Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


14. Fourteen


My mind spun, thoughts and alcohol just like it had the night I had been with Zayn. Zayn…I sighed, the image of his angelic features, especially those beaming browns. His olive skin that always glowed under the lights of the nightclub. I took another swig of the drink before me, eyes glued to the wooden top of the bar. My stomach fluttered as a similar feeling washed over my entirety, the feeling of his fingertips ghosting over my skin that was already covered in goose bumps. I rubbed the up the length of my bare arm, covered in bumps just from the thought. I smiled softly, remembering, wanting, needing that again.
As I continued to think, Zayn’s angel face was replaced to that of tonight. Drunk, distort and broken after hearing Jessica’s assumptions. I knew Zayn was a fighter, I knew he was dangerous but what everyone else didn’t know was how gentle and caring he was with me. His eyes had immediately connected with mine as I pushed through the crowded room, all eyes locked on him, listening and judging. The others standing beside him had scowled down at me, looked at me how they did Jess. I wanted to burst into tears just remembering. The alcohol in my system provided me with strength not to break down in the middle of this club, knowing I would all of a sudden become vulnerable to the hungry eyes felt around me.
The moment I pushed myself between Zayn and Jess, feeling him strong behind me but gentle as our fingers glided. A smile tinted my lips, the feel of his touch returning to my skin. I let go of a soft, happy sigh knowing he didn’t blame me for what was happening in that moment…
“The she is!”
Callum’s abrupt voice tore me from my peaceful mind, angering me once again. I had hoped to have escaped their somewhat protection, running off to the only place I could escape to and hoping to be shielded from their glares. I was wrong.
My brothers fingertips sunk deep into the skin at my shoulder at he pulled me off the stool. I winced a little, the alcohol giving my body a numbness.
“Get off me Callum!” I shouted over the piercing music.
A few of the bodies around me moved to the side upon hearing my brother’s name, such a good reputation he has with girls, I thought. He didn’t waste any time in dragging me towards the door, me in my drunken state unable and un-sturdy enough to fight him off.
The cool London air hit my bare skin waking me from the drunken feeling. My head was spinning, stomach turning as he yanked me over to the car parked a few metres from the exit.
“What the hell, Bell’s?”
Her voice shrieked, panicking as she pulled me to her chest. Jessica wrapped me in her arms, somewhat trying to warm me as she pulled me into the back seat of the car.
“Where…where is Zayn?” I spat, still disgusted in her behaviour from earlier.
“Those boys are taken care of. No need to worry yourself, darling.” My heart rate began to speed up, knowing she only meant one thing when she spoke like that.
“No! Jess, what did you do…” 
“They’re taken care of this time. You don’t have to worry, my dad doesn’t have to worry.”
“Your dads business is none of yours!” I spat.
“Sound just like those boys, don’t you.” Callum and Jessica chuckled. “My daddy’s business is my business, sweetheart. I took care of it so he doesn’t have to and, it’s a wonderful job you didn’t get in the way otherwise we might have had a problem.”
“You did this because of what you think he did, did you?!”
Jessica’s emerald irises shone into mine, slightly showing sorrow as my worried expression became worse. She pulled my head down so she didn’t have to look at me, softly sweeping her finger up and down my arm. A few tears escaped my tightly shut eyes, dampening the material of her jumper.
“What he did my dear was hurt you like no man should hurt a woman. He took advantage when you were drunk, made you do things you shouldn’t have been exposed to.” Her voice was soft as she spoke untrue words about him.
“If anyone takes advantage, it’s my brother sitting right there and you know it!”
Callum hadn’t reacted like I’d hoped, he didn’t even flinch. I knew by the tightness of his jaw that my words bothered him but, I also knew both of the people in the car with me knew exactly what I meant and, that I was correct.
“What’s done is done, Bella.”
The anger and disappointment boiled under my flesh, the breath emitting from my parted lips burnt my throat as I inhaled and exhaled. Dry tears slid down my cheeks as I stared out the window knowing if I wanted to see him again I’d have to be discrete, that’s if he was still alive.


