Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


11. Eleven


Yellow rays streamed through the canopy of leaves above me as I jogged over the cobble path in one of London’s parks.  It was early morning, the frosty air still lingered in the smooth winds that circled at my ankles. The area around me was quiet, the only sounds coming from my feet hitting the path and my soft humming. Sweat dripped down the back of my neck, warm at first before cooling as the crisp air caught hold of it. I tried to keep my breathing at a consistent pace, equally letting air out of my nostrils before taking soft gasps in through my lips.
As I slowed nearing the junction I noticed a rather tired and familiar face walking along the opposite street. Her usual blonde locks were tied roughly to the top of her head in a bun form and she wore a dark navy Y-Neck, one I’d seen on a certain curly haired boy in the past. A smile crossed my lips as I also noticed the secrecy she was hoping to keep. Quick glances over her shoulders as she plodded along the pavement holding her purse quite close to her chest.
“Late night was it, love?” I shouted jokingly.
Thorne’s little head shot towards me, her normally bright blue eyes blazing. They were huge on her small heart shaped face and her lips that were usually pretty full stuck together in a line as she glared at me. It took her a few moments to register that it was me standing across the street but when she did something in her settled.
“Liam.” She breathed as I joined her.
“Alright, Love.” I smiled.
“Don’t tell anyone…will you?” Thorne tucked a loose curled strand behind her ear before peering up through her lashes. Harry was one lucky bloke, I thought as I looked at her.
Even though her and Selena weren’t that much related, I could see they were sisters. They shared the same blue circle around the iris. A unique feature that was theirs.
“Love, you’re wearing his shirt.” I smirked raising an eyebrow.
“Oh, yeah…right.” Her feet scuffed on the tarmac as she walked beside me her eyes forever straying from being held by mine.
“I won’t say anything Thorne.” I smiled politely.
She returned my smile with a weak one then quickly darted her gaze anywhere else but in my direction. I started my breathing exercises again, deeply sucking in oxygen through the nostrils before releasing it slowly through the mouth. The little girl beside me giggled under her breath as I continued to walk besides her, loudly breathing.
“Liam I just want to-”
“Hello gorgeous!” a striking accent stopped Thorne midsentence, catching my attention almost immediately. I needed no time to process it. I knew who it was before seeing her beady hazel eyes and full lips I knew would be smothered in red lipstick.
Both myself and Thorne gradually turned on our heels to see the face. The girl beside me gasped bringing out Jessica’s fierce chuckle. She smirked as she cast her eyes upon Thorne walking curiously toward her. The loose strand from earlier was soon wrapped around Jessica’s long elegant finger the blood red of the nail clashing with the light strip of hair. She softly laughed bringing that same finger from the hair down Thorne’s jaw. Thorne swallowed hard under her touch but remained still. Jessica’s eyes suddenly found mine, beaming hazel orbs surrounded by thick black make-up.
“Thorne go inside.” I snapped.
“Pretty little thing, isn’t she?!”
“Shut up!” Thorne boldly spoke from my side.
“Feisty too.” Thorne’s biting amused her.
I yanked Jessica’s hand away, forgetting my own strength as my fingers enclosed around her bony wrist. A tilt to my head took Thorne’s eyes off of Jessica and brought them to mine. I motioned my head towards the front door of her house pleading for her to go. The girl in front of me became restless in my hold, squirming as my grasp tightened with every movement. Thorne parted her lips to speak darting her blue orbs between Jessica and me. I shook my head as she continued trying to speak.
“Go!” I shouted harshly.
A gasp emitted from her parted lips as my words visibly shuddered through her before slowly walking back to her house. My eyes remained focused on Jessica, blazing with hatred as did the blood pumping around my veins.
“I missed this side of you, baby.” Jessica spoke, her voice soft and seductive.
As more slow words escaped her mouth I knew Thorne was safely inside the confines of her home with Selena. Red lips stretched over pearly white teeth and the soft locks falling over her shoulders. She was a sight, that was for sure but everything I wanted was inside the safety of the white house with the newly painted black door.
“And I didn’t miss you, baby.” I said mocking her tone.
I released her wrist nastily shoving it towards her, quickly swivelling around on the tarmac. I didn’t have time to listen or look at the girl before me. I didn’t want to.
“That job still stands, you know.”
My feet kept moving forwards with help from my brain. Jessica knew the power she held over me, over my body. A simple word would have me bowing at her feet. My past flashed up before my eyes, good memories flooded over by the terrible ones. They haunted me.
“I’ve said before, if you want a trainer you’ll have to join the program. Like everyone else.”
