayn slowly pulled away from my lips, a smile grazing his skillful mouth as our eyes met again.
I shot a quick glance back to the dance floor, all three girls looking more disgusted in me that before. I sent a wink their way before I followed Zayn out into the carpark.

My back hit the cold wooden door as Zayn fiddled with his keys. I smiled into his lips as he continued to kiss me hard.
“You can stop.” I said between breathes.
“Never.” He hummed.
I felt a cool breeze flow between my back and the door and I assumed he had managed to open it. I hooked my legs around his waist. Zayn walked us both in, shoving his hand behind his back. The door slammed shut and he tossed his keys somewhere in the passage before maneuvering us up the staircase, all the while not removing his lips from mine.
I started moving my lips from his mouth, heading towards his neck. His neck was so tanned, skin prickling at my touch. I placed little kisses along it, listening to him groaning while he struggled to walk straight. The warmth of the passage disappeared as he opened another door, the softness of the cotton duvet against my open back was the next thing I felt. Zayn wasted no time in crawling over me. A dangerous smirk crossed his lips adding to his bad boy image. He quickly darted his eyes to my arms that were hugged to my upper chest. Zayn wrapped his fingers slowly around them, a lazy gaze watching me as he continued.
I was sure my heavy breathing could be heard throughout the entire household and judging by the size of the house, I knew he didn’t live alone. He raised his body, knees beside my hips, glistening brown orbs beaming down into my seemingly dull ones. He peeled the t-shirt up over his olive coloured chest exposing his defined torso. I sat up on my elbows, tilting my head from side to side in admiration. I noticed fresh bruises covering one side of his ribcage, remembering back to the speech I had received from my sister. Maybe a warning? I thought. Zayn breathed slowly in and out, his muscles tightening abd relaxing under my soft touch. I pouted my lips, narrowing my eyebrows as he swatted my hand away. His mixed signals were frustrating me, one moment I was good enough and the next he seemed bored. Nonetheless I continued admiring his body. I let go of my head for a moment, letting it role towards my shoulder. My cheek was pressed against the icy skin not knowing what to do. I blinked softly, almost seductively. I hoped. Zayn raised his hand before grasping my shoulder. A mass of tattoos covered the skin there, different colours and shapes. The ZAP design was most evident; bold colours and strong line. I gently smiled as I let my inner artist out. I scanned my eyes up his arm seeing all of the tattoos before resting on the one placed on his hipbone. It was slightly covered by the elastic of his Calvin Kliens but that didn’t stop me from pealing it back. Zayn quickly snaked his finger under my chin forcing our eyes to meet.
“Bell’s.” He groaned, that smirk appearing again.
Staggered breath emitted from my mouth as he lowered his mouth to my neck. Zayn sponged rough kisses along the curve of my breast carrying on down my raising chest. He licked a warm stripe from my belly button to above where my underwear rested. Cool air hit the wet spot, shivers sprinkled down my spine. As he tugged the thin lacey material of my underwear down I started to feel exposed and wrong. A tight knot formed in my stomach as he continued to pull down the lace. It was by my knees now. Zayn quickly glance up, concern spreading across his features.
“Did I do something wrong?” He stuttered looking up into my eyes.
“N-no…” I managed, swallowing before biting the skin of my top lip. “Ive j-just never done this before.” I shyly spoke, feeling embarrassed.
A playful but caring smile played on the angel like figure in front of me. The soft glow from the bedside lamp making his olive skin shine. Chocolate brown eyes cast upon my own once again as he spoke.
“We’ll take it slow.” He whispered but caught on that I still wasn’t 100% sure. “I won’t hurt you Bella.”
I nodded, “but, kiss me first?”
I felt like a stupid teenager as I spoke, so inexperienced and childish. I had been so naïve to this sort of thing, pretending and, hoping, it would just come naturally. But being sexy didn’t come naturally. Zayn always seemed to read my thoughts, when I was in the depths of my concentration he always pulled me from it. Making me forget.
