Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


9. Nine


I listened silently to the pair arguing in the living room. They tossed comments about arrangements and flowers across the table as Marcia, their wedding planner, sat patiently between them. Freddie was the more simple type whereas Chanel wanted the traditional big white wedding.
Tonight was their rehearsal dinner, I was a little nervous as it was the first time since my mum’s funeral where all the family would be together in one room. 
A soft knock at the door took my attention away from the commotion going on in the living room. A familiar curly haired silhouette filled the frosted glass. I bit my lip as I yanked open the door.
“Hello Kitten.” He whispered.
I giggled, still not used to his nickname, pink lips brushed against mine a few times, occasional glances shared between us until Harry sweetly pecked my mouth. My hands ran up his neck before my fingers twisted through the curls at the back of his head. Harry’s hands gripped my waist eagerly pulling me closer to his body. A cool breeze swooped around my exposed legs, chills rushing up and down my body before our mouths met again in a gentle kiss. A few moments passed before Harry pulled away, he brushed the tip of his nose on mine leaving a small kiss on my top lip.
I snapped my head up feeling my dad’s disapproving eyes glaring at us from behind. I hadn’t properly introduced Harry to him yet but I knew my dad knew of him. A brief glance was shared between Harry and myself before I twisted in his embrace where I was met with a patronizing glare.
“Daddy?” I almost whispered.
“I’m Harry.” He said sweetly after a long silence.
Harry held out his hand for my dad to take, which he did politely but I couldn’t help notice the judgmental look in my father’s eye.
“Paul.” He muttered looking Harry up and down. “Thorne, my office please.”
My father walked past Harry and I, sliding the key into the wooden door of his office. I squeezed on Harry’s hand glancing up at him with shadowed eyes. I knew what my dad was about to tell me, or demand from me.
“I’ll go and make us a cuppa.” A crooked smile curved on Harry’s face, a dimple dented in his left cheek.
He pressed his lips to my temple stroking the visible cheek bone with the pad of his thumb. I watched as the curly haired boy walked down the hall, feet facing inwards. I took in a deep breath as Harry disappeared from view before twisting on my heels facing the large wooden door.
I pushed against it, a gentle wisp of warm air circling me. My father was sitting in his leather desk chair, pen in hand scribbling on his notes for the case he was defending.
“Lots of work then?” I said softly.
He placed his pen down neatly next to the pill of papers before pulling the glasses off his nose placing them adjacent to his pen. My father looked up at me, one eyebrow raised and his lips slightly parted ready to speak. I wasn’t sure how he would word his sentence as he was a solicitor. He loved using big bold words to confuse what he meant, hoping we’d figure it out and do the opposite. The gentleness in his expression changed after he cleared his throat. It was replaced with a serious disapproving glare, similar to the one from before.
“That boy trouble Thorne. I don’t want you seeing him.” He ordered.
“I will.” I whispered.
“You will what? See him?” He laughed wickedly, acting like he’d won. But I couldn’t let him, I felt safer with Harry, protected. More so than I did in my own home.
“I will see who I please dad. If mum were here she’d…”
“She’d what Thorne?” he shouted lifting himself from the chair.
He placed both hands on his desk leaning into them. I stepped back wanting to rush off into Harry’s arms. My chest rose and fell rapidly as my dad continued to assault Harry with his words.|
“Your bloody mother isn’t here so don’t bring her into this, do you hear me?!” He screamed louder and I was surprised Harry hadn’t come in. “She was nothing, is still nothing. That bitch ruined my life! Thorne you will not see that Gypsy boy! Do you understand?!”
“Enjoy your business trip.” I stuttered.
I stormed back to the office door, trying to keep in my tears. I gripped the diamond pendant hanging from my chain before ripping it off. I turned to face my father furiously. I tossed the gem towards him angrily. It landed on the pile of papers before him.
“The actions of his dad don’t define who he is! And as for mum, she loved you through everything. Even when you were being an arsehole!”