I kept my eyes upon the black wood door, the soft breathing exercises returning as I tried controlling the burning desire to return to the one I once loved.
Again memories of our time spent together, words exchanged and moments that left little prints on the flesh around my heart flooded back and I found myself gently giving into them. I wanted the brown haired hazel eyed girls’ red tinted lips leaving their mark on my skin. But the black door remained in my view reminding me of the better life that awaited me. One I would be happy with. A sweet giggle played over all the sensual memories that scattered around in my mind, confusing me. I found myself stuck between what I wanted and what I needed.
“Stop seeing her Liam, or I’ll have to get rid of her.”
My question was answered with her words. Anger now burned in the place of the erotic moments. Hatred gathered at the tips of my fingers as they curled into tight fists.
“Touch her and you’ll have a few problems of your own.” I spoke firmly looking at her over my shoulder.
“It isn’t me you’ll be upset with gorgeous.”
“What?” I snapped storming forwards. Jessica stood upright, back curving as her hips crashed into mine.
“This will just be payback for what you did in Spain!” she spat up at me.
Her bony fingers connected with my neck. A small spark flared but the anger pulsing through my blood stream subsided the want I knew she craved.
“That was illegal, we were 17 for god sakes!” I barked.
Jessica straightened up, a little gasp escaping her lips as I spoke.
“You cost him a million in diamonds Liam.”
“Your brothers business is none of mine nor should it be yours.”
“Well it is, gorgeous and you boys were just the icing on the cake. Too bad you fucked it up!”
“Fuck you.” My outrage was boiling the more she seductively spoke. Her voice was like a velvet rasp flowing around in the air surrounding us. My heart pounded as her lips drew nearer. I couldn’t pull away for two reasons. One; her hand was firmly locking me in place and two; a part of me still craved her dangerous touch.
“I’d love to fuck you, but this place is to public.” She whispered breathlessly.
The need fed me, causing more want and thrill to flush through my angered veins. But a giggle, a sweet chime sprung into my clouded mind as Jessica’s lips brushed upon mine. I took a breath in, feeling awake. I cast my eyes on her before me, disgust boiled, anger flared once again.
“Like I said, touch her and I’ll dispose of you.”
I aggressively turned on the spot. The black door appearing again. I smiled softly, my body relaxing as I wandered closer. A fuzzy feeling warmed angered veins as my feet stepped up onto the first step.
“I saw your want Liam, eye blazing. I bet you’re hard just thinking about me.”
The hazel eyed girl’s voice turned into a soft hum when my fingers wrapped around the brass knob. The front door creaked open. A sweet flow of laughter emitted from I wiped the mattered hair on my forehead back as I walked up the three concrete steps still lightly breathing as I had been the whole morning.


Footsteps echoed in the hallway growing closer to the kitchen. My fury boiled beneath my skin as I waited for her to emerge. A few seconds passed, footsteps grew nearer and instead of the blonde haired girl I was expecting I was met with tearful brown orbs.
“Liam?” I stuttered raising from my place at the table.
Stuffy air surround my body. The kitchen all of a sudden felt huge, the distance between myself and Liam becoming less. I lowered my head a little, a shy feeling making itself known as Liam stalked forwards. I let myself gaze up for a moment, Liam’s eyes burnt a deep yellow. Breath caught in my throat when his lips curved up to one side. It wasn’t normally something he did. His smile usually showed grace, beauty and kindness. This was a new Liam, one I hadn’t fully seen before. I was terrified.
He now stood directly in front of me, a small gap being the only thing separating us. My breaths came out in small, shaky puffs. Liam’s eyes were still blazing, his mouth smirking down at me. I felt trapped, in danger and scared. But a small flicker of light shone in his brown orbs as he continued to gaze.
I swallowed deeply, his fingers ran lightly up the exposed skin of my arms leaving a trail of goose bumps. I removed my eyes from his hands to look back at his beautiful face. Liam’s expression was softer, his smile returning to a more loving one. I cast my eyes back to the gap between us, I wasn’t sure what was happening but desire made its appearance and I wanted to feel his kiss. I looked up through my lashes trying to read what he was thinking, wondering if he wanted the same or if he was just really horny.
Thorne had entered the house at least 10 minutes ago, informing me to stay put. I was angry with her. I pulled my lips together along with my eyebrows as I thought of all the things I wanted to say, forgetting what was happening around me.
Liam chuckled deeply bringing my mind back to the present. A gentle gasp escaped my lips when I felt Liam’s warm masculine hand slipping to the back of my neck winding into my wavy hair. I stood stationary as he lowered his mouth. It was inches from my, hot breath fanning over my lips, the minty scent filling my nostrils. I bit my bottom lips trying to hide my smile.
