Babysitting One Direction

Bianca Anne has been abused by her alcoholic dad. One day she cant take it anymore so she decides to run away when her dad goes to a bar to drink again. She goes to her best friend Bella's house to stay there for the night. She then finds a job that will change her life FOREVER...


7. Truth or dare

Biancas POV

"aww guys look at her sleeping she's so cute!" a high piched voice called out 

"shhhh Louis you'll wake her up" another whispered-yelled. I slowly fluttered my eye lids slowly seeing looking down on me. 

"arghh you are you guys and what an I doing in here?!" I questioned angrily. But then I remembered that I was babysitting these idiots. 

I sigh in relief

"so you know us now right Bianca?" Niall asked munching on a crisp

"yeah I do" I replied as Zayn went in the bathroom door to probably go to his room. 

"now get out our my room I need a bath" I added. They all nod there heads and skipped to the door once they were out I got up from my warm blanket and headed to my or should I say OUR walk in closet. I grabbed a plain hot pink top that were tight showing my curves and high-waisted black shorts. I grabbed my underwear and bra and headed for the bathroom. 

I flicked both of me and Zayns door so no one can get in. I stripped off my clothes and heard someone whistle, I turned and saw Zayn on the toilet bowl probably taking a crap! I quickly grabbed a towel and covered myself. 

"uhhh I should probably go" Zayn sighed I nodded in response. He went out. I quickly took a bath and got dressed. 

I wen down the stairs and skipped to the living room to see Liam running with a bag of carrots in his hands,Louis chasing Liam with a spoon, Niall munching on a burger, Harry playing with his fluffy cute kitten and Zayn checking himself out with a mirror in his hands. Sigh what have I gotten myself into? 

The boys looked at me and said "we're bored can we do something plss Bianca?" 

"yeah sure but first you guys need to clean up all the mess you guys did and we'll do something" I explained they all sigh and started cleaning up. When thy were done it was about 4 pm.

We decided to go to Nandos cuz we were hungry. 

"hello guys what can I do you for" the lady asked

"umm I'll have my usual" Niall exclaimed 

"ummm I-" I was cut of by Liam saying

"you don't need to order anything because if Niall orders his usual that means his ordering the hole menu" Liam grinned. I nodded we all sat down and ate when we came back home it was already 6:30 pm so we decided to play a game of TRUTH OR DARE!!

"ok I'll go first. Liam truth or dare?" Niall asked Liam 

"I'll got with truth" he responded

"ok well has Danielle given you a blow yet?" Niall asked who is Danielle   I thought

"what the heck Niall what is the question we if you don't know who Danielle is Bianca well she's my girlfriend and........ YES she has given me a blow" Liam replied blushing we all laughed

We all took turns until it was my turn 

"Bianca truth or dare?" Harry asked 

"uhhh DARE baby!" I protested.

Harry had a smirk on his face uh-oh what now?

"I dare you to give Zayn..... A lap dance!" he exclaimed

"what?!" zayn and I yelled 

Harry gave us a look ' YOU HAVE TO DO IT' look I sighed and I agreed with it 

"and without clothes except your bra and panties" he added I sighed and took off my top an shorts revealing my underwear ad bra. 

I went near zayn and started to do the lap dance. I noticed they had a bulge on their pants so I kept on doing it for about 20 minutes and then they couldn't hold it anymore they all wet there pants. EWWWWW
I smirked and went put o my room putting on my pajamas. 

I said my good nights and drifted off to sleep 
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