Bite into me harder. Sink your teeth into my flesh. Hold me up against the wall, give it till i beg, give me some more …

Promise that you wont forget we had it all. I love you, my Kitten. - H xx


8. Eight


Niall’s tiny chuckle bought me back down to earth. I starred wide eyed at Mrs Brooks as she called my name repeatedly.
“The answer please, Miss Dawson.” She said a little louder.
“Y equals 13 Miss.” Niall spoke after a long stare between myself and our teacher.
Mrs Brooks manoeuvred herself through the desks in front of us. She ripped the lid off the white board marker while cursing under her breath. I bit down on my bottom lip to stop my laughter as her words mixed together with my name. Mrs Brooks seemed to be one of the few teachers who swore so terribly in front of students, the teachers chit chat in the staff room was normal, pupils knew how teachers felt towards them, but Mrs Brooks always made it clear the moment you did something wrong, no matter how tiny.
I faced the blonde haired, blue eyed stunner sitting next to me, mouthing my thanks before being torn away from his blissful features.
“God damn that child.” Her voice huffed.
The beautiful human next to me chuckled again, I could feel his eyes scanning my face and drinking in my reaction.
Another half an hour passed, I tried constantly on the algebra in my text book. The numbers seemed jumbled in my dazed concentration. Niall tried his best to steal my attention away each time I felt like I achieved some sort of concentration. He passed notes over the space between us, asking simple yes/no questions. I quickly glanced at his exercise book, he had written nothing down, and the page was white. I sighed remembering he was one of the top pupils in the year. He smirked at me as our eyes met. I giggled under my breath before pulling my eyes away. I placed my fingertips against the cotton material of my school jumper, rubbing the bumps hidden under there. A small spark fluttered through my body as Niall pushed another note towards me.
I bite the corner of my lip as I read his question before meeting his blue gaze. I nodded opening my lips to speak and once again my confession was halted by the ringing of the school bell. I sighed loudly, scowling down at my books before closing them quickly. I passed both my text book and exercise book forwards, shoving all of my stationary back into the front pocket of my rucksack.
“Do I get a goodbye?”
I spun around on my heels as a thick Irish accent caught my attention from behind. I tilted my head to the side as the image of his physical appearance sunk in. His school jumper was slung over his shoulder, bag lazily hanging off the other while his blonde hair was ruffled from some of the boys in the classroom. I wanted to laugh at his scruffy appearance, but his innocent eyes and charming smile captivated me. Niall was gorgeous and although he was a popular boy, I could tell no-one really appreciated his beauty, especially the inner beauty I could see he held.
He joined me in walking towards the school field, occasionally sharing glances and small laughter.
“Don’t you live that way?” I asked shocked, remembering he was walking totally out of his area.
“Can’t I walk a pretty lady home?” he hummed.
I all of a sudden became shy after hearing his words. My cheeks flushed crimson as I attempted to look at him. A few moments passed before we stepped onto the field, it was wet from today’s rain and parts were muddy. I saw he was looking towards the goal posts, seeming a deep in thought.
“So will I see you tonight?”
His sudden question shocked me. I narrowed my eyebrows as I looked down at me feet. I hadn’t been invited to this event, nor was I sure exactly what he was talking about.
“Umm… I’m not really into those types of events and my mother wouldn’t allow it.” I tilted my head up catching his sparkling blues. “What is it for, anyway?” I finally said after a short silence.
My thoughts jumped around in my brain as I tried to figure out what this big event was. I had heard people talking, and I knew it had to be important to him and his friends. I starred at Niall as he composed his answer in his mind. He was deadly attractive when deep in thought.
“Before a big fight, we hold one.” He grinned.
“Fight…” I breathed.
“Yes, Harry and Zayn are taking to the ring. It’s quick thrilling and…” he trailed off before laying his eyes on me. “Oh my god…I’m sorry. I wasn’t…” he spluttered.
“It’s okay Niall, I understand. First rule of fight club, you don’t talk about fight club, right?!”
Niall grinned, breaking into a small laugh, running through my ears, seeming, at that moment, better than any music or medicine. A flutter erupted in my stomach as he lowered his mouth towards mine. I took in a deep breath as he pressed his lips down gently on mine. My eyes shut as our mouth slowly but surely moved together. It was a short kiss, one that leaves you wanting more, lingering in the gap between the two of us. Niall swept his thumb across my cheek. I let go of a staggered breath as our eyes met, my brain only allowing me to smile softly up at him.
He hummed a little laugh taking hold of my hand. I rested my head upon his shoulder as we walked the remaining length of the field.
Only a few pupils were stood by the fish and chip shop across the street, the smell of freshly made chips filling my nostrils. We turned the corner onto Marylebone High Street. I stopped in my tracks as I saw a black Sudan parked outside the bakery.
“I apologise for anything my mother says.” I rushed swallowing hard.
Niall stared down at me, one eyebrow raised trying to figure out what I had meant.
“Dacey Susanna Dawson, I have waited…” Her voice caught in her throat as she rested her eyes on mine and Niall’s intertwined fingers. My heart started picking up pace as she became closer to us, I was sure I was hurting Niall as I squeezed, not wanting to let go. She yanked me forwards cursing under her breath as she dragged me to the car. I kept my eyes on Niall’s as she spoke, “Look at him Dacey, do you honestly think he is any good? Everything about him screams trouble!” she shoved me into the passenger seat, slamming the door before ripping open hers.
“If I ever catch you with him again, I, I, well I don’t know what I’ll do. This is bad for our reputation, one your father built before he died! Do you want to ruin that?” she shouted all the while I kept my eyes locked with the blonde guy standing only a few metres away.
“Im talking to you!” She screamed pulling my chin into her grasp, yanking my face towards her.
“No… I don’t mum.” I said softly feeling defeated.
I shifted my head slightly so I could glance at him as we drove off. He stood smiling, waving his fingers softly before turning back towards the school field. A little piece of me disappeared as he did from my view, longing to have his fingers locked with mine.