“Come here you.” He whispered, a hint of laughter glazing his tone.
 Liam grazed my burning skin with the pad of his thumb, his lips pressing gently to my lips.
A hand was felt upon my hip, yanking me further into him. I responded immediately, surprising myself. Liam’s mouth was warm, sweet. The caress of his lips softer than I originally thought, moving passionately and almost torturously. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, gliding it over my bottom lip. I opened my mouth just enough to entice him. Liam groaned, I swung an arm around his neck touching his heated skin as he was mine. The nap of his neck was sticky with sweat as was his hair, mattered together. I ran my fingers through it, all the while his groans vibrating on my lips.
A low moan escaped as my body was hoisted up onto the kitchen table, both Liam’s hands spread, gripping my hips tightly.
My heart pounded deeply in my chest, sure to be heard by Liam as well. Both my hands fingered through the soft sticky hair at the nap, tightening as his lips found pleasure in prickling my jaw. I let out another moan, deeper than the last. Wanting.
Liam buried his head behind my ear, lips moving gently as he sucked. My head dropped onto his shoulder as his lips worked on bruising my skin.
“Liam…Liam…” I whimpered.
“Mmm.” He hummed into my neck still enjoying the taste of my skin.
“What’s the … God Liam?” I struggled to speak coherently as his hand cupped my backside.
Liam continued nibbling on my sweet spot wanting so desperately to leave a darker mark. The thought spiralled through my entirety like a lightning bolt, his mark on left on my skin. But it also scared me, I would be left with it for I don’t know how long and maybe people would see? Teachers at school? My dad would find out. The breath returned to my lungs as I pushed against Liam’s shoulders. He hummed at first before groaning, annoyed. His shinning brown eyes joined mine as he shook his head in disbelief.
“What’s wrong Sel?” He asked, sadness glazing his tone.
“Nothing is wrong Liam, I just panicked.” I softly said taking hold of his hand before running a finger over the purple blemish proving someone had been there marking me as their own.
“Oh, I'm sorry Selena.”
I lifted Liam’s head so we were looking at each other again. I loved looking at him, I wanted to look at him always. I smiled cheekily brushing my thumb over his swollen bottom lip.
“I liked it though.” I whispered.
I pressed a small kiss on the bottom lip before drawing back and staring up into those beautiful eyes. He really was something else.
“I like you Sel, a lot.” He bravely admitted.
Liam kept his eyes off of mine, looking anywhere else but at me. My lip curved at one side, I cupped his chin with my forefinger and thumb enticing his head so it was fully facing mine. His cheeks were flushed a crimson pink, becoming more prominent as I held his gaze.
“I like you too Liam, a lot.” I whispered.
A soft throat clearing took my attention away from the beautiful guy stood in front of me. I tilted my head to see over his shoulder to find Chanel stood holding two long dress bags.
“And those?” I asked interested.
“They’re for you and Thorne…for the wedding.” She spoke faintly.
Another grin plastered itself upon my face. I quickly shot a look up at Liam who was still holding me captive on the table. He removed his hands from my bum helping me off. He stayed behind me as she laid the cream bag on the counter top. The slow sound of the zip being pulled excited me. I clenched my fists as the dress became visible. Chanel pulled it out, a beautiful length of blue material flowed out of the bag. She held it up against her chest smiling wildly as she took in my surprised expression.
“You didn’t have to…oh my god!” I squeaked.
“Its really beautiful.” Liam added.
It was strapless, small diamanté’s scattered down the front of the aqua material stopping just above where my belly button would be. The material was tight around the chest, a low cut back with more diamanté laced like a corset. It was shorter in front with a little train flowing down the back.
“Chanel… I … I don’t know what to say?” I stuttered still gorping at the dress.
 “You don’t have to say anything darling. We wanted to.” She brushed her thumb quickly across my cheek before handing me the dress which had been placed back in its cream bag.
Over the past few weeks since Cathy had been gone she had changed, a more motherly role replaced her usual mean girl one. It was nice to see her like this, kind and caring. Our mum’s death took its toll one each of us differently and I found it hard to adjust to a more depressed look Thorne.
Speaking of Thorne, I thought.
“I’ll be right back.”
I sarcastically smiled, disgust of what he had done, where he had touched her. Harry wasn’t in my good books and I was disappointed in Thorne for going back to him after what he had done.
“Selena!” Chanel caught my wrist pulling me toward her.
