Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


7. Seven



I wandered into the living room of my house as I tied my tie. Damien was by the window talking softly into his phone. His secretive manner stocked me slightly as he was never the secretive type. As I tucked the loose bits of my shirt into my trousers I cleared my throat. I could tell by his scowling I had startled him but I shook it off, focusing on getting myself ready before Zayn arrived with the lads. Damien nodded at me tossing his black suit jacket over his shoulder before exiting the house. I sighed as he pulled out a cigarette, seeming to continue his conversation.
From: Zayn
5 minutes. – Z
My mum was standing in the kitchen cooking my father’s breakfast when I entered.
“Give my love to those girls. We’re always here for them, let them know.” She spoke gently keeping her eyes glued to the chopping board.
“Of course mum.”
I gave her a small kiss on the cheek as the horn beeped outside. I slung my jacket over my back quickly manoeuvring my body through the hallway trying not to bump anything as I went.
As I shut the front door Zayn took a fag from Damien, bending his back a little for Damien to light it. He was dressed in an all-black suit with his hair gelled into a perfect quiff. Classic Zayn.
The other lads were dressed in similar attire to myself, Harry being the only one out of the six of us to have an open shirt. I shook each of the boy’s hands as Zayn and my cousin finished up their smoke.
“Thought you were quitting?” Harry nudged him as he climbed back into the Ranger Rover.
“When you need one mate, you need one.” He muttered.

Zayn drove at a steady speed to the church; the silence surround us was almost painful. I pulled my phone from my pocket, taking the last few minutes of the drive to check my messages. I noticed one from Dacey asking me to give my love to Thorne and Selena. Always the sweetheart, I thought. I felt a small smile creep onto my lips as my thoughts focused on her. The past few days I had been busy with football practice and never really had chance to see her or most of my friends. Louis had stepped in as assistant coach as Brad injured himself at work. Lou seemed happy to take up the job; he always seemed more relaxed kicking a ball around a muddy field than he was with us at Sandy’s.
Things had seemingly been getting worse, Jessica hadn’t given up on Liam and the tension between Harry and Louis had been heating up whenever Thorne was brought into the picture.
The sharp Holt of the car stopping shook my mind back to the present. Just as I stepped out onto the tarmac I noticed a pair of unfamiliar shoes before me. I lifted my head slowly until Callum’s sly looking face came into view. A few moments passed of constant staring before a young blonde slipped into the picture. She grabbed Callum around his upper arm tugging at it but he didn’t seem to notice or care. I saw a mop of curly hair appear beside me.
“It’s a funeral, have a little respect.” Harry spat.
“Callum please let’s just go, dad is waiting.” The young girl weakly stated.
The boys pressed his chest up against Harry’s but still he towered above him. I hadn’t met anyone with Harry’s height. Callum raised an eyebrow as he licked his lips.
“Mmm I can still taste her.” He hummed.
Harry clenched his fists, jaw tightening keeping his eyes locked on the boys standing a few millimetres from him. The girl tugged at her brother again, another unsuccessful attempt.
“Callum, love…” a faint voice echoed from across the car park.
His posture seemed to settle as the older woman kept calling him. He finally gave into who I assumed was his mum. Callum spat down next to Harry’s shoe once again smirking before following his sister.
Harry let go of a heavy sigh before returning to the other boys behind the car. I followed them all into the church. it was filled with half the town, many I knew had never even know Cathy. I saw Thorne’s dad darting in and out of people, many thank you’s spilling from his lips.
“Thank you…for coming.” Thorne’s shaky voice spoke from behind us.
“Babe…” Louis barely whispered as he took both girls under his arms.
Thorne hugged the other boys spending a little longer in Harry’s arms before she appeared in front of me.
“Lou told me what you did at school.” I opened my arms for her instead of speaking; I knew they both appreciated it. Most people in our school became nosy when it came to terrible things like this. A few people joking about the situation. It made me sick how hurtful people could be. The pain of Cathy’s death brought out the true colours of a lot of people in our school.
“Thank you Nialler.” She whispered squeezing her arms around my waist tighter.  


