Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


6. Six



My heart sunk as I watched Freddie and my dad wander through the door. He immediately headed for his office.
“Daddy…” I crocked.
He turned his head just enough for our eyes to meet. The suit he was wearing was tattered and torn, his white shirt blood stained and his cheek was gashed. I felt Selena’s fingers wrapped around my hand as he shut the study door. I chocked to keep my tears back while numbness eroded through my body. Cold tears trickled from my eyes as I stared at the wooden front door hoping she would come strolling in. moments passed and still nothing, just a cool air flowing around in the hall. i shot a glance over to the study. The door was still locked with my father inside. I took Selena under my arm before wandering up the stairs. Selena switched on my bedroom light as we wandered in then walked us both over to the bed. I dropped down onto the duvet, it puffed around my body as I rested against it. My hair fanned out over the pillow. I felt as Selena crawed silently underneath the duvet behind me. My breathing staggered and puffed in sharp breaths as I watched the moon shinning half full outside. I closed my eyes letting my thoughts flow, slowly letting myself drift off into the unknown depths of my mind unable to control the horrific images I knew would spring up throughout my dreams.

A few long painful days had passed since mum died. I had woken up a number of times screaming for her. The nightmares were creeping into the normal activities of my day. Little things triggered a thought which fluttered through my body, burning it before leaving it numb and lifeless.
“No Phil, just order the flowers… They were her favourite.” My father spoke from inside his study.
He had been as distant as possible, always at the solicitors firm he owned down town. My dad engulfed himself in his work, studied every detail in his cases, and kept himself from seeing us. I missed him even though his work load was nothing new. But without our mother the house, death lingered around the walls.
As I entered the kitchen Freddie tilted his head in my direction, a weak smile appearing. His eyes were watery and their normal bright hazel was clouded and dull. He stirred the strips of beef around in the pan, its Mexican scent flowing into my nostrils. Once again I found myself not eating a thing. I had nibbled on bits and bobs but the sadness ate away at me from the inside providing me with nothing more than a numb emptiness.
I returned Freddie’s smile with a shadow of one, something I had become good at long before my mum’s death. My lips quivered uncontrollably as I sat in-between Chanel and Selena. A simple “I'm honestly fine.” Crocking out of my dry throat kept them from touching me. I didn’t feel like crying in front of them all.
A few moments passed, Freddie dished everyone a plate of the spaghetti bolognaise doing my father’s last. He covered it with foil before placing it in the oven on the lowest heat. A tiny unnoticed smile played on my lips as Freddie’s resemblance to our mum shone. He scampered around the kitchen while the three of us ate. i slowly lifted the fork with a tiny bit of my meal on the end to my mouth, the smell of it made me crave it but as I brought it closer to my mouth a sickening feeling bubbled in the pit of my stomach.
“I’ll be just a second.” I said quietly excusing myself from the table. The passage between the living room and the kitchen was cooler and less stuffy. I could hear my dad still on the phone, making numerous arrangements for the funeral. I could pick out his sadness as he spoke, it was disguised by the rough tone of his voice. I stood with my back against the doorframe which was surprisingly open. I cleared my throat as he placed the mobile down on his desk.
“Daddy…” I whispered.
“Yes Thorne?” He said while packing files back on the shelves.
“How…” I swallowed my words as his faced me. His face was hard, eyebrows chastising me before I had the chance to ask my question. “How did she die?” I finally managed.
“Car accident, I’ve told you this before!” My dad’s voice rose a little, angered. I stepped back being stopped by the chest of drawers as his voice echoed. I sucked in a deep breath as my confidence to answer him built up.
“You know, work isn’t as important as you think! We’re here to, we’re still living and breathing and funny old thing, we need you!” I shouted towards him before exiting the study. I dashed up the stairs to my bedroom, slamming closed the door before falling in a pile of tears beside my bed. They didn’t hesitate to fall, I let go of every single one that had been held back for the past few days. The tears were cold against my anger burnt cheeks. My heart sunk down to the deep depths of my stomach, once again I felt very little.
I wasn’t sure how long I had been crying, but I had noticed Selena had disappeared out with Freddie and Chanel and my dad’s car had roared to life a few moments ago, tyres spinning as her ferociously sped off to the office.
I cocked my head towards the bedroom door as I heard the doorbell chiming. I grunted pulling myself from my comfortable bundle before lazily walking down the stairs. I wiped my eyes with my sleeve trying to remove any evidence of my outburst. I unlocked the door, yanking it open before checking to see who it was.
A pair of darkened eyes met mine as my fingers dropped from the door handle. My breathing stopped completely as I felt a similar frozen feeling I had at Sandy’s house.
“Callum.” I stuttered.
“Hello babe.” His voice was low and very dark.
He stepped into my hallway uninvited closing the door behind him. I found myself pressed up against the wooden banister of the bottom stair. Callum placed himself firmly in front of me, enough distance either side of him to grab me if I tried to flee. Our eyes met again, frightening me.
“I'm sorry about Cathy.” He whispered lowering his lips to just below my ear. His words were genuine but his actions were inappropriate for the occasion. Inappropriate for any occasion as I had ended our relationship bitterly asking him to leave me alone. As his wet lips made contact with my skin my instincts to protect myself shot my arms up in protest. I slammed my palms against his chest pushing him back a few steps allowing me to shift into the openness of the hall. Callum immediately took a dislike to my fight, shoving me flat against the banister not caring as I yelped in pain.
“Don’t provoke me Thorne!” He shouted aggressively.
My breathing came out in small terrified puffs as his eyes darkened further. His towering body shadowed mine much like Harry’s did. I shoved against his chest again, breaking free from the restriction of his body before I bolted for the front door. My hasty escape was again torn from me as Callum wrapped his bony hand around my wrist pulling me into a tight embrace against his chest. It rose and fell against my back, his breath hatching as he spoke. The terror of previous events returned as his capability seemed more evident. I shuddered as his lips made contact with my shoulder. he placed wet kissed along it making sure he hurt me with his biting. I squeezed my eyes closed hoping to block out his invasion of my space as he continued his assault to my skin. He sucked on the dip of my collar bone leaving a clear blemished bruise.
“Just so that freak knows you belong to me.”
He shoved me forwards, kicking my feet out of the way before he yanked open the front door. He left it open letting me watch as he strolled unharmed onto the street. Callum thrived off the mortified look upon my face, blowing a kiss in my direction. I clenched my stomach as I felt him on me again. I shuddered to my feet before slamming the door making sure all of its locks were tightly sealed. I scowered the house, locking up everything. I let go of a small sob as I wandered back up the stairs to my room. I peeled the jumper from my torso, examining the already visible bruise appearing on my back. My eyes landed on the mark placed on my neck. I quickly undressed, jumping into the shower wanting to rid myself of Callum best I could.