I stood wide eyed waiting for her to speak. She tilted her head, a visible swallow showing under her pale skin.
“Don’t.” She hummed. “Don’t judge him on one mistake. Respect her decision Sel, she’ll appreciate a lot more than if you go in there guns blazing.”
I was speechless, I wanted to shout at her, tell her she was making a mistake, and warn her he’d do it again. Strong images pondered around in my mind, the face she had worn over the past week. I closed my eyes holding back the tears I feared, remembering the deep cuts scattered over the skin of her hip. I nodded, agreeing with Chanel before returning to my place beside Liam.
“Why didn’t you go up?” he asked, rhetorically.
“Because the way she looks at him is the same as how I look at you.”


It wasn’t often I dressed up so fancy, and it wasn’t so often I went on dates but due to previous events I felt it a somewhat obligation to make it up to Thorne for the mistake I made. Plus; I wanted to make her as happy as possible. I question my choices every day, wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t gone home with Victoria. My mind pondered on the idea for a few moments, playing back the day’s events until it settled on the fact she was safe.
I looked back up into the bathrooms mirror wondering what she was doing, what she was wearing; if anything. A cheeky smirk played upon my lips as the previous night’s events fluttered into my racing mind. The sound of her soft whimpering, my names dropping from her parted lips still fresh in my ears. My jeans became tighter, a restraint around the growing bulge. I hissed trying to disregard my thoughts focusing back on the boy in the mirror.
My recent bird tattoo’s still stung with the slightest touch. I covered them with the black material of my shirt as I finished buttoning it up.
“Darling?” My mum called from the hall.
“Mum?” I said poking my head out.
“That girlfriend of yours; she’s a keeper.”
Mum smiled up at me lightly brushing the loose cat hairs from my sleeves. My mum had seen many girls creeping in and out of the house, none that were long term or even short term for that matter. Just one night stands I picked up on drunken nights out. I had been at peace with how I spent my spare time, picking up girls, drinking, getting high. They all seemed fun, until now.
“Have fun my darling.”
I nodded smiling wildly, dimples popping into my cheeks as she slipped back into her bedroom. I leant back towards the arm chair picking up a dark blazer, slinging it over my shoulders. I trotted down the stairs shouting up to my mum and sister informing them of my departure. I didn’t like leaving them alone, especially on Saturday nights as we were so close to town. I lifted the keys from the hook checking myself in the mirror one last time before exiting into the garage.

I stepped up to the front door of Thorne’s house, nerves swirling through my entire body. I hadn’t felt like this before; weak, vulnerable and giddy.
“Fuck it Styles, get a grip!” I hissed under my breath.
A soft click of the door sent my heart in overdrive, it pounded deeply inside my chest. What the fuck Haz! I continued to curse myself for feeling like I did. I was always in control; until Thorne sprung into my life.
“Harry.” A shocked voice spoke before me.
I jerked my head up, eyes meeting with almost terrified bluish green ones. I smiled gently nodding my head. “Selena.” I said in an almost whispered.
“She’s upstairs.”
Selena stepped aside, straightening up as I strolled past. I knew I scared her, my height giving me somewhat a threatening look. I smiled at her again before wandering towards the staircase. The door slammed behind me as I took a step, Selena was gone when I turned. Only the cool breeze circling in the empty hall.
I carried on up the stairs towards the beautiful blonde girl’s room. It was silent, too silent for Thorne’s room. She always had soft music playing; Ed Sheeran to be exact.
I panicked, quickly thinking the worst as I pushed open the wooden door. I let go of a relieved sigh when I saw her stood by the long mirror placed beside her window. She hadn’t noticed my arrival like she normally did, the loud rawring of the Range Rovers engine always being a good give away.
Instead she was standing in the light streaming though the bedroom window staring at herself in the mirror. A bluish dress hugged the front of her body as the back half was bare. Thorne exhaled loudly in aggravation as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her expression was tight, eyebrows narrowed and lips in a pout showing her disgust for herself. I myself didn’t find her disgusting, obviously. She was beautiful in a way other girls weren’t, Thorne was real.
I leant against the door frame admiring her as she was still very unaware of my presence. My mind drifted back to what my mum had said. Girlfriend.
“Hello, Kitten.” I finally spoke.
Curls flew, resting over her shoulder as our eyes met. I could see she was a little shocked when she hugged the dress tighter to her chest. I closed the small amount of space there was separating us immediately bringing her body together with mine. I removed the material that was wedged between us letting it rest on the chair. Thorne’s body tightened when I wrapped my arms around her letting my palms flatten just above the curve of her spectacular arse.