Delicate lips found mine moving in a smooth rhythm. My fingers made their way up the length of his back before resting at the nap of his elegant neck, running their selves back and forth through the thick black hair.
A brief second passed when I smirked, thinking of what my father would say about his little catholic daughter. But as Zayn’s fingers skimmed the length of my side, still kissing me sweetly I knew I was doing was right. The uneasy feeling I felt before disappeared and I became one with the beautiful boy above me. 


Love Actually was on the television for the third time this week. Thorne sat cuddled up in her blanket with a box of tissues while she watched sipping on the tea I had just made her.
“Good movie.” I said softly trying to bring her attention away from the TV.
“Harry’s favourite.” She smiled weakly.
I rolled my eyes as she continued to beat herself up about his mistake. I myself hadn’t spoken to him over the past week since Victoria had practically screamed he’d cheated on her in Thorne’s face. She had been over in the past week with her mother, who was obviously oblivious to the hatred Thorne portrayed towards her cousin.
Paul was away in Liverpool working on a new case while Freddie and Chanel were planning their honeymoon. Selena wandered into the room placing herself next to Thorne who sat motionless under the blanket.
“Hey.” Liam said smiling as he sat in the arm chair.
“What’s going on bro?”
“Not much Lou. The lads just getting ready for tonight, you know.”
“Is Harry going?” Thorne spoke, eyes still on the TV.
He glanced over at me, his mouth parted and eyes searching for an answer in my expression.
“N-no, not that I know of. He’s not really been seen much since-” Liam stopped midsentence remembering what had happened before focusing on the TV.
I heard the back gate shut loudly which was strange, the boys always used the front door when Paul wasn’t here, I thought.
“I’ll be right back.” I smiled excusing myself from the living room.
As I pushed open the back door I saw a familiar curly haired figure strolling up the yard.
“No Haz, just go.”
“I have to see her Louis, please?!” he begged but I couldn’t bring myself to let him in.
“I can’t Harry. I’m sorry.”
 “Lou…” he raised his voice, temper boiling up.
Before I could speak his fist was heading towards my face. I quickly blocked it shoving him back, I didn’t want to fight with him, at least not in Thorne’s back garden. As a second fist headed for my face I had no choice but to fight back. I ran at him forcing his body back against the grass.
“Dammit Harry!” I shouted.
I let my fist hit his jaw, the anger I felt about what he had done seeping through my blood stream.
“Oh my god.” A weak voice said from behind us.
Harry shoved me forwards before standing, he strangely helped me up too, keeping his eyes locked on the girl behind me. I almost rushed back to her but Harry’s arms gripped mine.
“I lost her Lou. That’s punishment enough.” He said shakily.
I turned following Harry’s body as he walked towards Thorne. She dropped her head and I could see the tears tumbling down her cheeks and I noticed Harry was also crying. Selena and Liam made themselves visible, the little dark haired girl balling her fists and gritting her teeth as Harry touched her broken sister. I held my hand up to Liam, hoping he’d hold Selena back which he kindly did. I focused back on Thorne and Harry, he had now managed to get her to look at him.
“I didn’t do it to hurt you Thorne. I did it to protect you.” He whispered straining to keep back his cries.
Harry pressed his mouth to her temple before walking back towards me.
“You keep her safe, please Louis.”
I nodded focusing back on Thorne. I darted over as her hand slapped against her mouth and a tiny yelp escaped her mouth. When I looked back Harry was gone, only the shadow of him was left along with a more broken girl. I wrapped her in my arms before walking her back up to the house. Selena looked furious as we wandered past, muttering curses under her breath. Thorne took her blanket disappearing up the stairs to her bedroom like she had most days in the past week.

“I hate this!” the dark haired girl shouted placing her cup back on the coffee table.
“No Louis! He can’t just waltz in, cry a little and say he’s sorry. Once a cheater, always a cheater!”
