Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


15. Fifteen


My brain was still swimming in alcohol as I stepped out of the car, feet heavy on the tarmac as I walked to the crowded area. I strained to keep my focus against the blue and red flashes ahead stumbling forwards into the sea of bodies. Niall brought both hands to my body holding me steady on the spot. His face appeared before my face, nodding gently before carrying on forwards through the people. Gasps and little whispers could be heard, all of them commenting on what had happened without knowing the full story.
I stumbled forwards again, this time being stopped by a police barrier. I gripped tightly to the plastic bar trying to regain my balance once again. Through the haze of the smoke and my drunken state I could pick out my friends. I watched, focusing only on those few movements in front as two paramedics lifted a body onto a stretcher. As the person was place upon it I noticed the mop of straight hair loosely draping over the face.
“Steady mate.” Niall’s voice echoed from behind.
“You don’t think…” Zayn’s voice shook beside me.
“No, he’s smarter than that.” I said after a short moment, spotting Harry.
I sucked in a deep breath hoping to control the tears I could feel wanting to escape. The barrier was pushed from my grip, Zayn suddenly appearing before me walking forwards into the smoke. I shot Niall a glance, nodding softly before following the tall boy, along with Niall’s guidance.
“Whoo, whoo this is a crime scene lads.” A large man dressed in an all-black uniform, yellow reflective vest pulled over it, stopped us in our tracks.
“They’re our friends.” Niall spoke calmly.
I stepped forwards hoping to get past before being stopped by the man’s arms. Anger boiled through my blood stream, churning in the pit of my stomach as my focus returned. I was never useful drunk, always a trouble maker. The sadness I felt upon seeing Liam being lifelessly lifted onto the stretcher now burned red with hatred, hatred for anything and everyone that was stopping me from seeing him.
“Louie!” A distant voice called from behind the officer, drawing nearer with every passing second. “It’s alright…they’re friends.”
Before I could speak her arms were tightly gripped around my waist, muffled sobs escaping into the material of my shirt. I instinctively wrapped my arms around her, my brain was still swirled with the alcoholic sensation of being invincible and wanting to break through the barrier that separated myself and Liam.
“Thorne.” I barely whispered.
I cupped her face in my hands just enough that our eyes met. The whites of her eyes red with rubbing and her irises looked somewhat swollen. Her pink lips had freckles of purple scattered across them, like they always had when she cried like this. I gave her a tiny smile before pulling her back into my chest, kissing the top of her head as I lifted her.
The four of us walked forwards to the curly haired boy standing beside the ambulance. His expression was cold, and hurt and his glare pierced into the centre of my soul. I could see his blazing green orbs shimmering from under the light, his focus now cast upon on the girl in my arms.  
“Be with your sister.” I whispered placing her back on her feet.
Thorne nodded, keeping her head down. Both girls looked like small children, their posture reminding me of my little sister. I scolded the unwanted memory before I teared up again.
A strong shove to my shoulder tore my attention from my memories, looking up to see blazing emerald eyes beading into mine. Harry fisted the collar of my shirt grunting as he tugged me forwards.
“She’s mine.” He hissed.
“Calm it Styles!” Niall’s voice shrieked from behind.
“Don’t fucking dare, Niall.” His eyes blazed back down into mine. “Do you understand me?!” His words sounded more of a threat that a question. “Answer me!”
My voice stuck inside my throat, unable to comprehend what was happening and what to respond. The only thing my brain told my body to do was breath, I couldn’t function in that moment.
“Harry!” Thorne squealed.
“Mate, put him down.”
The curly haired boy didn’t seem to respond to the boys pleas, his focus holding onto my facial expression. His face was blank, fists tight and breathing heavy and staggered. I could only imagine the thoughts running through his mind at that moment, all our past colliding into one. The memory of how Sophie received the scar running down the length of her back. It was my fault, I knew it was and I knew that he wouldn’t ever forgive me. But his actions at this point, I wasn’t sure of.
I watched, moments passing as hours, as Thorne’s hands moved his head to face her. Her touch seemed to sooth him, let him understand she was safe.
“Harry, please.” She whispered looking deep into his eyes.
We all watched, stunned at how effective her touch was, how quickly he regained his humanity. He released me from his hold, returning his eyes to mine. This time they looked a little more compassionate, a little more human. 
Thorne looked towards me as I stepped back, thank you crossing her lips before she warmly smiled. Harry hadn’t taken his eyes off of her since releasing me. His posture seeming content and happy due to the circumstances.
Everyone placed their focus upon Zayn, his olive coloured skin had paled as he spoke. As the seconds passed, we realised Yvonne was on the other end of the phone. Her cries for her son could be heard in the silence of the street. Zayn finished the call, his face stern and hard, no tears visible, no emotion for that matter.
“S-she’ll meet us at the hospital.” He silently spoke.
The next few moments ran by quickly, ambulance sirens echoing in the street. The officer from before was clearing out all the people, his voice shouting above their horrific talking. Niall and Zayn disappeared across the street and into the car we arrived in. I followed Harry and the girls towards his Ranger Rover. We silently climbed in, Harry helping Thorne into the back after Selena. I watched from the passenger seat as the dark haired girl curled into her sister’s side. Her soft sobs were the only thing filling the space surrounding us in the car. Harry turned on the engine, the radio immediately playing a soft sombre song.
“Look mate…” I said quick and soft after a little while.
“Lou, it’s alright. I’m the one that should be sorry.”
Harry spoke, gentle and quick over the radio. He kept his eyes on the road as he spoke, expressionless, emotionless but something in his tone made his words believable. He was sorry, not just for today but for previous events.