I lounged back into the deck chair watching Alisia splashing around in the paddling pool. Harry was sitting beside his niece on the grass, holding onto her hands, smiling wildly whenever she became excited. I looked down at mine and Liam’s intwined fingers. His hand seemed to swallow mine, both our tanned skin shaded differently. I rubbed the pad of my thumb over his knuckle before looking back up at Harry and his niece.
The last of the summer sun rained over the little girls white cheeks, she grinned over at me, only one tooth grown out on the top. She was adorable.
She’s not afraid of all the attention, she’s not afraid of running wild. I sung louder than Liam anticipated as the small child walked cautiously towards us.
“Wey hey…Liam James Payne!” Niall sniggered.
“Oh shut it Niall.” He laughed.
“But dude, I never knew you could drop such a high note?!” Louis seemed shocked by Liam’s outburst, as was I and I could see his cheeks slowly turning a different shade of pink.
Liam composed himself before facing Louis and Zayn sipping on their beers. They grinned at him, looking at him differently than usual. I lifted Alisia into my arms and carried on humming to the tune Liam had been singing, assuming it was one of Niall’s creations. He always did write good music, I thought as I gazed into the little girls brightened brown orbs.
The sun had disappeared behind the wooden fence leaving the sky tinged grey as the clouds collected above us. Alisia had been playing with the colourful beads that were hanging around my neck for the past 20 minutes, enjoying the sound of the bell jingling when she rattled it. All of a sudden she began crying loudly, tears tumbling down her cheeks.
“It’s alright sugarplum.” Harry said softly lifting her off my lap. “You’re just cold aren’t you?”
Her loud crying seemed to soften with Harry’s voice. The more he spoke, the calmer she became. The five of us stared at him astonished. We were used to seeing only his rough protective side, the only side I thought he had. He held the little girl to his chest before looking back at us. His height shadowed over us as he came closer, “what?” he smirked.
Zayn parted his lips in a smile before attempting to speak. He was cut off by the crashing of the wooden gate against the fence.
“Ello Styles.” A rather deep voice said, I assumed the male was from somewhere further up north, maybe Scotland, judging by the deep rasp in it.
Liam crushed my hand inside his lifting himself to his feet. He remained in front of me, protective. The male wandered sloppily over to where Harry was standing, kicking his feet forwards almost acting like a drunken man. I let my eyes wander over his muscular body, dressed in black suede shoes, torn dark denim jeans, a white vest covered with a long green trench coat. His hair was long, layered and black. He turned his head violently his blue iris’ piercing into mine. The look he gave me terrified me, a short, sharp shiver eroded through my body as he continued to smirk down at me, almost as if Liam was invisible.
“Jasper Maio, what a pleasant surprise.” Harry’s aggravated tone brought my attention to him. His jaw was tight, the vein Thorne was always talking about popped out in his neck. Harry’s lips were drawn together in a hard line, his eyes narrow. The way he looked, his intentions that played out above his head like a movie scared me.
I swallowed slowly as Jasper approached Harry. He immediately took hold of Alisia’s tiny hand, keeping his eyes locked with Harry’s. Liam’s head shifted suddenly when Louis sprung from his seat.
“Just piss off Jasper!” He shouted furiously.
 Jasper chuckled darkly removing his eyes from Harry and planting them on Louis.
“Alright Tommo, long time.” He winked.
“What do you want Jas?” Harry snapped.
“Pretty little thing isn’t she, got her mother’s eyes.”
“Fuck off!”
Alisia reached out for Zayn desperately as Jasper continued to shout his words. He took her, Harry nodding in replacement of a thanks before pressing his chest up to Jasper’s. The tension between the two males grew by the second, both visibly wanting to throw a punch at each other.
“Liam…” I whispered shakily.
“Big fight tomorrow aye lads, good opponent.” He laughed wickedly, throwing his head nack.
“What would you know you prick?!” Zayn spat from behind Harry, still holding tightly onto Alisia.
He licked the whole way around his lips his cockiness more visible.
“I know enough bad boy.” He teased.
Harry shoved Jasper backwards, throwing his fist into his face. He positioned himself over Jasper punching him repeatedly, loud angry grunts filling the empty space surrounding us. I had never seen Harry so aggressive, so inflicting. Every movement was more powerful than the last.
“Liam stop him for god sakes!” I said a little loud.
Harry’s head snapped towards me his iris’ burning emerald green. He was shocked that I was standing behind Liam, as if he’d forgotten. I stepped back quickly covering my mouth to hold back the scream as Harry was pelted back off Jasper’s chest crashing into the deck chairs. The other boys stood watching him beat Harry down. My heart swelled with every punch, feeling the only a little of the pain Harry was. In the short moment between Jasper’s fists being in the air before smashing into Harry’s sculpted face, I thanked god Thorne wasn’t here. The rugged male sprung to his feet holding on of his hands in the other. He twists his wrist around as he smirked down at the bloody boy struggling to lift himself up. I could see Harry still had fight in him but he was unable to move.
“Got fight in you Styles, I’ll give ya that. Marco won’t though.”
Jasper wandered out the back gate smugly. The boys swarmed to where Harry was laying broken on the ground the moment Jasper’s presences wasn’t felt anymore.
“Marco, fucking Marco!” Harry panted.
“Shut up Harry!” Louis spat, slinging Harry’s arm over his shoulder.
Niall took the other arm, looking as shocked as I was but he kept silent while taking Harry back into the house. Liam immediately swung his body around to face me quickly taking hold of my hands. I snatched them up to my chest looking him square in the eyes.
“Sel please…” he begged.
“Why Liam?”
“It’s a long story babe, but I need you to trust me! No-one will hurt you, I promise.”
He brushed his thumb across my cheek hoping his action would make me look him in the eyes. I couldn’t, a little part of me wanted his touch but the rest of me felt lied to. I shuddered as Liam wrapped his arms securely around my shoulders. He kissed my temple before pulling me further into his hard chest. My palms were flat against it, flat enough to feel his rapid heartbeat.
“Take me home?” I whispered finally giving into his warm embrace.