“Thorne…!” he shouted after me.
I slammed the door moving to the staircase. I steadied my breathing, wiping away the few tears that had escaped before heading into the kitchen.
Harry was standing by the stove pouring the boiling water into a teapot. He grabbed two teabags from the cupboard dropping them into the water. He put the teapot onto a tray alongside two teacups then carried it over to the little table by the window. I sat holding my head down, keeping my eyes glued to my lap. Harry’s waist appeared in front of my face before his fingers wrapped around my chin forcing me to look upwards. The leather cuffs of his jacket swept past my jaw as he took hold of my head. Harry lowered his mouth to my forehead pressing a small kiss upon it.
“I'm sorry he said that about her.” He whispered.
“It’s okay Harry, everything is alright.” I struggled to speak steadily, fighting back the will to cry each second.
I quickly wrapped my arms around his waist, my head resting on his lower stomach. Harry’s soft breathing soothed me and enabled me to force the tears back. He reached back for my hands locking his fingers with mine.
“Tea’s getting cold Kitten.” He grinned, dimples popping in both cheeks.
I poured us both a cup of tea, the situation feeling strange. As I set my eyes upon Harry sitting back in his chair dressed in all-black with his classic brown leather jacket covered with white wool on the inside, I realized he didn’t do this much.
“Harry.” I whispered before taking a sip of tea.
His eyes snapped up focusing on mine. A slight look of concern shadowed his features, he hummed continuing to drink his tea.
“I'm sorry about what he said about your dad and you.”
I took in a deep breath before placing the cup on the table. Harry grabbed my hands leaning over the tray. His height gave him an advantage, allowing him to be only a few inches from my face.
“He was only speaking the truth Thorne.”
“He wasn’t very nice about it!” I said quickly.
“As long as you’re alright, that’s all that matters. I can handle hate babe.” He whispered softly smiling.
An hour or so past of idle chatting on the grass outside, drinking in the warm sun. Harry took hold of my hand turning it so my palm was facing upwards. He drew his finger over the defined lines, his touch tickling.
“Life line, heart line, love line…I think.” He smirked.
“You’re a terrible fortune teller.” I giggled.
He caught hold of my gaze linking his arms around my hips. Harry pulled my body up from the grass so I was sitting in front of him, my back pressed up against his chest. He took hold of my hand again running his index finger down the longest line of my palm.
“Am not! I know for certain you’re going to look beautiful tonight.” He whispered, a hint of seductiveness in his tone. He fluttered kisses down the back on my neck causing me to wriggle under his embrace. He grunted a few times then spun me around. Harry’s lips quickly found mine in a desperate kiss which took my breath away. The stillness from the house shocked me a little and I knew somewhere my dad was keeping eyes on us. But I didn’t care. I removed my lips from Harry’s moving them down his defined jaw and onto his neck. He moaned softly in his throat, my name lightly trickling from his parted lips as I sucked on his tanned skin. I pulled away from the skin of his neck to observe the mark I had left. I bit my bottom lip happy with what I had done before gazing back up at Harry.
“Everyone will see that you know.” He chuckled.
“Good.” A smile forming on my lips. “Now they’ll know you’re mine.” I whispered into his lips kissing them gently.
“Cheeky aren’t you Kitten.”
“You only have yourself to blame Styles.”
“You’re beautiful.” He spoke softly grazing his finger over my lips. “I have to go to work babygirl, but I’ll see you tonight.”
His bright eyes became dull as he noticed the worry spreading across my face. Harry immediately cupped my face in his hands pecking tiny kisses over my cheeks.
“Be safe.”
“I promise.” He whispered.
I drank in air quicker than usual as I watched Harry strut back to the house. I followed shortly after, only managing to see his mop of curls were lost from my view.
I began washing the teapot and cups swaying to the tune flowing around my mind when Selena’s soft giggles tore my attention away.