I had been at the hospital for what seemed like forever. My heart had gone cold inside my chest, its previous thumping now non-existent. I stood in the middle of the entrance watching as they wheeled Donovan’s body down the ward to the lift. Watching, praying, and hoping he would survive. I knew, though that he wouldn’t. He was already dead, dead on impact, but the paramedics wouldn’t listen or understand my pleading. They seemed to find a pulse, something I wasn’t able to because his pulse was circling around me, keeping me alive. He was in my now, in my heart as he always would be from today. Knowing I wouldn’t see his smile, or those beautiful brown irises anymore stunned my existence. I was numb and I would be for a long time. But, I couldn’t die. I wouldn’t die. Too many people love you, Day’s. There are people that care for you, me included. Don’t leave that for an eternity of darkness.
His words, the words he had choked out before letting go of his last breath, ran through my mind. Hearing his voice was soothing, the ting from the last kiss was still prickling my lips.
I chuckled knowing if my father heard my thoughts he’d tell me to man-up, find a girlfriend. Truth was, I had found the one I wanted, the one I needed.
I knocked back into reality as another stretcher was rushed past me, this time it was Liam. But instead of just seeing a lifeless body, I could see his chest moving incredibly slow. Up and down.
An Irish accent stole my attention. I turned to face my cousin knowing I would receive millions of questions and, upon answering those questions having to expose my darkest secret.
I stepped forwards now unable to control myself like I had before. I let go of the tears I had been consuming and immediately falling into Niall’s chest. My cries filled the empty ward, Niall sshhed me as best he could. He was always good at comforting, “What’s the matter, mate?”
“Go and be with Zayn, Niall. I’ll sort this out.”
Thorne’s sweet voice interrupted my crying and I was thankful she had. As I straightened myself I realised I wasn’t ready to expose mine and Donovan’s relationship yet, the fear of judgement clouded my thoughts turning me off the idea. She took hold of my hand and walked me over to where her sister was sitting. Selena seemed to fall into my side upon my arrival. I sat beside her, arm swinging around her shoulder encasing her into a hug.
The beating inside my chest regained its rhythm, the tears had stopped and I felt a little better having people I knew around me. What seemed like hours passed before a doctor approached me, I could tell just by the look on his face that it wasn’t good news but, as he approached I didn’t feel the need to cry. I had known since arriving here that Donovan, my boyfriend, wasn’t going to come out of that operating room breathing.

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