A certain dark haired girl caught my attention from across the aisle in River Island. She was standing with a taller guy and a very preppy looking blonde searching through the racks. I nervously made my way over to where she was keeping my eye on the lad with her.
“Selena.” I said surprised.
She turned quickly at the sound of my voice, a large smile spread widely across her face.
“Liam, hi!.”
Selena swung her arms around my neck hugging me tightly to her chest. The two with her seemed oblivious to our interaction until she introduced me. She excused herself politely before walking out of the shop, her arm linked tightly to mine. Her closeness warmed me, made me feel wanted and somewhat loved.
“So how are things at home?” I said looking into her eyes. She immediately dropped her gaze to the floor, scuffing her feet against it. “Selena, you can tell me. I'm always here for you if you need a chat.” I whispered rubbing my thumb along her bottom lip. Her bright greenish blue eyes shone back into mine as her lip quivered.
“Fine, I suppose.”
I let go of a sigh as I pulled her into my chest. Her arms wrapped themselves comfortably around my waist. My thoughts scattered trying to find something to say, I knew somewhat of how she must be feeling. I could relate to her loss but not to the devastation of being left with a father she never knew. Cathy was Selena’s mother in some sense, I could see how deeply she loved her. It hurt to see her suffering like she was.
“I think…”
“Liam Payne?” my sentence was cut off by a low voice coming from my left. Both myself and Selena lifted our heads to look at the male dressed in all black. He looked a little familiar, like one of the bouncers we knew from the clubs around town but I couldn’t put his face to one of them.
“Yes?” I said standing.
Selena followed linking her hands back around my upper arm.
“Miss Fox wishes for you to assist her with her exercise workouts.” He said soft enough so the people around us were unable to hear.
“Well that’s simple, have her fill out some forms, theyre on the website and she can start immediately.” I smiled up at him.
“No sir, you don’t understand. Miss Fox wishes for you to assist her personally.” He almost chuckled.
I quickly looked down at Selena who seemed unconfortable under the scrutiny of the large individual in front of us.
“If Miss Fox wishes for me to be her exercise coach, she’ll have to apply to the class.” I stated coldly.
The large figure nodded placing his sunglasses back over his eyes. “Very well Mr Payne.”
“I have to get off.” I sighed turning to face the girl beside me.
She nodded pulling her hands from my arm. I leaned in, pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek before heading to the carpark.

As I climbed into the car I dialled Niall’s number. The usual two rings sounded before he answered the call.
“Mate?” He said sounding a little worried at my unsteady breathing.
“Jessica Fox asked me to be her personal trainer.” I stuttered, still processing the information myself.
“No of course not! Her body guard showed up while I was sitting with Selena. He almost demanded I take the job.”
“And, did you?” Niall was being very calm due to the circumstance of which the conversation was regarding.
“I said no.”
“Mate! She’s gonna flip a switch!”
“I know, I know but I couldn’t drag myself back into that. It isn’t just me, its you four as well. I'm just keeping our backs clean.”
“Alright mate, I’ll get the lads together later and we’ll chat about this.” He hastily stated before hanging up.
The thought of diving right back into the lifestyles that I knew terrified me. I had never been good at my job with Jessica when I had it and I had no intention of returning to it.