“What is the matter with you?” I asked.
“Those two in there.” She giggled.
I shook my head as Selena and I laughed before wandering up the stairs to get dressed for this evenings dinner.


I became nervous as Harry was nowhere in sight, he had about 15 minutes to get himself ready for his fight. I wrapped the last of my tape around my hands, stretching them a few times until they were comfortable. The changing room door suddenly swung open, Harry angrily stormed in dropping his training bag on the bench.
“Mate c’mon get ready.”
“I tossed the match.” He mumbled keeping his back to me.
My jaw dropped as I played back his words until they sunk in. harry never gave up a fight, he always went in fit and ready to stand his ground.
“Haz but, what did…why?” I stuttered.
“Thorne.” Her name was all he said before he packed up the things from his locker. “I can’t fight when …”  
“What the hell did you just do Styles?” a familiar voice cut him off.
I turned to face a furious brunette, her fists in balls. It had been a long time since I had seen Jessica and we all knew she was back on Liam’s tail, but in that moment I wondered what she wanted with Harry.
“Get out Jess.” He spat still cleaning out the locker.
A familiar smirk appeared on Jessica’s face as she approached Harry. She clamped her tiny hand around Harry’s shoulder before pulling her phone from the back pocket of her jeans.
“Marco wasn’t happy with your decision Harry and you know how Marco’s brain works.” Her voice echoed softly through the room as she spoke.
“I guess this pretty little thing will have to do, won’t it my love…”
Harry quickly snatched Jessica’s phone from her hand. I didn’t need to see what was on the screen, Harry’s actions told the story.
“You can have anything you want, but not her!”
“Jess c’mon, it was just a fight.” I said hoping to lighten the mood between the two of them.
“No Zayn, it wasn’t just a fight. This was Marco’s way of saying thanks for screwing him over in Spain.”
My heart sunk as the week the lads and I had spent in Spain crawled its way back into my mind. The flashing lights, the blood, the pain, everything flooded back. I clamped my eyes shut hoping to push it out, but the more Jessica spoke, the more visible it became.
“Not her Jess, please.” Harry’s voice was low and soft, almost pleading for Jessica to leave Thorne out of it.
“Hurt her like you hurt Marco, Mr Styles.” She smirked before turning her head towards the open door.
A small framed blonde wearing a tight black dress and blood red heels strutted through the door. I had seen her once before, standing next to Thorne’s aunt at Cathy’s funeral. Victoria.
“No Jess, no way.”
He picked up his duffle bag, slinging it over his shoulder attempting to walk past the girl. Victoria smirked as Harry carried on towards the door.
“Harry, you know what he’ll do if you don’t do this.” She said, her voice sounding a little more concerned for Thorne’s safety than before. Victoria on the other hand didn’t seem to mind what happened to her cousin, she just wanted Harry. I grabbed his shoulder pushing him back, making sure our eyes met.
“Mate, if this is the only way to keep her safe.”
“I'm not doing this to her Zayn, I’ll sleep outside her house if I have to but I won’t do this!”
I could tell he was worried and a little part of him wanted to go through with Jessica’s idea, knowing she would keep her word and Thorne would come to no harm. But I knew, just by seeing the tears filling in his eyes that losing her and making her think he only cared for her body clouded his thoughts, not allowing him to make a clear decision.
“If I do this, she’ll be safe? You keep your word?”
“Don’t I always Styles?!”
The brown haired girl stared at him, a flutter of concern appearing on her features. Harry dropped his duffle and his head, his curls falling forwards. He looked over to me, sadness stretched across his face as he walked over to Jessica and Victoria.
“If anything happens to her today, tomorrow, or ever, I’ll hunt you all down like the animals you are.” He said firmly in Jessica’s face. “And as for you, you can wipe that dirty little smirk off your face. I’m not attracted to whores, so don’t expect anything spectacular. This is for Thorne and all the while I’ll be thinking of her!” He spat down at Victoria.
