Babysitting One Direction

Bianca Anne has been abused by her alcoholic dad. One day she cant take it anymore so she decides to run away when her dad goes to a bar to drink again. She goes to her best friend Bella's house to stay there for the night. She then finds a job that will change her life FOREVER...


12. I'm sorry

Bianca’s POV

I was awoken by someone knocking on my door, I got up trying not to wake up Niall and opened it revealing Louis

“Bianca you have to wake up now, we’re going to an interview and you have to come uncle Si said” Louis said

“I’ll be there in a minute I’ll just get changed” I responded he nodded his head and went downstairs. Crap I almost forgot that they had an interview and Niall still needs to cover up from the punch that Zayn did. So I got dressed quickly in black jean and dark blue tank top and a grey cardigan. I grabbed my foundation and went to Niall’s room and got some skinny jeans and a white t-shirt, I went up to my room seeing Niall already awakened

“Here quickly get changed and clean up your face so I can put some makeup on it” I explained chucking the clothes to his. I got the foundation and the make-up sponge and covered Niall’s bruise.


We finally arrived at the station and they got in and did there stuff while I was just sitting outside and scrolling to my twitter and some crap like that. They finally got out and we decided to go to Nandos to treat Niall.

“Hey Niall, look I’m really sorry of what happened last night I didn’t mean to punch you I was just depressed because Perry chea-“

 “it’s fine lad I forgive you” Niall said to Zayn.

“So you guys cool?” I butted in their conversation

“yeah!” they both said

We went home and gathered around the couched

“Hey Bianca it’s bad news I just got a call from Paul saying we need to go back to London” Liam said and everyone groaned

“But he said that you could come if you want” He added

“PLEASE!!!!????!!” everyone begged, I laughed at their childish. Should I? I questioned myself. There is no one here to leave because my best friend Bella went to London so sure I’ll go.

“Fine” I finally said they all cheered.



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