I felt terrible for Thorne and her family and I felt even more terrible for not going over. I hadn’t seen her since the night at the club. The devastated look on her face burned in my mind, I hadn’t been able to remove it. I picked up the keys to the Ranger Rover leaving my house to head over to Thorne’s.
My thoughts were spinning about the fight next week. Training had been tuff, Zayn pushed me further past my limits each session. I was interrupted by the buzzing of my phone against the dashboard.
From: Niall
Mate, we need to chat. Jessica contacted Liam. – Ni.
The blood in my body boiled furiously as my thoughts were intoxicated with the memories of our past. I tightened my grip around the steering wheel, teeth grinding together as I picked up my phone. I dialled Niall to fill myself in on his text.
“What the fuck?” I shouted.
“Personal training job, looks like she’s going at us one by one.”
“He turned it down, yes?” My voice filled the empty surrounding me as my foot pressed down harder on the pedal.
“Of course he did Haz. You know as well as I do how much she broke Liam apart, he aint going back. None of us are.”
“I’ll be over shortly. I'm just popping to see Thorne.”
“No problem mate, see you later.”
Just as I placed my phone back in its holder upon the dash I noticed I had driven past Thorne’s house. I made a sharp U-turn, angering a few of the drivers in front and behind me before speeding back up the street. I pulled the car into the drive, quickly climbing out still furious. My anger soothed as I saw her appear behind the glass of the door. A small smile played on my lips as her face became visible. The smiled disappeared when I noticed how broken she looked. Her skin from head to toe was a pale white, her usual ocean blue eye we dull and the pink in her lips had been replaced with a cold purplish blue.
“Thorne…” I whispered as she wrapped her tired limbs around my waist. She let go of a little yelp, immediately covering her mouth. Thorne shuddered when I pressed her body to my chest, her cried more of pain than sadness. “Babe what’s the matter?”
She shook her head wiping away her tears. I took her chin between my thumb and index finger in disbelief that she was physically alright.
“I'm fine, I just fell down the stairs. I'm okay Harry.”
Thorne was unable to look me straight in the eyes, she quickly darted them elsewhere when I tried to make contact with them.
“Thorne look at me!” I said firmly. Her head snapped up focusing on my expression. She swallowed slowly, blue lips trembling as I stared into her eyes.  
“Lift your jumper.” I spat.
She did so turning her back to me. Thorne ruffled the grey jumper up to where her bra sat. Her pale skin was bruised dark blue, the pattern of the banister visible. The frustration I had been biting back ignited again as I played back her attack in my mind. I knew exactly what had happened and who had inflicted it on her. The game he was playing wasn’t about Thorne, it was about breaking me and showing me Thorne was already taken.
“Did he hurt you anywhere else?” I said coldly.
Thorne gasped almost silently as I spoke. I assumed she didn’t think I knew who had done this. She spun her body slowly in my direction again. I softened the hard expression best I could when our eyes met but I knew she could feel my anger radiating from my body. Thorne tilted her head pulling the neck hole of the jumper down to reveal the hickey on her neck.
“Just so the freak knows you belong to me.” She whispered before her body dropped to the ground.
I pulled her into my chest rubbing my palm gently up and down the length of her back.
“I'm going to fix this. I promised.”
Thorne’s hands found their way to the back of my neck as I lifted her into my arms. I held her close, I wished I could always hold her close to me keeping her safe from anyone wanting to hurt her. I kicked open her bedroom door swiftly walking over to her bed. I placed the girl down on the mattress tilting her head so our eyes caught contact once again.
“You’re beautiful Thorne and you don’t deserve this. No woman does. I'm going to fix this now.” I released her chin as I pulled away from the side of the bed. Her hand fell from my shoulder as I left.
“Harry…” a weak voice spoke from behind me. “Kiss me.”
Her plea stopped me in my tracks. I had craved her lips on mine for a while, past attempts seeming unsuccessful. I twisted myself around on my toes taking large strides to the girl who was sitting where I left her at the end of the bed.
I cupped Thorne’s tiny face in my hands rubbing her cheeks as I lowered my lips to her. She draped her arms over my shoulders, one hand found pleasure in fisting through my curls at the back of my head. Thorne pressed her chest up against mine as she nibbled on my bottom lip. The colour of her eyes seemed to return as she gazed up at me while I swung her legs around my waist.
I glided the tip of my tongue against her closed lips hoping she would grant me access into her mouth. She refused me access, smiling cheekily and pulling on my hair harder.
I let go of a throaty groan as Thorne continued to tease me. I removed my lips from her mouth, instead trailing little kisses down her jaw until I reached her neck. She tilted her neck to the side giving me more access, craving my lips as I craved her skin. 

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