I let a small kiss to Harry’s cheek before I was pulled away by some of my mums friends. Selena had stuck to my side but I thought it best she stay with Liam. They apologised, just like everyone did. I was beginning to get fed up of peoples apologises; half of them weren’t even sincere. My heart still beat cold; blood ran icy in my veins. I had found the past few days hardly bearable, they seemed to have glumly drifted by. I avoided contact with Callum or his family, I wasn’t sure if I would behave myself if I was confronted by them. However I seemed to feel his eyes on me always, slowly drinking in what soul I had left. My hand was brushed by a familiar smooth one and as I tilted my head I noticed the curly haired guy peering down at me.
“Hi.” He whispered.
“Hello.” I replied.
The loud humming of the organ sounded and everyone sat down on the uncomfortable wooden bench. I gave Harry’s hand a squeeze before taking my place next to my brother. Selena was sitting on the other side other him and our dad next to her. Freddie enclosed my small numb hand in his as the service started. Her casket was placed before us, beautiful flowers were placed on top of it draping down the sides. I wasn’t really paying attention to what people were saying, didn’t sing along or make eye contact with anyone. I just sat beside Freddie, holding onto his hand staring at the falling petals. One by one the white petals swayed to the ground, they mesmerized me. They had such grace in such a morbid place.
“Mr McAdams would like to say a few words.”
My eyes snapped up as I heard my dad’s name. I bit my bottom lip as I watched him slowly plod up to the front. He stood up right, pulling out a piece of paper from inside his jacket. I watched, eyes wide hoping he wouldn’t break down in front of all these people. My dad wasn’t weak, but when it came to my mother no matter how many fights they got into, no matter how many punches were thrown, he could never really keep himself composed. His feelings would spill out and he’d spend forever making it up to her. I could see he felt let down and disappointed, in himself.
“Daddy…” I whispered catching his eye.
He shook off my disapproval continuing to unfold the white piece of paper. I lifted my hand to my mouth to stop my cries from echoing around the church instead just letting my tears fall as I waited for his to start.
“Thank you for being here.” He began. “Cathy, today is our day and as of today, the rest of our lives will forever be our day. No words can describe what my heart feels and no amount of gesturing could show you how much I love you. I read these vows to you today as a promise to always be yours until the day we part in death. I love you Catherine Georgina Trent and I promise to be all a better me, for you, for as long as we both shall live.” My heart sunk down to my feet and my erratic sobs leaked through the cracks in-between my fingers as he read out his wedding vows.
“I’d like to think I kept my promises to you my love, but truthfully I did not. But if I can say one thing that would be that my love never changed and never will. I love you my love, go well.” Just as he spoke his last words a stream of tears escaped his eyes. Freddie leaped up from his seat to grab him before he fell. I had never seen my dad so fragile.
The service seemed to end quickly after my father’s words. Selena was still sitting in the same place she had been all along, completely frozen. I pulled her body close to my chest as the rest of the guests rose and started wandering out of the building. Liam sat beside her clasping her hand in his. He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand while whispering in her ear. I stood up, my feet becoming heavy and painful in my heels. My wrists started to itch as I looked at her casket.
“Tee…” his voice rasped beside me.
I let go of a painful sigh, it burnt in my throat. I pressed my lips together, my eyes still locked on the wooden coffin before me. The itching became worse the more I looked but I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off of her. I wondered what she looked like inside, if she looked peaceful. If she was peaceful. My thoughts fluttered around the image of death, feeling comfortable with it, wishing it was somehow me that was in the box.
I was ripped from my gloomy mind by Harry’s embrace. He pressed a small kiss to my forehead, the feeling of his plump lips shuddered through my body, igniting it back to life. A single tear, the last tear I was able to cry, slipped down my cheek. Harry rubbed it from my skin with the pad of his thumb before pulling me back into his hard chest. I enclosed my arms around his waist under his blazer hoping I might disappear into him. We both wandered out to the foyer where the other boys were now standing, soon after Selena and Liam followed. I took hold of her free hand, giving it a squeeze before resting my head against Harry’s chest. A little of my feeling returned as he held onto me. I felt no need to show a fake smile or lie about being fine. With Harry I was able to be normal and I somewhat craved that.