Louis had spent the afternoon fixing me up. My ribs throbbed every time I shifted on the sofa while my mind raced. I had a fight tomorrow, a pretty big one now I knew it was Marco I was facing.
“Mate you’ll be fine!” Zayn smiled handing me a cup of tea.
“I suppose mate, but look at me. I can hardly go into that cage tomorrow!”
“Hey, hey chill bro. It’s a street fight, anything goes…” Zayn trailed off informing me off all the rules, weapons and moves I could use. But looking at myself, I knew this fight wasn’t mine to win.
A soft buzzing sound rung from beside my hip. I picked up my phone, a smile spreading from eye to eye across my face as her name appeared.
“Babygirl.” I said into the speaker.
“Haz…” Her voice shook as she spoke.
“W-what happened?”
“Nothing baby, I’m alright.” I assured her.
Zayn shot me a look, judging my words as I obviously wasn’t going to tell her what had happened.
“Lou said…”
“Louis is lying!” I shouted cutting her off. I didn’t want to drag her into my past or into this fight I was entering with Jasper.
“Don’t shout at me Harry!”
“Don’t asked stupid questions then!” She gasped as I shouted through the phone and I could hear her holding back her cries. “Thorne…I’m sorry baby.” I spoke softly, trying to compose my anger. Thorne didn’t say a word, she just hung up the phone. I felt terrible for shouting at her, the last thing I ever wanted to do was make her cry.
“I’ve got this.” Zayn nodded quickly scampering out of the front door.
I rested my head back on the arm of the sofa letting my eyelids close. I shoved all thought of my fight out of my head, focusing on her. How she looked, how she felt in my arms, when she smiled. Just Thorne. I slipped into my thoughts as I drifted off into the abyss of my mind.