Her eyes widened and the smirk disappeared. Harry picked up his bag again before storming out of the door, Victoria following looking almost as if she was reconsidering the whole deal.
Jessica rested her eyes on me, looking me up and down as I stood in front of her wearing my shorts and trainers.
“Go on lad, you’ve got a fight as well. Don’t chicken out like your mate down there or I’ll have that little Bella girl you’re so fond of.”
She slung her arm over my shoulder shutting the door behind us. I all of a sudden became scared of who I was facing in the cage as I heard the crowds rawring.



I pulled up outside Thorne’s house, I could see everyone standing in the front room, dressed and ready to go. I got out of the car feeling terrible and dirty. I had been with random girls before but never anything like this. Victoria was dirty and I pitied her. I could see her standing beside her mum next to Paul, a smug look on her face as she spotted me wandering up the steps. The front door was open and waiting beside it was none other than Victoria.
“Ello Handsome.”
I didn’t say anything to her nor did I look at her, I walked past her and up the stairs to Thorne’s bedroom. Selena was on her way down, dressed in a navy blue cocktail dress. I smiled at her before wondering where Liam was. I shook off the thought and headed up the remainder of the stairs. I stopped just before Thorne’s room by the mirror. I tucked my shirt into my trousers again then pulling my blazer down. I shook my hair forwards sweeping it to one side before finally entering Thorne’s room. She was sat with her back to me clipping the last bobby pin into her blonde hair.
“Kitten.” I whispered as I lower my lips to the skin just before her neck.
She moaned softly turning herself around in my arms. I removed my mouth so I could look at the beautiful girl before me. She looked damn fit dressed in an all-black dress which hugged her tiny curvy body, with black lace material that covered the whole dress.
Thorne’s innocent blue eyes beamed up into mine and pink full lips pouted slightly as she swallowed. I didn’t want to smudge her lipstick but I craved her lips. I wanted to make her feel good and feel loved and wanted.
“Can I kiss you?” I whispered.
She nodded smiling largely before pressing her body flat against mine. Even in heels Thorne was still a head shorter than me. She pressed up on her tip toes swinging her arms around my neck fingering through my hair as our lips came together. I brushed my fingers up the length of her arm until I met her hand. I locked our fingers together bringing them down so they were in-between our bodies.
I could feel the blood rushing to my groin as her little whimper vibrated on my lips. So sexy, I thought. I slid my tongue across her bottom lip hoping she’ll allow me to kiss her more fully, craving her taste. She did, surprising me yet again. The kiss deepened through each movement, both of us drinking in each other. Her mouth was so sweet. Thorne closed her lips, pecking mine a few times sweetly. I let my eyes opened slightly, she was biting her lips, one of the sexiest things she could possibly do. Thorne’s lips were swollen, as were mine but all she could do was grin.
A small strand of her hair slipped free, she went to tuck it back before I caught her hand.
“Leave it.” I smiled.
Thorne twirled her body in front of mine, her back pressed flat against my chest. I kept my hands linked with hers as we wandered into the front room. The mass of people seemed to come as a shock.
“Don’t worry babe, I’m right here.” I whispered tightening my grip on her hands.
“Thank you, baby.” She murmured.
I smirked knowing Thorne was mine, a flutter erupted in my stomach as she squeezed my hands. Freddie made a toast before showing everyone to the door. He left first with Chanel, Selena, Liam and Paul and Thorne rode with me in the Ranger Rover. Her hands were folded in her lap and her head facing away from me, I disliked not seeing her beautiful face.
We arrived at the venue Chanel and Freddie were holding their rehearsal dinner. I sprung out of the car around to Thorne’s side to help her out.
“You don’t have to Haz.” She giggled.
“I want to, Thorne.”
The wind was a little chilly and as I saw Thorne’s bare legs covered in Goosebumps I quickly hurried us to the entrance.