“We don’t know what happened love.” Liam said softly pulling his girl into his side.
She huffed at his reply but seeming to ease a little as Liam held her.
I wandered how Damien was doing, he had been over this morning with Donovan. The two seemed happy together and I assumed no-one but me knew about them. It was nice seeing him smiling for a change. My mind wandered on to the next football match, the team we were facing were one of the best in the league and the boys would have to work hard to beat them. Skills Louis! I shouted inside my mind. I was taken from my thoughts as I saw Thorne slipping her arms into her coat sleeves wandering down the stairs. I jumped up almost running to her before she opened the front door.
“No, where are you going?”
“You’re not my dad Lou.” She scolded.
“I know that, I just want to know you’re safe.”
“I will be Louis.” Thorne smiled quickly.
“Just tell me where you’re going Thorne!” I said a little firmer.
“To Harry okay! Please don’t stop me, I’ve been putting it off and I can’t any longer.”
Before I could say a word she disappeared down the steps onto the dim lit street. I slammed the door shut, angry I couldn’t stop her from going and scared she would just come back home hurt, but I respected her decision. Thorne knew I was a phone call away if anything happened or she was in trouble. I walked back into the living room, plonking myself on the sofa flicking through the channels hoping to find something other than Love Actually.



The air was cold and thick as I walked down the streets that led to Harry’s house. I regretted my decision many times while walking but refused to head back home. What he had said, the way he had looked and how he touched me all told me he was sorry. The past week had been constant pain, from the moment I woke up every morning to the moment I had fallen asleep. I wasn’t sure how many hours of the day I had spent crying but I knew it was a lot. The ache in my heart started to sooth when he touched me earlier. I had craved Harry’s touch, his voice, his everything for what seemed like forever. I had tried not to feel, I wished I could switch it off and never feel again but every time I saw his blazer hanging at the end of my bed all the memories and feeling flooded back. The heart ache returned as did the painful cries I had learnt to hide.
My breathing picked up as a familiar yellow door appeared in my view. I smiled remembering what Harry had said about his front door, how his mother had painted it because she loved the colour.
I walked up the three steps and rang the doorbell, hesitating but finally pushing down on the rubber button. A few moments passed, feeling more like years until a small silhouette appeared behind the two sections of frosted glass.
“Thorne!” Harry’s mum’s voice sounded shocked as she saw me for the first time.
I hadn’t met her, Harry hadn’t wanted me to until I was ready. She was beautiful. Straight brown hair fell over her shoulders, blue eyes scaled up the length of my body from my feet to my face. A gentle smile showing a little of her white teeth.
Small puff of air escaped my mouth as she looked over me. My mind wandered, thinking the worse as it usually did. Sub-conscious marveling on the uneasy feeling I felt. I hoped I was somewhat good enough.
“Harry, you best get out here.” She shouted back into the house.
My stomach fluttered as I heard footsteps coming from what looked like the living room. Harry appeared dressed in a tight grey t-shirt and sweat pants. His curls were swept to the left of his head, a few dropping over his forehead. The sight was one I never wanted to lose. I sighed smiling softly as our eyes met. His mum removed herself silently from beside Harry, leaving us in the doorway.
“Come in.” he said stepping to the side.
I shook my head, I wanted to speak first. “Harry…”
“I know, I know. What I did…”
“Shut up and let me speak Haz!”
Harry’s jaw dropped open slightly as he registered my words. He nodded after a few seconds looking me in the eyes. I held out my hands which he quickly took, rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand.
“You never lost me.” I spoke weakly, once again having to fight back my tears.
He didn’t speak, instead he removed his hands from mine bringing them up to my cheeks. His thumbs brushed my cheek bones whipping away the escaped tears before lowering his mouth to mine. I breathed in his minty breath as it fanned out over my face. I pouted closing my eyes waiting for his touch. A second or two flew by before his plump lips rested hard on mine. I wrapped my fingers around his wrists as his hands remained holding my face to his. Our mouths moved together roughly taking in each other’s taste, I had missed feeling his lips on mine. I had missed him.