Everything about this place was morbid and dark. I paced up and down a little section of the grass in front of the church while I thought. I quickly glanced over at my mum talking to Paul and only imagined what the family must be feeling. I shifted my gaze to the left as I picked out a handsome dark haired lad walking with the blonde one I had seen earlier. Their smiles we forced, almost not able to. I didn’t blame them, this place alone was enough to end the train of happiness, even if it were a wedding being held.
I licked my lips sucking the bottom one between my teeth as I caught a quick glimpse of the boys eyes meeting mine.
“You don’t want to mingle with skater boy Bell’s. He’s no good.” Callum whispered in my ear.
“Oh and you are? I’ve seen her bruises. It’s a good job she got away from you when she did!” I spat shoving him away.
I huffed up and down the back of the church trying to calm myself. Callum was my brother, I knew that, but I wasn’t the type to let go of his abusive manners. His short temper made me sick, the way he made people grovel and beg for him to stop sent shivers up and down my body. I thought back to when I found out, if Megan hadn’t cried out I might never have known and one day I could have been in her place. His behaviour ran in the family and the people he called mates weren’t much better.
“Oh god sorry.” An Irish accent spoke as I stumbled forwards.
I shook my head trying to steady myself before peering up. I was met by hazel eyes and dark tufts of hair that seemed to have fallen out of place.
“I'm Zayn and this is my mate Niall.”
“Pleasure.” The blonde haired boy said holding out his hand.
“Bella.” I breathed softly.
“Oh yeah that’s right, Meg’s baby sister.” Zayn nudged Niall’s arm.
It irritated me a little that I was known as Megan’s baby sister as I was much more mature than she was. I grunted as Zayn’s eyes met mine again. But instead of staying angry I seemed to melt under his intense stare. My admiring was cut short as I heard my dad calling my name. both boys nodded at me before I disappeared back to my family.


So far all I had heard was “I'm sorry for your loss.” A small part of me was growing fed up with the words as I was constantly being reminded of the loss. Thorne was stood with Freddie across the car park talking to an older looking lady. She seemed nice and sincerely sorry, unlike the many other faces I could pick out. Only being here to say they were here. I searched the crowd for my dad who I hadn’t seen since his speech.
My breathing was staggered, coming out in small puffs of white. The wind swept around my open legs as I walked through the sea of people. I spotted him standing with a strange looking male, he was slightly taller, dressed up in a black suit and his brown hair in a very 80’s style. I froze as the male stepping closer to my dad, poking at his chest seeming to lower his tone so only my dad heard. I could tell by his posture he wasn’t intimidated by the aggressive bloke.
I twiddled my fingers as I waited, the taller male catching my eye over my father’s shoulder. He laughed almost devilishly keeping his eyes locked on me. He patted dads shoulder then disappeared out of the cemetery gates. I swallowed when my dad turned around on his heels not sure whether the disgusted expression taking over his features was because the guy had pissed him off or if it was in fact my presence that startled him. He stalked over to me gripping tightly to my upper arm. I silently yelped out as he continued to pull me back towards the church. Another person stopped him in his tracks, this time it was the minister dressed in his white robes. He gave my dad a nod and he seemed to return to the devastated guy I had seen reading moments ago.
He let go of my arm completely fading away from his surroundings as he followed the minister over to where the grave was dug. My stomach turned frantically as I walked forwards. The heels of my feet burned against the sole of my stilettos. A warm tingle ran through me as I felt fingertips brushing against my palm. Liam slid his fingers between mine. I cocked my head to the side, black curls fell from off of my shoulder as the smiling boys face came into view. The smile I loved grazed his lips and his brown eyes sparkled in the dim light provided by the overcast weather. I swung my head forwards spotting Thorne and Harry a few metres before us, the other boys strode a couple centimetres in front, hands in pockets and heads down. Harry removed his hand from his trouser pocket and placed it at the small of Thorne’s back. She looked up at him, her face was pale, lips shadowed with a hint of blue and something in her sparked. The glint in her eyes seemed to shine as they shared the moment, I could see he was speaking softly. He pressed a small kiss to her forehead before stopping next to the other boys by the grave. I tightened my grip around Liam’s hand knowing I would soon have to let go to take my place next to my family.
“I’ll be right here.” He whispered before pressing a kiss to my cheek.
I stepped forwards hand still entwined with Liam's before I felt it drop from my grasp. I let go of a soft sigh. Thorne gave me a little nod before blankly focusing back on the casket in front of us.
I was still in shock the Cathy was inside the box before us. My mind wandered over the feeling of death and what it feels like. I wondered if it was warm or cold and if she would be warm being buried deep down in the earth. I lifted my eyes to the sky, questioning if there was anything above the clouds, another world perhaps? I’d like to think there was something more, something better. But as I looked at the casket I realised maybe there wasn’t. Cathy was drilled inside the casket not able to move a limb. She was beautifully frozen for all of time inside her new home. Nothing anyone did or believed would bring her back to the land of the living. A single tear fell as I noticed the coffin was being lowered. Thorne took my hand as she kissed the top of a white rose before letting it fall on top of the casket with a thud. Freddie and our dad dropped red ones as I let another white slip from my fingers. Our hands gripped tighter to one another’s as two men started shovelling dirt back into the open pit.
“Goodbye…mum.” I breathlessly whispered.
Thorne stepped away as small sobs escaped her mouth, she covered it quickly hoping they would stop but instead they grew louder and more painful. We all left the grave which had already been graced with a marble gravestone. Paul had picked out the white marble, the top left hand corner studded with Cathy’s favourite Swarovski crystal. Her name covered the top section along with one of her favourite sayings; Cry when you need to, laugh when you can. Along with a small message which was almost as beautiful as she was, I thought.
Liam hugged me under his shoulder again, smiling his large smile as we walked back to the car. I looked back to the grave, it was over, Cathy was gone and all that was left was building our lives back up around th brokenness of our family.