As my sleepy eyes adjusted to the dim light of the living room I noticed someone curled up beside me. I attempted to lift myself a few times before finally managing it. I grunted as a sharp pain shot through my rip cage. The sudden movement woke Thorne and I was met by large blue orbs gazing deep into my eyes.
“Harry?” she whispered crawling up the length of the sofa.
She rested both her hand beside my hips, her pretty little face only inches from mine. I could smell her Mariah Carey perfume, the one her mum gave her for an early birthday present. Blonde strands of hair fell over her shoulders surrounding her face while her big blue orbs burnt into my gaze.
“You’re truly gorgeous, Kitten.” I smirked, forgetting my situation.
Thorne’s fringe fell over her eye as she moved closer but instead of pressing her lips to where I wanted them I felt her finger tips running along the dark bruises that covered my chest. Thorne placed her palm flat against where my heart was beating before looking up at me.
“You’re such an arsehole!” She said firmly pushing against my shoulder.
She stood with her back to me, I couldn’t help but smile at her outfit. Tiny shorts and a white spaghetti top, hair tied in a messy bun, topped off with anger. Sexy, I thought.
“You could have died Harry!”
The sadness in her voice captivated my thoughts sending a strong shiver down my spine. The way Thorne cared about me shocked me, no-one had ever shown much interest in my feelings, only my looks and I had accepted it. Until now.
“Babe.” I whispered. “Thorne please.”
She sat herself back on the sofa beside me making sure our eyes didn’t meet. I wrapped my hand around hers while bringing her face around with my other hand. I took her chin between my fingers as I rubbed my thumb across her bottom lip.
“You never have to worry about me, baby.” I spoke softly.
Thorne moved her face closer, blinking gently. Her eyelashes met her cheek before they fluttered back up revealing calmed blue orbs.
“I meant what I said, you know before.”
“You called me Kitten!” she giggled.
“My little sexy Kitten.” I winked.
She bit her bottom lip shifting her gaze between my eyes and my mouth before slowly, closing the gap between us.


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