Harry emitted a moan which vibrated on my swollen lips. He tore away from my mouth too soon, leaving it desperately wanting more. He pulled me into his chest feeling how cold my skin was. His large hand covered the width of my back as he ran it up and down the length of it. I pushed us both into the house, the warmth of the hall warming my body.
I bit my lip, smiling into his chest as he spoke my nickname. I breathed in and out slowly as his scent filled my nostrils. Blue Jeans. I thought, another smile spreading across my face.
“C’mon babe, you’re freezing!”
With that Harry walked me into the living room where I finally met his mum and sister. He left me in the living room with Kim and Sophie while he made us tea. I let my eyes wander around the warming living room, a sunshine yellow painted on the walls. Above the fireplace was a family portrait, a male figure was stood next to Kim but it wasn’t Harry’s dad. I quickly looked at Kim’s ring finger, there was a thin golden band with a singular diamond placed upon it. She was engaged. I looked over at Sophie who, judging by the way she glared at me, didn’t particularly like me. She was leaning on her palm, legs folded together as she watched the movements on the TV. I felt like the unpopular school girl sitting across from her, dressed in a jumper 3 times my size, sweats and a pair of dark Uggs. But nonetheless, Harry’s sister was gorgeous. She held a distinct model look, the way she smirked mockingly at me as if I wasn’t good enough. I knew I wasn’t good enough and I hated being reminded of it. A cry from upstairs tore my attention away and I wandered just how many more family members I would be meeting tonight, not that I minded. Before Sophie could disappear from sight, Harry came strolling in holding a tiny toddler wrapped in a pink blanket. The little girl was holding a small giraffe stuffed toy with matching slippers. He sat down beside me, placing the tray of tea he was carrying in his free hand down on the table.
“I think she was hungry Soph.” he smiled handing her to her mother.
Sophie nodded cradling her daughter before taking the bottle Harry had made from the table.
“Her names Alisia.” Kim said suddenly.
I assumed she noticed me looking at the little blonde haired girl wide eyed. I turned to her and smiled, complementing the girl’s name. It was after all very pretty.
Harry was lounging back in the sofa, one hand holding his cup of tea and the other holding my waist. He moved the tip of his finger around in circles on my hip bone. I finally felt comfortable leaning into his side, which Kim didn’t seem to mind. His chest rose and fell softly under my hand. I loved the feeling of his ripped muscles under my touch. I bit my lip holding back my smile turning my focus to the Eastenders tune playing in the background. The usual drama between the characters took up most of the episode. As I watched I could feel Harry watching me, I shifted in his arm as a smile played on my lips. I looked up at him, those damn dimples carved deep canyons in his cheeks.
“Stop staring! It’s creepy.” I whispered sticking out my tongue a little.
“It’s romantic.”
The episode finished quicker than it usually did, or so it seemed. Sophie took Alisia back to bed, also saying goodnight. She pecked her mother’s cheeks before disappearing up the stairs with the sleeping child. Kim soon followed, cleaning up the cups before she too went up to her room.
Harry quickly pulled me up onto his lap, tucking loose hair behind my ears before kissing the tips of my fingers. I giggled, appreciating his action. I moved forward leaving a small kiss on his mouth. I hovered in front of him just sharing glances. He swept me into his arms, locking my legs around his waist.
“Stay?” he asked.
I nodded, smiling wildly as our lips met again. Harry switched off the lights, before checking the locks still holding me in his arms. When he was done with his protective pursuit of the house, which I assumed was a regular action, he carried me up the stairs as quietly as possible. He set me on my feet just before what looked to be his bedroom before opening the door. I wandered in, expecting something similar to what Freddie’s room was like when he was Harry’s age but instead was presented with a tidy room. The four poster bed took up most of the space, the mahogany was lovely and the bed spread even lovelier. I shook my head sighing as I ran a finger along the chest of drawers. Everything about his room was beautiful, like he was.
