Babysitting One Direction

Bianca Anne has been abused by her alcoholic dad. One day she cant take it anymore so she decides to run away when her dad goes to a bar to drink again. She goes to her best friend Bella's house to stay there for the night. She then finds a job that will change her life FOREVER...


3. Finding a hotel

Biancas POV

So Bella and I Decided that we're going to find a hotel For me to stay in. I got dressed in a loose white t-shirt thay say 'Rainbows All the way' some black tight pants and flats with bows on top of them. I got my suitcase and threw it on the backseat. "So here are some brochures for some hotels and we are going to each and one of them.


After spending about two-three hours trying to find a perfect hotel we still don't like any of it. I got out my phone and searched for hotels "hey look Bella this hotel look good. It's a three star hotel and if you want to stay there for over a month you can just pay $1000 and if you want to stay for a week it's $150 for each person" I explained "we'll where is this hotel?" Bella grinned


"We're here!" Bella shouted as we got out and some men came and got my bag. Wow. It's so beautiful. "Bonjour mademoiselle" a man said "Bonjour ça va?" I greeted/asked "Ça va bien" he replied "so ladies you stayin here?" "Ummm no no no it's just her I'm just helping her out" Bella said pointing to me "Yeah what she said" I agreed "We'll here is younpr card to your room.


Floor 8 room 227" the man explained as he handed me the card and signalled the man carrying my bag to lead us. I got out my card and put it in front of the thingy that detects it, the red light turned green so that means we can go in. I opened the door and saw an amazing view from the window. "Thank you for your help. Here is your tip and give this payment to the man I was talking to downstairs" I said giving him $50 tip and $70 for two days.

If your wondering why two days because I found a job already 'babysitting' I have to call though to see if the spot s open.


So now I just have to go to my job and work my ass off.

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