Babysitting One Direction

Bianca Anne has been abused by her alcoholic dad. One day she cant take it anymore so she decides to run away when her dad goes to a bar to drink again. She goes to her best friend Bella's house to stay there for the night. She then finds a job that will change her life FOREVER...


2. A Peaceful night

Biancas POV


I dragged my luggage into the car boot as my bestfriend Bella got out of her navy blue car and hugged me I responded back, she smiled at me I gave her a warm smile. "let's go before your dad gets here" Bella said " you're right" I chuckled.

We went into the car and Bella played C'mon C'mon by some band called One Direction. They're pretty good actually. We jammed along with the song.


We finally arrived at Bella's house. We go out and headed for the booti got out my bag and headed for the door Bella rang the doorbell and we went in. "hi!" Bella shouted "ewwwww!" I yelled seing Bella's brother Ben eating off his girlfriends face.


"come on up Bianca!" Bella shouted from her room. I grabbed my suitcase and ran upstairs. "hey where could put I my bag?" I asked Bella who's washing her face in the bathroom "just put it my closet" she said "k sure" I replied going in her closet and putting it down.

I opened my suitcase wand for our a night gown that says "sleeping beauty" I got my fluffy slippers and headed for the bathroom I got dressed and headed downstairs to the kitchen there was spaghetti on the counter.

"that's yours" Ben said grinning at me creepy grin I mean. "umm thanks?" I exclaimed. He's still has that creepy smile. I grabbed it and re-heated it.

The night went pretty quick we watched a movie then We did our night business and we slept.


Tomorrow we are going to find a hotel I can stay in and a new job.

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