The evening swooped past, the food was wonderful and the wine seemed to be escaping to my head a little. Harry hadn’t been drinking, as he was driving me back home and I knew even if he had a sip my dad would make a scene. Selena looked happy sitting in the corner with Liam and I envied that our father loved Liam and not Harry. I shook it off as I felt a soft hand brush mine. I tilted my head up to my left, a tall curly haired guy stood beside me talking to one of my grandparents. Nanna seemed stunned by Harry, everything he said her face lit up. I hadn’t seen her smile this much in a long time.
“Granddad’s calling my dear, I best be off.” She smiled picking up her purse.
We both watched as she wandered across the hall to where my granddad was sitting.
“Fancy a dance Kitten?” He winked.
I took his hand for him to lead me onto the dance floor, When I Look at You, by Miley Cyrus immediately started playing. I gazed up at Harry almost amazed, he knew it was one of my favourite songs and it was one song that reminded me of him.
Harry took my hips in his hands, I rested one hand against his chest and the other was slung lazily over his shoulder. I let my head rest in the crook of his neck. I softly breathed in the scent of his aftershave, it was familiar… Blue Jeans … I quickly thought remembering the smell.
Yeah when my world is falling apart. When there’s no light to break up the dark. That’s when I, I, I look at you…” Harry sung the words so beautifully, raspy and deep.
I shuddered as he continued to sing the song I only imagined was about him. I closed my eyes letting my lips leave tiny sprinkled kisses on his neck until the song was finished.
“Oh Styles how you make my heart beat wild.” I hummed.
Harry lifted my chin with his index finger so my eyes were looking into his, an action he used a lot. He lightly kissed my lips pulling my body closer to his with the other hand. All around me I knew people were watching and judging but nothing about what I was doing felt wrong. With Harry, everything always felt right.
“I want to make you feel good Kitten.”
My eyes widened at his subtle words, never had I heard them sound so sexy before. I let my mind wonder on a reply but once again my mouth spoke before my brain.
“Tell me…every detail.” I breathlessly whispered.
Our eyes met as our bodies swayed to the gentle beat of Ed Sheeran. Harry’s hard chest could be felt through his plum coloured shirt, abs flexing each time he took a breath in.
“I want to kiss you everywhere, taste you, feel you. I want to hear my name coming from your lips, letting the world know it is me making you feel so good. My little sexy Kitten.” He whispered releasing my earlobe and returning his face to my view. He smirked darkly, like a naughty school boy as his dimples popped into his cheeks.
“Haz…” I almost moaned.
I wiped my hand over my mouth forgetting where we were. Harry chuckled pulling it away, keeping it held in his. He managed to turn me on with his wonderful words but remain sweet and caring with his actions. To others Harry came across as some sort of aggressive manwhore but he wasn’t that at all, he had a temper but underneath his hard exterior was a loving, caring, funny lad that I was falling for more each second.

I pulled Harry’s blazer tighter around my body as the ice cold wind circled around my legs. The party was still going on inside the warm building but my dad thought it best if we head home. I kissed my dads cheek quickly, greeting him with a cold “bye.” Before nuzzling back into Harry’s chest. Harry opened the back door for me, I curled my legs up into my chest pulling the blazer over my fetus like form. My eyelids failed to remain open as Harry spoke, his low raspy voice aiding me to sleep.
Once again the cool wind spun around my body waking me from my sleep. Harry lifted me into his strong arms, shutting the door with his foot. His chest was freezing and I felt terrible for taking his blazer but no matter how many times I tried giving it back, he always placed it back on my shoulders leaving little kisses fluttered on my cheeks.
Strangely Selena wasn’t home yet, the house was empty or so it seemed. As we approached the front door Harry noticed it was open. He stood in front of me protectively keeping hold of my hands as we slowly walked into the pitch black hall. He flicked the switch by the coat rack, I gasped as I saw Victoria sitting on the bottom stair.
