Babysitting One Direction

Bianca Anne has been abused by her alcoholic dad. One day she cant take it anymore so she decides to run away when her dad goes to a bar to drink again. She goes to her best friend Bella's house to stay there for the night. She then finds a job that will change her life FOREVER...


8. You don't know us?

Biancas POV

So a few days have passed and its actually going well... Wel not the fact that Niall wakes me up in the middle of the night to make hime food and Harry wanting to sleep with me or the fact that Louis 'protects' his carrots or should I say his 'babies' away from me. Yes I do like carrots I've always eating them since I had my teeth. Anyways it's actually good so right now I'm about to wake them up. This should be fun.

I heard a sink go off, that must be Zayn, I went to the bathroom, seeing him with his perfect toned abs I can't stop looking away
"Like what you see" Zayn smirked, I felt as my cheeks heat up. Anyways.
"So since the boys are not awake yet, you wanna wake them up together?" I asked, Zayns face grew a smirk. Oh no what is he gonna do?

As we went down stairs we heard a faint of screams from upstairs. We quickly hid the whipped cream can and the honey jar, as we hid behind the couch watching the foot of the boys wondering around.

"One, two, threeee!" Zayn counted as we attacked the four boys covered in whipped cream and honey to the ground.
" that was so mean!" Liam protested as he folded his arms. The boy has whipped cream boobs with lots of honey in it to act like its silicone for the boobs and has whipped cream eyebrows and honey in their boxers. Of course Zayn had to do that part.
"So guys lets go for a swim!" Niall shouted excitedly as he got his bathers and skipped outside. All the boys followed except Zayn who was with me side to side
"Umm I need to go change into my bikini" I said breaking the silence as I went to my room and hot out a pink polka-dotted bikini. As soon as I was done I skipped outside making my messy hair bun to jump around when I got out of the house the Australian hot air hit my skin causing the door to slam causing the booys to look at me with their mouth ps open
"Close your mouths you might catch a fly" I smirked. As I jumped into the pools causing a tiny splash from my body.
"So Bianca" Louis spoke up " who do you like out of one direction" he added smirking
"I don't know them" I spoke causing the boys mouths flung open.
" you don't know US" Niall screamed
"I do you guys are Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn" I explained
"No no no WE are One Direction" Liam added causing my mouth to fling open.
" close your mouth you might catch a fly" Niall mimicked. As I closed my mouth. Wow I didn't know they were One Direction.

So I'm practically babysitting all of One Direction? Wow. Well I still don't believe them I will find out tomorrow but for the time being ill just act like I don't care.
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