I lifted the tray from the coffee table to take into the kitchen. Both girls were curled up on the sofa asleep. Thorne still looked paler than most days and Selena seemed to follow in her sister’s paleness. I smiled softly hoping they would return to the way they were, or at least become happy again. I placed all the empty cups into the dishwasher. I shut the door before twisting around on the spot; Paul was stood with his back against the door frame. His eyes couldn’t keep hold of mine and as I approached him I could smell the strength of the whisky coming off his breath.
“You know Louis…” he slurred stumbling forwards. “That if not for that bitch I would be happy.”
His words caught me off guard and from the sight of him I knew he wouldn’t remember any of what he was saying in the morning. I was a little thankful he was saying this to me and not the girls or his son.
“Mr McAdams I really think-”
“No, no.” he shouted waving his hands around in my face.
“I think you should leave my boy. I'm not the man you think I am.” He said firmer, a dark smirk forming on his lips.
I swallowed my soberness an advantage against him. I thought about ways to protect myself without making to much noise, I didn’t want Thorne to see or hear this.
just as Paul stepped towards me I swung a punch hitting him hard on the cheek. He stumbled backwards into the barstool before steadying himself. He chuckled as he rose from the spot he was slouched in. Paul jumped forwards pushing me flat against the cupboard door.
“Don’t push me lad, you got that?”
I nodded as his voice echoed loudly around the empty kitchen. A few moments of staring between the two of us commenced before he placed me back on my feet. He wiped the corners of his mouth eyeing me from over his shoulder. I quickly grabbed my jacket from the stool before vacating out of the back door.
it was drizzling by this time, my mind spun. I had never seen Thorne’s dad so drunk before and I had most definitely never heard him call Cathy a bitch. I licked my lips hoping to warm them but the moment I removed my tongue the coolness of the air sent them back into a dry coldness.
I turned into Baker Street, knowing Niall lived along it when I came across a dark SUV. I instantly thought it was Harry's car but the number plate read wrong. As I approached I noticed two body’s together on the back seat through the windshield. The inside of the car was extremely dark but I could pick out two male figures. The furiously kissed each other around the mouth and neck, attacking at the skin. I found it strange to be doing something like this in such a public place then realised the other windows were tinted. I passed the car, not taking the two boys actions as anything wrong. I looked back and instantly recognised one of the males. Damien devoured the young boys flesh under his lips before tilting his head in my direction. Upon spotting me behind the car he seized his actions and pushed the boy away quickly. I held up my arms not having a problem with what he was doing before he clambered out of the car.
“Louie please. Just…please Lou don’t tell my dad.” He begged grabbing hold of my arms.
“Day’s chill mate, your secrets safe with me.” I nodded adding a reassuring smile.
 A few seconds passed before the other guy stumbled out. He had managed to get his clothes on in the right order before walking over to us. He was at least a head taller than Damien, blue eyes, brown hair. A brief moment swept through my mind as I wondered what Judy would say, she was head over heels for Damien. But the thought quickly passed through as I saw the longing look in both their eyes. Two normal people in love, that’s all it was.
I nodded at both of them taking hold of the one boys hand.
“I'm Donovan.” He said, his accent similar to that of Niall's.
“Look after this lad won’t you.” I winked before leaving the two of them.
I carried on down the street, wind sweeping around my ankles and droplets of rain splattering over my exposed cheeks. I could pick out Sandy’s house in the nearby street, a little older than the ones closer to the city. I pulled the key from my pocket before forcing it in the door. Kate’s laughter filled the walls as she listened to another one of Sandy’s dry jokes.
“Alright mate. Kate.” I greeted tossing my jacket over the hook on the wall.
“Aye Louie, come join us.”
As I entered the living room I saw a familiar face. One face I thought I would never have to see again. The slow beating of my heart increased with each passing second as I sat in the arm chair opposite a man who might as well be the devil. I shrugged off his greeting, not taking much notice and clarifying that Sandy had no idea who the male sitting before him was. 

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