“God sakes Vicky!” I shouted snatching the keys from her.
“Gonna shag her good aintchya Styles?!”
“Shut up and get out!” Harry spat back.
She turned to face me, tracing her finger along the neck line of my dress. I swatted her hand away feeling slightly uncomfortable. Harry pulled me against his chest protectively waiting for her to leave.
“Did you mention what you got up to earlier?” she laughed wickedly.
I looked back at Harry, his eyes narrowed and his jaw was tight. “Fuck off!”
“Now, now, I think the poor girl deserves to know what you get up to in your spare time.”
“Harry?” I questioned.
“Thorne listen, I …”
“Truth is baby, he shagged me while you were sitting here getting ready.”
I froze in Harry’s arms, my whole body turning cold. I was speechless and I couldn’t look at him or her. I pushed myself away from him, still not looking back before rushing up the stairs to my bedroom. I didn’t think to shut the door, I just crashed onto the bed. Tears fell rapidly onto the cotton material, make-up running down my cheeks. Harry’s blazer was still wrapped around my body and as much as I wanted to take it off, I couldn’t. It smelt like him, felt like him, I felt safe inside it. Victoria’s words shook me and I didn’t want to believe Harry would do something like that but the more I heard their raised voices from downstairs the more it sunk in. he had cheated on me, I didn’t know the reason and I didn’t want to. At least not tonight. I fort against my sub-conscious thoughts screaming at me. she threw all she had, “cut. Cut. Cut.” She spoke, edging me one. I had no strength to lift myself from the bed, no strength to pull my blade from the drawer of the bedside table.
A few long, painful, tearful moments passed before I felt warm hands rubbing my shoulders and ripping me from my mind. I lifted my head to find Harry looking almost as terrible as me. His eyes were red and puffy from the tears, I could see an imprint of a palm on his left cheek.
“Thorne let me…”
Before he could finished I moved away from him to the other side of my bed. He followed, anger crossing his features as he crawled after me until I tried running for the door. Harry slammed it, pushing me against it.
“I won’t hurt you Thorne!” he said loudly, scaring me.
“If you mean me no harm…you’ll go.” I weakly spoke closing my eyes.
Moments passed and Harry’s hands fell away from my arms. He disappeared out the front door, Ranger Rover speeding off down the street. I placed a hand over my mouth again, hoping to stop the cries that I knew were starting as my body tiredly slid down the length of the door. I sat in a heap on my bedroom floor, tears escaping the confines of my eyelids as I yelped for the pain to stop. My cries somewhat became louder the more I tried keeping them hidden. All of a sudden a part of me woke up, eyes clouded with tears but she knew where to go. I felt like I was watching myself again, watching myself tare apart my flesh. The silver blade shone in the moonlight coming from the window before it was slashed with droplets of blood. It began trickling down the inside of my thigh. The more blood the more I sobbed. I stuck the pointy end of the razor blade in again unable to move it. I fort with my selfish sub-conscious to stop, begging her to.
Selena burst through my door answering my plea, snatching the blade from my grasp. She pulled me up, attempting to take his blazer which I couldn’t allow, taking me over to the bed. She handed me a fresh shirt which I quickly changed into wrapping myself in the blazer once again. I watched as she dabbed the blood from my leg, some of it was already dry. She patched up my leg with a simple bandage before she finally looked me in the eyes.
“Thorne I don’t know what to tell you other than please don’t use those blades again. I beg you.”
Selena wrapped me and Harry’s blazer under the duvet before she too jumped in next to me. She pulled me tightly to her chest, rubbing my back as I cried further. I took in the smell of the blazer again, wishing he was the one holding me. As the night grew darker, my sister kept asking one question. One that, to a normal person, would seem pretty easy to answer.
“Why do you hurt because of his mistake?”
But I couldn’t answer her question with an answer she desired to hear. I only thought of him, only craved him; I am in love with him, and maybe he’ll care enough to save me from myself.

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