I dialled Niall’s number again, for the fifth time in that hour. I fell back onto my bed in defeat, mind spinning off into assumptions of what could have happened at the party I knew he was at. Although Niall didn’t seem like the type of guy to rush off with the first girl that he spotted, I knew it was possible. Things like that were always possible, especially when alcohol and drugs were involved.
I started to panic, thoughts of being replaced filling in my mind. As my image appeared in the mirror before me I stopped, blankly staring at myself and seeing how stupid I was being. Niall wasn’t mine, and although I liked him … I knew, just from the other day that we couldn’t and wouldn’t work out. Mother knows best, I thought dropping my head.
I picked up my phone again, once more can’t hurt I whispered inside my head. This time, instead of dialling I decided to text.
To; Niall
Hi … Call me when you’re free, I’d like to carry on where we left off. Dace x
I shut my eyes, pressing my thumb on the send button. My breathing had increased all the while typing the message, before finally relaxing seeing the text had delivered.
I collapsed back into my duvet, cuddling under the warmth of my covers. I placed my phone back upon my bedside table, sighing and hoping for the best. I always wanted him to reply right away, the second he had read my text, but I knew Niall all too well, he always took at least 5 minutes or so to reply. I stared at the darkened phone lying on the wooden top, quickly glancing up to my digital radio clock every few seconds. 5 minutes passed so slowly, it was agonisingly painful waiting for something that didn’t happen as I wanted. I sighed again, it painfully ripped through my lungs as the air exited before I shut my eyes, keeping the tears inside.


I clung to Harry’s arm, hands tightly clenched around his covered bicep. I walked forwards, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time like a little child learning. All my energy had been drained, and although I wanted to run off and find Selena I was unable to.
“You alright?”
Harry’s whispered words surrounded me in the cool empty street. I lifted my head up looking at him through reddened eyes, gently nodding my head with what strength I had left. I sighed, hot jagged breath escaping out of my lips burning against the walls of my throat as I tried to hold back the tears.
“No, Thorne…baby…don’t cry. Tee, please?”
His arms engulfed me into a hug, my body pressing up against his. He calmed my rushing mind as it overwhelmed itself with the worst kind of thoughts. In the moments I was caught inside my head, all my hurt and pain returned, the itching on my wrists ached and I fort against my fingers hoping they wouldn’t come in contact with the healing skin. Harry’s reassuring words flowed around the thoughts before me, capturing them turning them into little sparks of light. My breathing slowed as his words lulled me back into the street. I quickly lifted up my legs, wrapping them around his waist clinging tightly to him as we continued to walk back home.