“You’re freezing, showers that way.” He pointed to an opening by the cupboard before peeling the jacket off of my shoulders. I wandered into his on-suit bathroom ridding myself of the clothes I was wearing. I folded them and placed them on the toilet seat, I quickly pinned my hair up in a bun remembering there was no door. I jumped in the shower, the warm water soothing my body as it cascaded down it.
"Thorne..." His voice murmured over the noise from the running water. "There's a towel and a shirt for you on the counter." 
I tiptoed over to the counter, quickly grabbing the towel and wrapping it snug around my body. I tilted my head slightly so I could see out into Harry's bedroom. 
He had removed his grey t-shirt and stood staring into the darkened London Street below only dressed in black sweats. The muscles in his broad back tightened and relaxed as he breathed gently. A small smile appeared on my lips as I watched him from the bathroom. I tore my eyes from Harry focusing back on changing into the shirt he had given me. I picked up my underwear, slipping back into it before lifting the navy Y-neck shirt off the counter. I pulled it over my head, the long sleeves covering my wrists as I'd hoped they would. It hung mid-thigh, again covering the sections of my torn broken body from the previous week that I wanted hidden from Harry. After I had finished examining if the clothing was hiding away one of my darkest secrets I took out each bobby pin, putting it onto the marble counter, letting the blonde hair fall straight down my back. I shook it over my head, ruffling it out before looking up at myself in the mirror. 
She was stood there as she always was, slyly mocking me with her stares. The girl who once had everything and everyone dropping at her feet.
Where did you go wrong? She scolded while glaring deep into my eyes.
I grew up and learnt not to take things for granted. I whispered in a disgusted tone. I tore my eyes from her blue ones hoping to finally rid myself of my previous self before wandering back into the bedroom. My eyes darted between Harry and the pile of blankets stacked at the end of the bed. One side of his large bed was pulled out ready to be slept in. 
"What are these?" I muttered waiting for him to meet my gaze.
Harry turned, his back muscles flexing before relaxing again.
"For the guest room. I'll sleep there tonight, give you your privacy." He smiled almost fooling me.
"...oh." I breathed dropping my head.
Harry patted the mattress where I would be sleeping which I gladly climbed onto. He pressed the sheets and pillow to his chest. 
He stopped in his tracks, the same way he had the night of our first kiss. The fire ignited in the pit of my stomach as the thought fluttered beautifully through my mind. 
"Please stay." I smiled tilting my head.
I sucked my lip between my teeth as I saw him turning on his heels after shutting the door. His expression was bright and full of joy as he stalked back over to the bed. He placed the sheets quickly back into the cupboard before pulling the duvet on his side open. He placed a sweet kiss to the corner of my mouth before attempting to turn. I pulled at Harry's wrist wanting his lips locked with mine. He obliged returning his plump pink lips to mine in a slow passionate kiss.
"What do you want, baby?" He mumbled as he kissed me further.
I let my fingers wander from the nap of his neck over his shoulders, tracing his taut abdomen with my fingertips lightly.
"I... I want y-you to touch me..." I whispered breathlessly into his ear as he gently rolled his tongue over the sweet spot below my ear lobe. 
I could feel Harry smiling onto my neck. He pecked the sensitive skin before returning his lips to mine briefly.
"Lay back." 
I rested my back down onto the soft cotton sheet, Harry between my legs. My breathing picked up speed almost instantly, body reacting to his every touch. Harry traced his fingers downs the outside of my thighs torturously until he caught hold of the elastic of my thong. The breath caught in my throat as I remembered the damages done to the skin that he touched. Harry seemed to notice my reaction but he persisted on. He bunched the shirt up a little revealing the broken skin. I looked down to my shoulder, hiding my eyes from his not wanting him to see as I fort my tears. I closed my eyes, swallowing hard as I fort. My fighting was cut off by the softness of Harry's lips on my skin. He pressed butterfly kisses to my scars, embracing them as part of me. He lifted his head, a gentle caring smile formed on his heart shaped lips. His expression soon changed as he returned his darkened eyes to between my legs. Harry bit his lip, groaning coming from deep inside his throat as he rid me of my underwear.