“Haz.” She breathed.
A lick of her lips before pouting again, such a sight. Sexy. I wanted to dive right in, taste her lips, and hear my name slipping from them…but the honesty in her blue irises tore me from my temptation. Thorne was fragile and tiny. Something that needed handling with care. I wasn’t quite sure that I was the perfect person, I wasn’t a slow and steady type. More of a rough and ready.  
In the moments before our mouths connected I was sure she had forgotten she was only wearing a thong, but of course, I wasn’t complaining.
Her fingers found the curls at the back of my neck, tugging gently as I hoisted her up, legs swinging around my waist. A deep thud of Thorne’s heart could be felt against my chest, I grinned as the feeling I had been fighting to get rid of overwhelmed me once again. Her top lip fit perfectly between mine, a soft plumpness glossed with cherry balm.
I lifted a knee up so it rested on the cotton duvet, letting Thorne’s back lay flat, her hair fanning out over the pillow. I felt the desire to pleasure her wash over me as I traced my fingertips over the skin of her stomach, now covered in goose bumps. The tip of my index finger brushed her little sensitive nub, a moan escaping into my mouth. I nibbled on her bottom lip, rubbing her gently. My hand was quickly removed, soft pants puffing out onto my face.
I smirked moving my hand back down before it was once again snatched from its prey.
“Not there. Touch me here.”
Thorne placed my hand over her right breast, pressing my palm flat against it. I massaged it immediately, watching as she fell apart underneath me. I lowered my mouth to her erect nipple, sucking it between my lips.
Strangely Thorne began giggling. I glanced up still pleasuring her breast to find her hands coving her pretty face.
“Thorne why are you giggling?” I asked, amused myself.
“It tickles.” She muttered from under her closed hands.
I sat up on my knees hovering over her naked body. I peeled her hands from her face enclosing my fingers around them. Thorne’s tiny hands fit perfectly in mine, and I loved I could protect them in one hold.
“It tickles when I suck your nipple?”
I lowered my mouth again, sweeping my tongue flat against her little nub before blowing my cool breath over the wet area.
“H-Harry…” she moaned, a giggle still visible.
I chuckled. Such a strange place to be ticklish, I thought. I gazed down at Thorne, dimples popping into my cheeks as I grinned. I tried lowering my mouth again wanting to hear her giggling moans as I worked my mouth around her sensitive nipple. But I was denied.
“I need to get ready.” She whispered lifting her body so she was sitting next to me on the mattress.
“Are you going to wear these?” I darkly whispered against her ear.
“I'm not your sex toy Harry!”
Her words shocked me a little, I never wanted her to feel used. All I wanted was to make her feel pleasured and wanted and most of all loved.
I gazed into her blue orbs sincerely, dipping my head to leave a soft kiss on her cheek. In a swift movement I hoisted her little body onto my lap so I could see her face. Thorne’s hair rested over one shoulder shadowing half her face. Dark make-up surrounded her eyes somehow bringing out the deep blue of her irises. I placed a hand on her hip securely keeping her from falling while I traced the thumb of the other hand over her newly pouted lips.
“You’re not a sex toy, Thorne.”
“It feels like it sometimes, like you only want to touch me.” She muttered dropping her head down.
“Look at me, baby.” I whispered enticing her head up. She finally gave in after a few moments, her eyes had hardened and the protective wall she was so good at putting up appeared.
“I want you, Thorne.” 
Want?” She whispered questionably.
“Yes! I want to see you, protect you, hold you, kiss you, pleasure you, and most of all just be with you baby.” Our eyes met just as I pressed my hand flat between her breasts; “I want this.” As I spoke Thorne had flattened her palm on my chest.
“It’s yours you know, my heart.”
“As is mine yours, my Kitten.”
Our mouth connected in a desperate but passionate kiss, the want and need for each other strong. I quickly removed my mouth from her pecking butterfly kisses along her jaw, sprinkling more just under her ear lobe.
“Be mine, Kitten?”
Thorne hummed, my name falling from her parted lips in confirmation. I rose holding the most precious creature in my arms. I smiled up at her while she continued to fiddle with the curls at the back of my head. I tilted my head towards the clothes she had set aside for tonight before setting her down on her feet. Thorne turned on her tiptoes, not expecting the slap I gave her arse. She stopped, glaring at me playfully with those pouting lips before picking up the tight black jeans she had set aside. I watched in awe as she slipped her legs into them, buttoning them up just below her belly button. Next was a pretty black bra, laced at the front followed by an off the shoulder grey jumper. She was a sight, and she was all mine. My beautiful sexy Kitten.

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