My head snapped up immediately on hearing Harry’s angry voice. Breaths exhaled quickly from my lips as I began to panic, unable to fully turn away from his safety. I motioned for him to release me, placing one leg at a time on the ground before removing my arms from his neck. I slowly lifted my head, being met instantly by jade irises. I watched as he stared down at me, swallowing slow and hard before drifting his gaze over the top of my head. I turned round on my heels at a gradual pace, terrified at what my eyes will lay their gaze on once fully turned.
shock took over, heart pounding inside its confines as I rushed over to the dark haired girl curled up next to Liam. I didn’t have much time to take in my surroundings, as the only thing I saw was her and I could feel her need drawing me closer. Smoke filled my lungs as I ran forwards causing me to splutter before finally reaching my sister.
“Selly..Selena talk to me.” I begged, the tears I was fighting previously running uncontrollably from my eyes.
“Is…Is he d-dead?”
“No sweetheart, no.”
The words she wanted to hear spilled from my lips, protective instincts overwhelming me and I engulfed her to my chest. I felt Harry’s had sweep the length of my back as he knelt beside me examining Liam. Our eyes met, he nodded. Liam was breathing but barely.
“Don! DON!” Another voice shouted from across the street tearing my attention from the boy lying unconscious before me.
Tears streamed from my eyes as I clung Selena to my chest hoping I might swallow her so she wouldn’t have to go through the pain she was. We both walked through the smoky air to the other side of the tar road, leaving Harry to tend to Liam best he could.
As the smoke cleared from my view I saw the car that was the cause of Liam’s unconscious state along with a helpless fragile boy pulling against the passenger door handle.
“Baby, can you just sit here for me?” I whispered softly to Selena.
She nodded as I placed her down on the curb, immediately returning to her curled up position. Tiny sobs escaped her mouth muffled against her jeans as she lay there. I lifted a hand to my mouth, covering it to stop my sobs as I felt my heart shattering inside my chest.
I lifted my head, wiping the tears off my cheeks with my sleeves trying to figure out who the voice was coming from, and why.
“Donovan, for god sake Donovan!” The voice I picked out as male cried.
“Damien?” I whispered after recognising.
The boy didn’t hear my call, he just continued pulling against the cars door. The more he was unsuccessful, the more he cried the name of his friend. I reached both hands over his shoulders pulling him away so we were facing one another. I looked right into his tearful eyes trying to figure out what had happened. His breath caught in his throat as he opened his mouth and more tears watered from his eyes. I yanked him forward, my arms swinging around his neck as his did my waist. Damien let go of his cries, his head burying itself deeper into my neck with each passing second.
“Day’s … what’s? Who is Donovan?”
“My boyfriend.” He spoke softly under his breath as more tears cascaded down his puffy cheeks.
I pulled him in again, sshhing him like Harry had me earlier that evening. My heart ached, pain being breathed through my nostrils and reminding me of the things I had done before to take it away. Ignoring my itching wrists I took Damien over to where Selena was curled up on the curb, still sobbing into her knees. Damien pulled Selena up beside him, kissing the top of her head as he apologised for all that had happened. I felt helpless crouching before both of them, not sure what it was I was supposed to do.
“Damien, who was driving…was it you?” I asked waiting for eye contact.
“N-no…” he stuttered. “Jerico was.”
Harry stepped forwards, anger taking over each of his porcelain features. His chest rose and fell aggressively as he kept stepping forwards. The image before me terrified me, I had never seen him like he was in that moment. Instinctively, I stood putting myself between Harry and Damien, my hands pressing hard against Harry’s chest.
“Who the fuck was driving, Damien?” he shouted over my shoulder.
He gripped my wrist in his hand, pushing me to the side as he stormed over to Damien. I acted quickly, taking his face in my hands as I wedged myself in the small gap between the two standing boys. Although his eyes were scattered, searching for Damien’s, I kept trying to hold them with mine.
“Baby, please…” I whispered, pleading for him to listen to me.
“What?” he hissed finally meeting my eyes.
“It wasn’t his fault, he lost someone to Harry.” His hard expression softened as I spoke, hands on my hips pulling me into his chest as I explained, more salty drops trickling down the length of my cheeks.
“Did you call for an ambulance?”
“Yes, babe.”
A few words were exchanged in the time the four of us stood there waiting. Donovan, who I had only met once or twice, still remained in the car behind us, body cold and lifeless. Damien still had my sister wrapped tightly in his arms as Harry did me, his hand running up and down the length of my back. Liam was still lifeless on the ground beside us, his chest raising and falling at a slowing pace with each breath he took. I prayed that whoever was driving to us would hurry, at least then Liam might be saved. People were scattered around the street now, gasps and a few little cries being heard. A few had come up to us, checking if we were alright and, in some way hoping to figure out what had happened. I knew just from looking around the street police would be there, questions would be asked and someone would be blamed.
“Harry, the police…” I whispered as I saw a sea of blue and red flashed coming from behind.
“You listen to me, don’t say anything about Jessica. You understand?”
“But Haz…”
“No, promise me you won’t?! You can’t baby, please. I’ll sort this, Thorne…promise me?” He said cutting me off.
“Okay.” I said after a brief silence. “What about my sister?”
“She doesn’t know about the text, Thorne. Keep it that way, it’s for your own safety.”
“Okay, alright. I promise.” I nuzzled my head back into his chest trusting what he was saying, and in turn trusting he would do as his words stated; to sort this mess out.

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