"On your knees babe." He winked.
Harry's raspy voice was felt deep down in the pit of my stomach. I positioned myself in front of Harry, lips only inches from his, hands placed on both his covered thighs. Our lips locked moving in a slow rhythm. Harry rubbed his thumb over my cheek bone as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He moved his lips from mine, trailing kisses along my jaw returning back to just below my ear lobe. He sucked on the skin there as I felt his hand running up my inner thigh.
"I need you to be quiet for me okay, babygirl."
I nodded moaning softly as the tip of his finger teased my entrance. He dipped it further, grunting against my ear whispering my name with his husky tone. My grip tightened on his thighs, my fingertips pressing hard into the material as he pushed all of his finger in. 
"H-Haz." I said smacking my palm over my mouth to stop my moaning. 
Harry slowly pumped his finger in and out, curling it inwards as he continued to reach new depths of me. The speed of his finger quickened by the second, sliding comfortably in and out. I dropped my head on his shoulder as he inserted another finger pumping it with a faster pace than before. His thumb found my clit, rubbing figure 8's at a steady pace. Fires ignited in parts of me I didn’t even know existed as he curled his slender fingers inside me.
"Thorne..." He grunted as I slowly rode his fingers. "Thorne, look at me when I pleasure you!" His voice was dark, something I'd never heard from his lips. I liked it.
I licked my lips as I lifted my head from Harry's shoulder. My lazy eyes were met by lustful darkened green ones. His movements became faster and I felt a burning sensation at the pit of my stomach. Harry smirked as he watched me wither before him, reacting to every tiny touch he provided me. He kissed my lips quickly moving over to my ear.
"Cum for me, baby." He darkly whispered.
His words were my undoing. I let go of my orgasm around his fingers, biting down hard on my bottom lip stopping myself from loudly moaning his name. 
"That's it, Thorne. Ssshh, baby." He encouraged as I became completely spent in front of him. 
Harry removed his fingers from me, they were covered in my juices. Harry's crocked dimpled smirk told me he was pleased with his work, pleased with my reaction. As he swept his finger across his lips, sucking me off him, it became clearer that Harry was more experienced than I thought. I bit my bottom lip as I watched him devour my fluids from his fingertips, popping his finger out of his mouth. He lowered his lips to mine, moving them in a gentle rhythm. He once again slipped in his tongue letting me taste myself. The strange taste of my juices flowed around my tongue as it did Harry's. He hummed pulling our lips apart.
"Good?" He grinned.
"I...damn good." Was all I managed to get out. 
Harry began sliding his sweats down his toned thighs, hissing a little as he finally got the release he needed. The bulge was tight against his black boxes but he refused my touch, assuring me I'd get my turn to pleasure him like he had me soon. His words scared me a little as I had next to no experience in the field. Callum hadn't been the foreplay type, hadn't really been much of a consensual type either. He forced the issue and the more I thought about it, the more I craved the passion Harry had shown with me, his gentle touch, and how my body reacted to him. 
I tore my eyes off Harry's bulge, looking into his green orbs. 
"My sexy little Kitten." He said before pressing fluttered kisses to the corners of my mouth.

Harry rested back into the pillow pulling me down with him. He kissed me sweetly stroking my hair before gazing up into my eyes.
“You’re wonderful you know. Goodnight my Kitten.” He murmured sleepily.
I nuzzled my head into his neck curling up into his side. I ran a finger up and down his torso listening to his gentle breathing.
“Goodnight, Harry.”


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