Babysitting One Direction

Bianca Anne has been abused by her alcoholic dad. One day she cant take it anymore so she decides to run away when her dad goes to a bar to drink again. She goes to her best friend Bella's house to stay there for the night. She then finds a job that will change her life FOREVER...


13. Accident

Bianca's POV


Today we are just going to sit down and relax I say to myself as I'm getting up from my comfortable spot. This is going to be a long long long long day… I got up and went in the shower took a quick bath and dressed myself in a teal coloured tight jeans and a white loose shirt.


“guys you have to clean in isle everywhere” as I saw the mess downstairs they moaned loudly as they were getting up.

“I know how about after you guys clean up we’ll go to the shopping mall or something” I suggested they all nodded in agreement.


So after the boys cleaned up we headed off to the mall. We got out and the boys followed.

“Bianca!!! I want to go here!” yelled Niall pointing to the ice cream shop.

“Later!” I responded… The day goes by and we were all tired we decided to head to Nando’s to eat so we all got into the van and Louis drove off. It was our turn to go and Louis stepped on the thingy and sped off as we were about to turn to Nando’s a truck came passing and the next thing you knew we were crushed by the truck.





I woke up somewhere… not in my bed but somewhere that smells like medicine. I stood up only to find 5 strange boys around my beside.

“Who are you?!” I cried out.


A/N: hey guys thank  for reading this chapter and thanks for liking it I’m sorry I didn’t update as soon but I  was busy I swear!!! Anyways thanks byee sorry this si a short chapter…

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